Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CJT: Mirror, Mirror

When working on a change jar budget, it is impossible to go out and buy all brand new pretties and accessories to give a room a new look. Sometimes the old becomes new with just a little bit of elbow grease!

Evelyn has always loved looking at herself in the mirror, and her new signature move is to lift up her shirt and tell her reflection, "See belly? See Belly?" :) So I knew that there had to be a girly looking glass in Evie and Grace's new bedroom.

Sure, I could have spent about $10 for a cheapie mirror from the big bad super store, but I knew that deep within the bowels of my parent's garage was an old mirror just waiting to rise from the ashes. So my dad, who is like the caretaker of stuff in his monstrous garage, knew just where to look when I inquired about "...that old pink plastic mirror. You know the one."

Score! Unfortunately, this 80's radical reflector had seen better days. There were scuff marks and scratches all over the frame, and boy was it dirty! I tried my best to clean it up with some Windex and a Magic Eraser, and after lots of scrubbing I think it went from dumpster material Haha.

There were still deep scratches and scuffs that weren't going to be fixed, but I could almost hear my rad friend sighing in relief as I removed the grit and grime.

Now we were in business. It was time to whip out my can of Krylon Watermelon and give this thing a bath in pretty pink paint. Many of you will remember my first attempt at spray painting an old glass vase. I tried to remember what I taught myself from the last time and not get overzealous with the spraying, which can lead to drips. Okay. Check.

I cut apart a plastic trash bag to use as a sort of makeshift drop cloth, which I initially thought was genius but would soon learn was a totally BAD idea. One little breeze and the light sides of the plastic would rise up and touch the wet paint. There are splotchy sections all over this darn thing. I was weighing down the sides with rocks and spray paint lids and anything I could find, and still that pesky plastic ruined my paint job. I'm sticking with cardboard from now on!

After two coats of paint and about thirty minutes I brought this project inside to continue my work. And that's when I noticed it. The paper I had used to cover up the glass had slipped somehow, and I spray painted the corner of the mirror.

Whoopsies! I thought this might have happened sometime between coats, but judging from all of my pictures the paper was offset the entire time. How did I miss that?? I have no idea. Luckily, my Magic Eraser is ACTUALLY magical, and it took the paint right off of the glass. Whew.

So once the mirror was inside I could see all of the lovely sections I had missed. Boo. But after fighting with plastic trash bags and battling the wind and cold outside I was totally over it. I just wanted to add the finishing touches and be done. I wish the finishing touches could have included some pretty sparkly embellishments, but I'm fairly certain that at eye level Evelyn would just pick them off one by one. :)

I had decided at the beginning of the project that, to add a little visual interest, I would paint every third rung on the frame a different shade of pink using some craft paints we had in the closet. At this point I was afraid of messing up the mirror even more, but I thought, what the heck, it was free anyway.

I'm not exactly sure that adding the barely-different shade did anything at all, but if you look reeeally closely you can tell the difference. :) I think it changed the texture more than the color. But, oh well! It's still better looking than it was when I started! Here's the blurry (ugh) finished project:

Before and After

Evelyn already loves looking at herself in this new-old mirror. Hooray! I feel great that an old friend is getting a breath of new life, AND the total of this project cost less than $3. Cross one off for another Change Jar Transformation!

Check back tomorrow for...the joys of illumination...haha.


Sarah said...

Just darling :)

You should try to find a little oh gosh I don't necessarily know what to call them "coat hanger majig" and hang it next to the mirror so she can hang necklaces or something on them??

Sarah said...

Something like this... Maybe???

Adrien said...

Um, Sarah. You might just be a genius. :D

Aaaand she's off!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Good job, that looks good!

Meg said...

Love the 2 tone...and I've used the trash bag too. :)

Jen said...

Very fun! The colors are very "in" right now, too.

Love it-


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