Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite 10 of 2010

Can you believe how close we are to the end of this year? Ack! 2010, you were a big year. ( Go ahead and tell 2011 that we can slow down the pace a bit. Thanks.) There were a few stellar items this year that truly changed the quality of my life. Some of these things are recent discoveries, and others are tried and true favorites. So I thought I would share with you a few of my "can't live without" items and products that have rocked my 2010. And to all of my blogger friends out there, tag, you're it! I'd like to know your favorites sometime, too. Because I LIVE for word-of-mouth recommendations. :) Here are ten of my must haves, in no particular order.

Magic Eraser
I know that the majority of housewives everywhere have already enjoyed the true beauty of this mysteriously powerful sponge. I stinkin love this thing. I can scrub and scrub one stubborn spot on my stovetop with a regular sponge and make no progress, but when I whip out this baby it's gone in one, two, three. I never doubt the Magic Eraser's abilities. I don't dare question just how this flimsy white sponge does what it does. I place my full faith in the Magic Eraser, and if you don't have one in your house I swear I won't judge you if you promise to run out NOW and buy one.

Mary Kay Highlighting Powder in Pink Stardust
You know that pretty, dewy look that movie stars seem to have in all of those annoyingly flattering photographs? It's this stuff. Okay, so maybe not exactly this stuff, but Mary Kay's highlighting powder will give you the exact same look for less. I'm definitely not movie star material, but my makeup looks so much better after I swipe this shimmery powder on my little cheekies. Love. It.

Sally's GVC flat iron
A friend recommended this straightener to me...the same friend that happens to do my hair (Hey, Andrea!) It's pretty much amazing. It's comparable to the Chi (or so I hear) and is half the price, and I honestly don't know how a flat iron can get any better than this. It straightens my hair perfectly (when I take the time to straighten it perfectly, haha) and it also allows me to curl my hair under or flip it out with just a flip of the wrist. I will NEVER buy another flat iron.

Tresemme Heat Tamer spray
Speaking of flat irons, this Heat Tamer spray by Tresemme is the bomb diggity. Bahaha! No, but for real. I have used this product for...psh, let's see...three or four years now. And I still can't live without it. It smells great, is super light, and isn't sticky like other brands I have tried. If you straighten your hair, or curl it, or blow it dry, then you need to get this product to protect your lovely locks.

I have discovered the joys of bangle bracelets very recently. I'm not going to lie, I used to hate them. I used to think they were gaudy and super 80's and so not me. But they're so me, friends. They are so me. I love the little tinkling sound they make when they click together. I love that one size fits all, and that they're supposed to move around. I have tiny wrists and I can NEVER find bracelets or watches that fit me just right. There may or may not be some bangles wrapped under the Christmas tree for one lucky person this year. :) If you hate bangles like I used to, I encourage you to just give 'em a try. They're fun!

Mama Cozzi's self rising pizza
Yummo! And Cheapo! The best combination in my book! These pizzas are delicious and so not like normal cheap frozen pizza. And the best part? They're at Aldi! Heck to the yes. Eric and I have been buying these things like they're going out of style. If you're going to sacrifice calories on a meal that is totally bad for you, it should at least be cheap and tasty.

Yellow rubber gloves
Yes, like the ones your grandma used to wear. I rediscovered these bananarama beauties this year, and they have saved me from lots of icky plights. I dread sticking my hand down a drain, or plunging elbow deep into a sink full of dirty mop water. Ick. And I'm seriously like a cat when it comes to getting my dainty paws wet. I can't stand the feeling of half-dry hands. I know, it's weird, and I'm a little OCD about it. Anyway, I couldn't do this list without mentioning these classic yellow gloves, because I love them, and I can't live without 'em.

Generic diapers
Gasp! That's like a dirty word to some people, I know. But two kids in diapers at one time will shame you into just trying them out. And then you discover that they're no different than the name brand diapers you were paying twice as much for. And then you realize that you're paying big bucks for something your kid doodies in and that you throw away within two hours of use. I'll admit that I was a snob at first. "They feel stiff," I said. But then after Evelyn and Grace went on with life as usual, seemingly unbothered by the generic name on their butts, I said, "Eh, what the heck. They're cheap and they work." Done.

Ugh. Do I have to say it? You think you don't need something at all until you get used to using it and then you really can't live without it. I mostly like having the iphone for passing the time in waiting rooms, which I seem to spend a lot of time in these days. I just like that I can navigate facebook, my blog, and search the internet from the palm of my hand. And I can't tell you how many memories I've captured using the video camera on my phone. If you're anything like our family, the real video camera only gets to stretch its legs for the really big events. What a shame.

I'm so excited that Scentsy is catching on in our area. It makes ordering my favorite scent product so much easier! I discovered this wonderful company several years ago online, when there were NO consultants anywhere near here. I had to order all of my scents based on the book descriptions alone - and sadly, the internet does not have smell-o-vision just yet. If you do not have a Scentsy warmer in your home, you are truly missing out. I still love the flickering glow of candlelight, but I will no longer depend on a wick to make my house smell pretty.

Bada bing bada boom. Those are ten of my must haves! I'm just a little excited to see what 2011 will bring into my life. (I'm really hoping that smell-o-vision thing catches on.)


Meagan said...

I absolutely LOVE Scentsy!! Not sure what kind of generic diapers you use but the Target brand was my fav!

Stefanie said...

my favorite product find of the year: the shark steam mop- no stinky cleaning products, no sinks full of nastiness, no waiting for your floor to dry. I love this thing we have tile and laminate flooring and let me tell you it is awesome. It deep cleans and sanitizes and dries in a matter of seconds. We got one last spring and those babies are awesome! (I even use it on walls that get food splatters, mud splatters, etc!)
and we're still using diapers we had been given but we'll probably start looking into generic once we run out of them!

Adrien said...

I want a steam mop!! I hate my old nasty sponge mop that just pushes dirty water around.

We use generic diapers from whichever place is closest when we're in desperate need, haha. Which is usually Walmart, but we've also used Target AND Dollar General, believe it or not!

Craig and Litney said...

I have a few after being a housewife for just 2 months: my crockpot, my deep covered baker from pampered chef, goo-gone, and DVR :)

Adrien said...

Oh, yes, my crock pot! How could I forget that?? I'm using it right now, haha.

Meg said...

Adrien, TFS! Have you heard of the Magic Clean Eraser for your bathtub? I came across it one day and had to try it, it works really good! I have seen the "scentsy" all over blog land, I really need to check into it!

Andrea said...

One of my new "must haves" is Windex with no wonders on your carpet!! I was expecting to have to use it for baby spills, but so far it's been on dog puke...disgusting, i know, but you would never be able to tell where it was! It saved poor old Dougie's life, haha!


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