Friday, January 14, 2011

Confession Friday 1-14!

I confess that embarrassing my little brothers via this blog brings me great pleasure. :)

I confess that I completely forgot to "publish" this post this morning! I wish I could say this was the first time, but lately I think my brain has been fried.

I confess that I sometimes find myself covering up Evie's baby dolls and putting their hats on so they won't get cold. And then I remember that they aren't real.

I confess that I already know what Evelyn will be getting on Easter, her next birthday, and next Christmas. And I confess that I have no clue what Grace will be getting. Sounds like I'm playing favorites, but really Grace has everything she could possibly dream of, because we had it for Evelyn.

I confess that the last confession drives me bonkers. Just because Grace came second shouldn't mean she gets everything second-hand. Boo.

He spotted the car on his birthday cake.
His fingers began to itch....

I confess that I often pretend not to notice when Evelyn or someone else's kid is doing something naughty because either a) I have to pick my battles and there something is more important happening or b) I secretly think it's hilarious.

I confess that we wait until we have absolutely nothing to make for dinner to go grocery shopping, and then we end up buying more snacks than anything. I frequently come home from a night of shopping and think, what in the world am I going to make for dinner tomorrow?

I confess that I'm sometimes convinced my life is like the Truman Show. Every time someone stares at me in public I think "Aha! Caught ya! Where are the cameras??"

I confess that there are days I'm super glad we're sitting on hand-me-down furniture with slip covers. We've been having lots of icky diaper "accidents" around here lately, haha. Thank the Lord I can throw these things in the wash!

I confess that I'm seriously resenting the fact that Eric is currently snoozing away in our room while I'm sitting here with our two still-awake babies. There are drawbacks to staying at home ladies, haha. I get NO breaks. (And no, I'm not blaming Eric. He works two [and a half] jobs and I get to stay in my pj's for as long as I want every day. But I am tired.)

I confess that I'm in need of some therapy right now - retail therapy. :) (Eric your bonus can't get here soon enough!)

I confess that I wear clothing that is "hand wash only" five times before cleaning it. Then I throw it in the washing machine anyway, because by then I've gotten enough wears out of it that, if it ruins, I won't be too upset. :) Yes, I am that lazy.

I confess that Eric has some sugar free jello gellin' in the fridge right now, and I'm sorely tempted to get up and eat it all. This would be really mean, since it's about the only snack he can eat at the moment. But I reeeally want it. But I can't. But I'm hungry. But I mustn't....

Hehe, have a great weekend, everyone! And for the record, I did not touch that jello!


Cassie said...

I love The Truman Show (the movie). Too funny.

Maybe you are having baby mush brain again?!!? You never know.....

I confess I cooked one meal this week. ONE! WE either ordered take out or ate out the rest of the week. Horrible, and to damn expensive!!

Meagan said...

I do the same thing with hand wash only clothes...but my washing machine has a "hand wash" cycle on it so it's practically the same thing right?!

I confess that I made Ryan watch Teen Mom 2 with me the other night...and let me tell you that he was just as into it as I was!!


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