Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh What a Knight

Tee-hee. :)

For as long as Eric and I have been a couple I have heard  stories of his legendary musical performances at the annual Knights of Columbus Christmas parties. It is the tradition at this yearly gathering for the children to get up and sing Christmas songs to earn a dollar, and apparently Eric would sing his little heart out every single year. I cannot even tell you how many times I've heard all about it, and there are plenty of pictures in the family albums of Eric standing with a microphone in his hands wearing a little suit and tie and belting out a tune. Hehe.

While I've been spending Christmases with the Roberts for nearly a decade now, we had never attended a single Knights of Columbus Christmas party together. I am proud to announce that this year the trend was broken. Finally, after hearing those stories for nine years, I got to experience the Knights of Columbus Christmas party, and even better, I got to see it through the eyes of my very own children. 

The night begins with food, because honestly, what is a party in Southern Illinois without a good old fashioned potluck dinner? I confess that my contribution to this delicious meal was pork and beans. Like, open up some cans and heat them up pork and beans. This definitely knocks me down a couple of rungs on the ladder to becoming a Martha Stewart protege. :)

And then comes the singing; the adorable singing that I had been hearing about for all those years. It really is sickeningly sweet. And Evelyn LOVED it. Oh boy, I could tell she wanted to run up there and grab that microphone so badly. Of course, she mostly speaks jabbernese these days so her song might have sounded a little something like, "EE AH Elmo OO OW apple... buh bye" Not exactly "Away in a Manger."

We had to hold her back, but eventually she settled on dancing in the wings to everyone else's tunes. Next year, darling, I'm sure you'll be singing something of your very own. You may be giving a rousing rendition of the ABC'S, but I promise we'll let you sing. :)

And once the singing has ended and the dollar bills have been handed out as promised, a special visitor drops by to bring gifts to all the littles. 

I was excited to see Evelyn's reaction to Santa Claus this year. Last year she was too little to really be super aware of what was going on, but this year she's been really getting into it. I was thrilled when I saw her face light up as she watched other children take a turn on Santa's lap. She clapped and bounced and giggled like crazy. 

"Awesome!" I thought. We were going to get some great pictures this year. They called Grace's name first, and she went up to see the jolly man.

She's so stinkin cute, and still in her own little baby world. We could have handed her to a guy in a gorilla costume and she would've had the same expression, haha. 

After several more children had taken their turns, and after Evelyn started to get restless from waiting for hers, they finally called her name.

"It's your turn, Evie!"

Eric took her up to see Santa....

...and things looked pretty promising. I was ready to start clicking the camera away, as surely Evelyn would put on her glamourous smile and ham it up for the crowd like she usually does. But then something funny happened. It was like a switch clicked in her head, and she turned into the same child she was last year while sitting on Santa's lap. She didn't cry or seem scared of him in the least bit. But she wouldn't smile, either. Nope, just like the year before Evelyn sat totally emotionless. Observe:

She would look at him. Then look at us. Then look at him again. No amount of jingling bells or coaxing from mom and dad could get her to crack a grin. In fact, she looked as if she were thinking, "What is the point of this, people? I'm sitting on someone's lap - woopdeedoo." So she took her gift, hopped down, and came back into the shelter of mommy and daddy's arms.

Evie and Grace loved their presents. Thanks Santa great grandma Robert! 

We had a wonderful time just getting to chat with family and to do something fun for the kids. I can see how this event is something many families look forward to each year, and I'm glad that I finally got to experience what all of the fuss was about. :) I would pay big bucks to zoom back in time to see Eric belting it out for a crowded room of jolly holiday party goers. But since that's physically impossible, I can now look forward to seeing my girls sing duets and put on a show in years to come. We might just have to bust out the video camera for those performances. 

And maybe by this time next year I'll have at least one child who will actually smile while sitting on Santa's lap. :) Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for facilitating some great family memories. Everybody get ready for little Miss Evelyn Robert. She'll be stealing the show next year!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing the girls last night. I believe you are correct that we have three new stars (Evelyn, Austin & Grace) that will be doing many enjoyable performances in the years to come for the yearly Christmas Party at the Evansville Knights of Columus Hall. Looking forward too next year.


Ashley Nicholso said...

Santa is totally my Uncle Bobby! Isn't he great?

Cassie said...

Ashley - I have no idea who you are, but I remember one year I was in HS and I was asked to help take pictures at Santa's Cottage thing where Bobby Cowell would be the Santa. Ok, yes I know it's a SMALL town, but he knew something about almost every single one of those kids. And those kids just looked at him like OH.EM.GEE he's REAL. That night for the 3 hours I worked there he made ME believe. I think he is seriously the BEST Santa around!! NO JOKE. I will NEVER take my children to a mall Santa as long as Red Bud has this awesome one!!

Adrien said...

Ashley,! And anyone that's not from around our neck of the woods is going to think that is HILARIOUS...we are so small-town. :)


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