Saturday, January 8, 2011

CJT: Wall Art!

Yippee! My package finally came in. Can you guess what's in the box?

I'll give you a hint. There are two things inside, and they are tall, rectangular, and flat, haha. Aaand...the revealing picture is literally a couple of centimeters away. :)

Poster frames, woot, woot!

Boy oh boy have I been waiting a while on these suckers. These poster frames were necessary for the very first project idea that popped into my head when I started thinking about elements to add to our girls' bedroom. Kinda funny that it turned out to be one of the LAST projects I would get to do. If it weren't for saving money, I would've totally picked these things up in the store, but they were at least $7.00 cheaper by ordering them online and having them shipped site-to-store. I couldn't believe they wanted $10.00 (or maybe it was $12.00) a piece for these things in store, when you could get a set of two online for $13.00. Those super stores will getcha if you don't watch out.  Too bad site-to-store runs as slooow aaaas molaaasses....

Anyway, I was over the moon that they arrived in time, so imagine my disappointment when I took them out of the box and saw this:

I seriously almost hyperventilated. Okay, not really, but I was a little ticked off. BOTH of the frames came out of the box looking this way. I took off the outer layer of plastic to investigate them more closely and I could feel the deep scratches on them. Ugh. I was really sad. But knowing it was now or never, I decided to just go ahead and see what would happen if I did the project with one of them, anyway.

And I got SUPER lucky! Turns out that there were TWO protective layers of plastic over the frames, and once I peeled off the second layer the scratches just disappeared. Hallelujah! Crises adverted. 

First things first. I had to take the sides of the frames out back and give them the old Krylon treatment. :)

It was freezing cold and windy and horrible and nasty and the last thing I wanted to do was stand outside and spray paint something. After learning my lesson a couple of times, I did a very thin first coat and reluctantly left them alone for ten minutes to dry between coats. 

Ah, much better. Those half-painted frames were making my skin crawl. I fed the girls' their respective lunches and waited until they were fast asleep before I brought in my pink rod thingys. I seriously don't know what to call them. You know what I'm talking about. :) It was starting to snow at this point, so they definitely needed to come in! (Further illustrating that I'm a lunatic for spray painting in January.)

To make my lovely wall art I busted out a new decorating favorite: wrapping paper. Oh, so many uses for this wonderful stuff. This princess print would be the background for Evelyn's hanging. I just cut it to size, so it looked like this:

And then I fetched the crowning glory. Can you guess what's in the box? (Again?) Haha.

Well, I'll show you what's in the box.

It's a baby Evelyn!

I ordered 16x20 posters of each of the girls to hang on either side of the window on the focal wall. I decided on this size because just before Christmas Walgreens released a $5 off coupon code exclusively for this sized poster. Hooray!  I could have just gotten 16x20 poster frames for them, but the idea for this project was that they would take up lots of wall space on two very blank stretches of wall. So in the end I chose the standard size poster frame. (I found the princess wrapping paper at Dollar General for a buck!)

If you ever plan to have posters printed at Walgreens, be forewarned that most Walgreens stores do not offer this service. You'll be able to search their website and find the stores that can offer posters in your area. Where I live, the nearest store location that will print posters is in Fairview Heights, IL, with the next closest in Arnold, Mo. Otherwise, they can be shipped to your home!

So here is what the frame looks like with the sides put back on. Notice that the corners don't match up exactly. I had expected this from what I read in the reviews of this product. I plan to cover each of the corners with some flower embellishments so they don't look so ghetto fabulous. (Am I allowed to say "ghetto fabulous?" Well, I did.) Evelyn's hanging a little crooked, haha, so that will need to be fixed before we put her up on the wall. But she sure is cute. :)

I did the exact same thing with Grace's wall hanging, only I decided to use the same wrapping paper print that I backed the bookcase with. I'm really pleased with this decision, because the two pictures would have been a little too matchy for me otherwise. 

Do you recognize this paper? :)

Oh, so cute. Nice lights. ;)

So after all the waiting, after ordering prints and going out of our way to pick them up, after searching for just the right wrapping paper patterns and spray painting in the freezing cold, I give you Miss Evelyn Lily and Miss Grace Violet:

Evelyn likes them. :)

And this picture totally messes with my head:

Whew! I can't believe I'm DONE with the big projects. But there are still a few more little details that I'll share with you all tomorrow, and then it'll be big reveal time on Monday. Eee, I can't wait! I've already done some furniture rearranging in the room because of outlet placement issues...but what was a problem at first turned out for the best. I LOVE the slight difference to the room, already. 

Oh, and remind me to tell you the lamp story tomorrow, haha. And no, it's not the story about Evelyn destroying the table lamps I made. (Those are fixed, by the way!) No, it's about me being a total FOOL. You sure wouldn't want to miss that. :)


Christine Pettijohn said...

I love the way those turned out! They look so good.

Alanna said...

Love the wrapping paper behind the pictures, so cute!
So I just have to say that you have inspired me to spray paint, today, outside, in the cold! I have a project that I've been wanting to do, but didn't know because of the weather, but I'm going to try it! :)

Sarah said...

Caaaute :)


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