Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrating Grandma Zada

What do you think she wished for?

It was a good day. Our little family loaded up in the car after church and set out to celebrate Grandma Zada's 95th birthday. (Yes, that's 95th, not 96th. Told you I'd find out for sure!) We went over the river and through cousin Sharyn's house where all of the festivities were going down. And would you believe we were one of the first to arrive? Shocker! Our family is late to everything these days. (Which goes against my nature, let me tell you. I used to be the "15 minutes early to everything" person. But I digress....)

And since the birthday girl had not yet arrived, Evelyn decided to take it upon herself to check out every single sitting space in Sharyn's fabulous asian-inspired, vintage yet totally modern house. Okay, so I have no clue what to call that. It's a cool pad. Observe Evelyn, the chair hopping nomad:

And there was more where that came from. I literally followed her from room to room and watched her explore all of this exciting uncharted territory. And after wearing me out entirely, the other party guests began to arrive, including the birthday girl herself. Evelyn was very happy to see her.

I enjoy taking pictures of Eric and his grandmother. :) I think he loves her just a little tiny bit. And can I call timeout here to point out that amazing light fixture? Haha. Love it. Okay, time in. 

That's Sharyn in the background - upper left. I thought I'd point her out since, you know, she was our happy hostess. And her mom Susie, who's standing next to her, is a hoot! If I remember correctly, the first thing she said to me when we were introduced several years ago was, "You like chinese food??" Hehe. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I had NEVER eaten it. Boy was that about to change! Christmases with this side of the family usually includes a spread of chinese barbecue and crab rangoon. :)

There was lots of familiar family get-together chatter going on. I had to include this pic to show you Uncle Bruce. Out of all of Eric's relatives, this is who he favors the most, in my opinion. From his looks, to his interests, and even his mannerisms - and check out his full head of hair. Haha. Eric may just have some hope, after all. 

Once the eating and the chatting began to simmer down, it was time to sing Evelyn's most favorite song of all. :) I think she's just beginning to understand that when we sing "Happy Birthday, it's not always to her, haha.

How many times have you seen "95" candles on top of a birthday cake? I never have, and I think it's swell.

It's hilarious when a family sings happy birthday, and no one knows what to call the guest of honor when it comes time to sing their name. Is she grandma? Is she mom? Is she Zada? Well, no one's sure, so let's call her everything in one great big jumble. Haha. At least that's how it is at all of my adult family birthdays! Do you see Evelyn's big cheesy grin? I'm telling you, she loves that darn song.

Yes, it was a very good day, indeed. 

It is such a blessing when multiple generations of one family can share time together. I'm really, really glad that we're able to have these moments. 

Gracie thought she was being grossly underrepresented in this post, so she told me to throw in a bonus shot of her. :)

Oh yes, honey. You're gorgeous, and we all know it. 

So after lots of romping and cake eating and mingling, our girls were getting tired and we decided to pack it up and head for home. But we had one last mission to accomplish before we could officially call it a day. And oh, it was a big deal. 

This mission involved getting a very special something for some very special memories in our not so distant future. But I can't tell you what that is just yet. Oh, darn! But I promise, it's good. Well, good to me, anyway. :) Even Grace is excited about it, see?

Hehe. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story of Grandma Zadas 95th Birthday. Your family added the extra spice to the party.

Greg & Joan


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