Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why You Should Start a Blog TODAY!

Admit it. You've thought about starting a blog before, haven't you? You stumble across this blog or one like it and think, "Psh, I could do that." (And if you already have a blog - high five! I know you've thought about it, haha. Feel free to share your input in the comments.)

Okay, so I'm going to stop being presumptuous now. :) If there's one thing I took to heart from all of my public speaking classes, it's that you should never tell someone what they're thinking. SO... let's make this hypothetical. There are several reasons why people stop themselves from blog writing. So when I say "you" I mean the "collective you," okay? Haha.

Excuse #1: I have nothing to blog about. Wrong. You know things that I do not know. You have life experiences that I've never had. And chances are that if you have some kind of hobby or knowledge that I know nothing about, then there are others out there who could also benefit from your expertise. Stop being so selfish! :)

Excuse #2: No one will read my blog. Wrong, again. For starters, I will read your blog. If you write on a consistent basis, you will get readers. Just trust me. And social networks like facebook are a great way to get the word out about your new little project. People are naturally curious, and they'll check in to see what you're up to.

Excuse #3: I don't have time for a blog. The great thing about blog writing is that your blog is your baby. You get to decide how long your posts are and how often you post. The key is consistency. If you only update on Mondays, that's great, just make sure your readership knows that and they'll check back on Monday to see what's new. There are even WORDLESS blogs out there, where every day or two a new picture is uploaded. Be creative - your blog is only as time consuming as you want it to be.

Excuse #4: I'm not a good writer. You wanna know a secret? I have a degree in English, and grammar is so not my thing. Just write the way you would talk...keep it conversational. Anyone can do that, right? And at the end of the day, if it's really writing that's stopping you, start a video blog. People love those, too!

Whew! It's a good thing we no longer have any excuses to hold us back! *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.* So why should you blog TODAY? Well, I'm glad you asked. Let me tell you.

*You have opinions, and your blog is a great way to exercise your freedom of speech. People easily tire of rantings and ravings constantly popping up on their facebook feed, but no one should be annoyed about your beliefs being shared on your blog. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it. But find a group of people that share your opinions, and you're sure to have a loyal following.

*There is no better way to chronicle your life. I can already look back on posts written just two months ago and recall things that I would have otherwise forgotten. I am so glad that I will have these memories to look back on someday. (You can even get your blog printed into a book. Awesome!)

*Blogging is great for social networking. I think as time progresses, more and more people will realize the joys of blogging, and those that jump on the bandwagon NOW will have more established blogs that will generate more interest.

*You will get to know people, and they will know you, better than you can possibly imagine. I now have blog friends that I feel like I meet up with for frequent lunch chats even though we've never met. Don't miss out on some great friendships.

*You should start a blog today, because I'm addicted to reading blogs, and I want to read yours. :)

So, let's make a deal, alright? If you decide that you're going to try your hand at this blogging thing, leave a link to your blog in the comments here, or send me a message with your link. I'm going to give you a leg up and feature your blog through my blog. Woohoo! That is a major head start that I wish I would've had a few months ago! Then we'll "follow" each other and all have a grand 'ole time nosing into each other's lives. Sound like a plan? :)

Oh, and by the way, if you read someone's blog you should totally let them know by becoming a follower. It's a nice gesture here in the blogosphere, and there is no greater encouragement to your blogging friends than knowing someone actually reads what they write everyday. Once you start your blog you'll know what I mean! I LOVE following new, interesting blogs.

And Cassie, I told you I would do it....bwahaha. Everyone check out Cassie's blog. She's linking up to lots of blogs that I follow, too. See how we share in this community? It's really a beautiful thing. Brings a tear to my eye. Come and join the club!


Pettijohn said...

Awesome blog Adrien!!! I have to save blogging is very addicting as well as reading them also. I check yours each morning. I know, weird. We are already connected but if anyone else wants to check mine out it is

Alanna said...

This is so encouraging to me, especially since I am new at the blogging! Thanks so much for posting this! I may even start branching out and trying to do more posts :)

If anyone wants to check out my blog, feel free :)

Jaima said...

Love reading your blog! I check it everyday when I get on the computer! I have started branching out but need to more. Feel free to check me out :)

Emily said...

You already follow me... and I'm trying to update more often.

Adrien said...

Woohoo! Thanks for linking us up, guys. (I read EVERY ONE of your blog posts!)

Jaima- Just checked out your blog for the first time. Loving it! We have a very similar style. :)

Babysteps23 said...

I commented on ourwalterlife and saw you were going to do a post on joining the blogging world. So I took the plunge. I have started

Thanks for the encouragement!

Cassie said...

YAY!! Lots of linky love. I was in the same boat Adrien, for the longest time I would post and post and not a single comment, then one day it just happened and I was so excited. lol. So keep it up. And if you think no one is reading you blog look at the stats tab, more people are reading it than you think!!

Stefanie said...

Okay I'll admit it I read your blog! I stumbled on it through a blog of a mutual friend (the Scutari's- Steph was an old roommate of mine too!) and I ended up really enjoying reading about your family and projects. I just started a blog it's just about life as a wife and mom I suppose. I'm still trying to figure it all out but anyway, there you go!

Adrien said...

Hey, Stefanie - I totally know who you are. :) I'm heading over now to add you to our blog list. Good luck with your new blog!


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