Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bring on the Bumbo!

My baby is growing up. *Sniff sniff.* Grace is an official bonafide Bumbo sitter, and I simply cannot believe it. If it weren't for the pictures, I'd probably be denying it. But it's true.

I was planning to wait just a little longer for this momentous occasion, but the eve of her third month proved to be a great day to start. Gracie is my little Mighty Mouse. She has been pushing herself up completely and looking around the room since she was just one month old. I'm not joking. It FREAKED me out the first time I saw it. It was the most unnatural thing I've ever seen, to watch such a tiny baby do push ups! It still looks strange to me when she pushes up, stretches out her little neck, and looks around with those big birdie eyes.

And lately she's been getting very bored and restless just sitting in her bouncy seat or lying beneath the swinging trinkets of her play gym. So I shrugged my shoulders, turned to Eric, and asked, "Do you want to try the Bumbo tonight?" The rest is now history.

Of course, any time we get out a new piece of baby gear, big sister has to try it out first. She only got stuck, oh, about a half-dozen times. :)

But would you believe Evelyn actually fits better in the Bumbo seat now than she did when she was six months old? Her legs were so chunky then that we literally had to pry her out of the darn thing. Now that she's thinned out a bit her legs slide in and out with's her bottom that gets stuck, haha.

Gracie sat up like a champ, just like I knew she would. She didn't even cry! (At first.) We like to call Grace our tender-heart because she's such a sensitive little thing. If you don't use just the right hold, tone of voice, or expressions around her it's all waterworks. She really is a great baby; she's just...emotional. :) Yes, I realize what this could mean down the road, and no, I don't want to think about it.

Once we had her in our bodacious blue Bumbo, I realized that baby life with Grace as we have known it is now going to change. If you look at Evelyn's progression of pictures through her first months you see all of her poses go from the bouncy seat and lying on the floor to sitting up like a big girl. *Boo-hoo...* So now it looks like we're already going to be retiring a piece of baby equipment to the basement. So long, bouncy, our dear friend (and lifesaver). We'll see you the next go-around!

And now it's time for a behind the scenes look at what happens any time you get down on the floor at our house.

Oh, Evelyn. And she accompanies each of her fun rides with a hearty, "Yee-haw!" I have found myself stuck in many odd predicaments as a result of her cowgirl imitations. :D She keeps us on our toes, that's for sure.

So now you have been a part of yet another Robert family memory. I think if you follow this blog you should just be considered an honorary member of the family, haha. I only wish that our little corner of cyber-space had existed when Ev was an infant, too. (Yes, Eric, I realize that if I had listened to you this blog would have existed way back when. You were right. I was wrong.)

Thank you for sharing this tiny milestone with us. I'm sure as the months pass there will be many more to celebrate. :) I hope you'll keep "getting there" with us!


Anonymous said...

Keep those memories coming!!!

Greg & Joan

Sarah said...

I LOVE the Bumbo!!! Seriously, whomever invented it is a gennnius!!!!! I think I'm almost as shocked at this milestone as much as you are. It seems like just the other day you were telling us about the little kicks you just felt. Sigh :( They do grow up too fast.

I don't know if I can even type the words out...

Yay Big Girl Gracie!! Oh my. No, that doesn't work! lol

Heather Rahn said...

Lol...I'm sorry but I am totally laughing at those last 2 pictures...your camera's just HUGE!! How in the world do you not have startled looking babies every time you take a picture??

Adrien said...

Hahaha, it IS huge, BUT, it looks even bigger because I have it pointing straight up. About three inches of that bertha is usually bent forward at the top. (I have it pointing up just so I won't blind my children!) Well, that's partially true. The pictures just turn out better that way, haha.

I love the Bumbo, too, Sarah! Grace needs to stop growing up. :(

Christine Pettijohn said...

She looks so cute in her little Bumbo. I am praying I still have mine from when Wyatt was little to use for this baby. I love those things!

Meagan said...

The last couple pictures made me laugh for the flash and two because the same exact thing happens at our house! If you get down on the floor it is guaranteed that Keegan will be on top of you in .3 seconds!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Too cute. I just love reading your blog, you really do make us feel like one of the family. BTW I love babies in the bumbo, they just look so darn cute. My sons legs got stuck too.Gotta love chubby babies. :)

Joyce Feldt said...

Growing up much to fast...sigh


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