Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventures in Marketing :)

So it's time to let you in on a little something Eric and I have been brewing up for bit over here... a little family business that's been taking shape over the past couple of months. Yes, that's right. We're married, and we're working together...a little scary, I will admit. :)

Teehee...kind of dreadful, right? Eric and I got pictures taken together a looong time ago (hey, five years is like a fifth of my life!) and most of the shots turned out looking more like we were business partners than a couple in lurve. least all these years later I can use them for this blog post. ;)

What do you get when you cross a Business major/economics nerd with an English major/creative writing geek? If you guessed the Roberts, you're absolutely correct, but other than that you get a match made in heaven to do some killer marketing. Or you at least get two people together with the potential to do some killer marketing, haha. 

Here's the gist: Eric and I sit down Mad Men style and basically map out an entire "campaign" for small businesses to draw in their desired customers. First, Eric handles the business side of things...sitting down with the client and figuring out just exactly what type of message they want to convey to their customers. Then Eric and I go out to dinner (this is a requirement every time, honey, remember that) and brainstorm fabulous ideas and get ourselves all worked up and excited over seemingly mundane topics. :)

My nerdy side gets to shine when I come home and begin feverishly typing away and weaving all sorts of fun ideas into the written word. I have to say, coming up with new verbage for a small business is surprisingly F-U-N. And guess what this makes me? A copywriter! Woot! I officially write copy that will officially be read by official people.  *Sigh* I knew that degree would come in handy some day. 

And the best part? It's totally legit. We're getting paid.

Oy. We've come a long way, people, a long way....

This is actually a really cool opportunity for our little family. If we consistently build websites at the rate that we would like to, we could possibly be out of debt by the end of this year. And if you have followed this blog for any length of time you know what a HUGE deal that is! We are "slaves" to our student loan debt in every way possible until it's gone for good. By our choice, it's keeping our family from buying a house, it's keeping our family from taking vacations or purchasing new vehicles, it's keeping our family from college funds and saving and investing as much as we'd like to. And most importantly, it's keeping us from giving as radically as we want to give. 

The day we pay our last debt bill you better believe this blog is going to be rocking and rolling! And I guarantee the things I blog about will be infinitely more interesting. :) But we're not "there" yet. We're just "getting there." <-- I love throwing that in whenever possible, haha. 

Hey, I wish I could find that necklace! I miss it. 

So I'm going to wrap this up by showing you a little example of what we've been working on. 

Here was the challenge: I was told that we needed to come up with some language to make shrubs exciting. Shrubs. plants...I've got this. And not only that, but it needed to mostly appeal to women. I'm a woman. Check! Only, it needed to appeal to men, too. Hmm...okey dokey. And it also needed to include some previously stated important information about the services provided by our clients. Yes, yes, previously stated important information...gotcha. And do it all in just a few sentences. Go!

(Please read aloud in your best commercial voiceover voice. 
Thank you, and have a nice day.) :D

"At ***** **** we believe that the entrance to your home is not at the front door; It's at the end of your driveway. Welcome friends and family into your home with beautiful landscaping. Our professional, friendly staff will work with you to customize a breathtaking design, transforming a simple yard into an inviting foyer."

And that's it! Not so hard, right? I could do this stuff all day long, for realio. So if you know a small business looking for a little marketing help, feel free to send them our way! We have a couple of things in the queue at the moment, but we're really excited to stay busy. :)

And now, another awkward photo for your viewing pleasure:



Meg said...

Congrats! I wish ya'll the best of luck & much success! I think it's great to work together. :)

Sarah said...

THIS is exciting!!!

All of it. The business, being debf free soon, dinner with the hubs, the pictures haha.

I think you two make an excellent team & will have a very successful business!!! YAY :)

Cassie said...

Ok the pictures make the post! I LOVE it. You totally should have photoshopped some insurance logos and all that fun stuff into the pictures. Love it! Best of luck and I will totally keep you guys in mind. Best of luck.
And ahhhh I can't wait until your DEBT FREE post! Make sure you do it on a Friday like Dave does on his show. And all caps, so you are screaming it!! Ahhhh, I can't wait!!


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