Friday, January 21, 2011

Confession Friday 1-21!

In honor of Grace's momentous occasion yesterday, here's Ev in one of her first Bumbo sittings. This picture has always cracked me up!

I confess that Eric and I shared one loofah for a looong time, but I drew the line this week. His Old Spice body wash and my cocoa butter were NOT jiving well. Blech. I was sick of smelling like an old man on a beach.

Haha. Old man on a beach. I crack myself up.

I confess that everyone's baby news around here is NOT helping my baby fever. :) I will not get pregnant until next fall, I will not get pregnant until next fall....

I confess that I'm a big believer in "spiritual warfare" and I have a message to Satan: Back off. Seriously, you're making me crabby, dude, so you've And take your stress, snide comments, and constant nagging with you. Thanks, and please, do not have a nice day.

I confess that, according to an online profiler thingy, my celebrity look alike is Paula Deen. Really? Well, I do like to eat!

I confess that it has been over two years since I have been able to go on a bike ride (since fall of '08!) and I cannot WAIT to bust out the ten speed this spring. No pregnancies, no healing from pregnancies, and no newborns this summer!

I confess that my house has not been in tip-top order since I neglected it for the girls' room redo. It's driving me nuts. Here's a little advice: when you have two babies at home, do not let yourself get behind for more than a day, because it will somehow take weeks to catch back up!

I confess that I'm a people pleaser and it's starting to catch up with me. It's true that if you don't take some time for yourself you'll go insane. I'm about to fly over the cuckoo's nest, if you know what I mean.


(Creepy dude not included.)

I confess that the older I get, the more compulsions I have to constantly have a project to work on. Somewhere along the line my lazy genes got left in the dust. (Even I don't know where they went. And some days I wish they would come back!) So now I have a very difficult decision on my hands. Should I host an ice cream social or a mexican fiesta next month? :) cook or not to cook. That is the question.

I confess that one of my favorite things about having company over is the excuse to give my house a good cleaning. Perhaps that is the reason why I'm wanting to throw a shindig. (Not really, but let's go with it.)

I confess that while I love all things girly, I am DYING to plan something, shop for, or decorate for a BOY. I am seriously considering doing a mermaid/under the sea theme for Ev's birthday just so I can interject some blue around here!

I confess that I look forward to my 15 minute shower every day just for some peace and quiet. And I'm sure I could get more alone time except that I can't resist the *knock knock* on the bathroom door, followed by the "Mama! Mama!" That little voice. Gets me every time.

I confess that I'm beginning to wonder if anyone reads these darn things anymore and if it's worth continuing Confession Fridays. Cassie and Meagan - you keep me going on Fridays, sista friends.

Check out everyone confessing today!
(Let me know if you've spilled the beans and we'll link you up!)


Craig and Litney said...

I read every day :)
I just never confess anything, but just for you I will this time: I confess that I cannot go to bed before 2 am, ever, and I cannot wake up earlier than 10 am (no matter how many alarms I set/snooze), and it is probably going to take me months to get used to a normal sleeping schedule once I find a job!

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that I'm with ya on the baby thing. And I'm not even married yet. But if I hear one more person say "We have good news!", I am going to bitch slap them.

Still happy for ya Cassie!!

Sarah said...

Don't stop the confessions!!! In fact, I think I'll give it a whirl this week. Just for YOU! :)

The loofah confession cracks me up. I'm not all about sharing my loofah (even though I have had to use Trav's toothbrush once or twice) BUT I found out one day that Trav had been using MY loofah for quite sometime. O.M.G. Needless to say, he now has is very own loofah! And if you are thinking about getting Eric is very own. Make sure you get two very distinct differnt colors. I had purple and Trav had navy blue once, boys must be colored blind!

Kim Luke said...

i love your confessions. they always crack me up! especailly the loofah! i think i would slap dane if he tried to use mine!!! LOL
I might actually post 2 blog post in 1 week... Look Out!

Babysteps23 said...

Don't stop, I love reading your confessions. They are always hilarious. I dont use a loofah so I dont have to worry about mine being used, but I have caught Charlie using my toothbrush on a few different occasions. Its always when we are traveling and he has forgotten his. SICK... Now I always remember to pack an extra one for him, just in case.

Meagan said...

I've never shared my loofah with Ryan but Keegan has used it before!!

I confess that I kinda like it when Ryan goes out to sleep on the couch in the middle of the night sometimes because then I get the bed to myself and can sprawl out!!

Stefanie said...

I read your confessions all the time! I always think of good things to confess and then get busy and forget or something so here's a few to catch me back up on my lack of commenting:
I confess I love taking pictures of Lucy, my favorite ones are when she's yawning, sneezing or making a funny face. I much prefer them because they make me smile and well she's just cute! haha!
I confess I really like the names we have picked for our next child, it makes me hope we have exactly one more boy and girl so I can use them both.

Cassie said...

Ha, thanks Heather!! lol. Too funny.

Looks like all you gota do is tempt them with taking it away and 8 comments later......

I confess Josh never used a loofah until he met me and now he is addicted.
And I confess I have never read so much about a loofah in my life. lol.

Meg said...

I read ya girl! I did the confession last week, but I don't know what to say this week, tried to come up with something but wasn't having any luck!

Have a good weekened, we are headed down to Savannah, GA this weekend (your look a likes hometown) :) I will tell Paula Dean what's up for ya ;)

Christine Pettijohn said...

I read everyday. I just usually do not have anything to confess. I confess today that I had an hour and helf lunch at home in the silence of my house and loved every minute of it. No husband and no child, great!

Ashley Nicholson said...

I LOVE confession fridays!

I confess, that eventhough I don't personally want a child at this point in my life, since husband or anything, I feel REALLY far behind in life with everyone else having babies.

Also, I confess that the greatest thing about everyone else having babies is the fact that I can give them back! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE babies...but just not ready for one!

With that being said....Adrien, if you ever need a sitter, call me up and I will see if I can help out! Your kids are too cute!

Emily said...

I am one of the many that LOVES confession Friday.

I confess, in case you haven't noticed, that I am horrible at keeping up with my blog. I totally forget to write a post everyday or even every week!

I confess that I may use the baby blanket I made for my baby. It's SO warm!

I confess that I'm unlike most military women. Most cannot sleep well when their husbands are gone, but I sleep SO much better!! (Sorry honey!)

I confess that I am SO nervous about screwing up my child. I don't know why and I don't know how to explain, but I'm just getting scared!


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