Friday, January 28, 2011

Confession Friday 1-28!

I confess that I'm happy to be flashing Eric's unders on the internet this time:

Evelyn is up to her old tricks, again. I have no clue why she thinks underwear is for dress up, but she can't get enough of it, and it cracks me up every time! (And yes, our paper paradise is still up on the wall. We're channeling spring, I tell you, channeling spring.)

I confess that all of the hormones flying around the blogosphere right now are cracking me up. (Sorry!) But your stories are so relatable, ladies. It reminds me of the time I was pregnant with Evelyn and I made a scene in Walmart. We had just eaten at Subway, and I could only stomach half of my sandwich, because I was so dang nauseous. So I put the other half in my purse and off to Walmart we went. I believe we were in the automotive aisle when an urge to eat and to cry came over me all at once. I dove for my sandwich, ripped it from my purse, took a huge bite, and screamed at Eric, "Look what you've done to me!" I sent a poor old man scurrying and Eric laughed in my face. So yes, I've been there, too.

I confess that I'm currently listening to an argument between Eric and Evelyn over the differences between mommies' and daddies' chests. Daddy says boys don't have boobs. Evie doesn't believe him.

I confess that I cannot escape the Backstreet Boys everywhere I go these days and it drives me batty. I am and will forever be an N'Sync girl!  :) I was supposed to marry you, Lance Bass. What went wrong, bro? 

I confess that I don't mind some mornings when Grace gets up a little earlier, because it gives me a good excuse to catch up on old episodes of Saved By the Bell. (Not the college years - blech. But I did like the beach resort thing they did...remember that? Haha.)

Speaking of Saved By the Bell beach resort episodes, I confess that I love watching Leah Remini everyday on "The Talk." She CRACKS me up, and she never agrees with anyone else on the show which is just fine, because I usually agree with her. :)

I confess that I'm really craving a donut right now. Okay, moving on....

I confess that Eric and I comment on how the sun seems to be hanging around in the sky for like a minute longer. We are desperate, people, absolutely desperate to bust out of this house and take a dern walk!

I confess that Grace is a genuine thumb sucker and I think it's adorable! However, I'm not sure if I should encourage or discourage it...we can hide all the pacifiers some day, but thumbs...we kind of need those.

I confess that I keep getting up to go get a donut, but we don't have any in the house. Why am I torturing myself?? Think about raspberry yogurt, Adrien, we have some of that!

And, finally....

I confess that I'm a little girlishly giddy that Taylor Swift is coming to St. Louis, and I secretly hope Eric will SURPRISE me with CONCERT TICKETS because she's coming right before my BIRTHDAY. Wink, wink, hint, hint.


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As always, holler at me if I've missed you! 


Meagan said...

Love the underwear on Evie's head..Keegan use to do the same thing, except with mine not Ryan's!! lol I'm totally with you on the BSB/NSYNC thing...I'm NSYNC girl too!

I confess that even though I was running late for work this morninig I went through McDonald's drivethru to get a large Dr. Pepper hoping that will get rid of my headache!

Andrea Ingles said...

I just said yesterday that it was 5:00 and the sun was still out!! I'm longing for Spring and Summer just as much as you!! I'm hoping to get my husband in gear and pass you guys on a lot of walks this year :)

I suppose I should add to the confessions...
I confess that I always change into sleep pants at night, but wear whatever shirt I was wearing that day to bed that night. Why? I have no idea why I'm too lazy to change my

Meg said...

Total Nsync Fan...I was suppose to marry Justin Timberlake. :) I loved Saved by the Bell too! I remember that episode you were speakng of :)

Christine Pettijohn said...

I totally agree with you on the Spring thing. I do not care how pregnant I am I am getting outside and making myself walk! Oh and funny story Adrien about Walmart. I could see that happening to me right now.

I confess that Wyatt that I went to Moto this morning to get my fountain Pepsi I was craving so bad only to have Wyatt trip over it in my car and put just a big enough hole in it to make it leak. So when I got to work I duck taped that puppy and am still enjoying that fountain Pepsi!

Eric Robert said...

Thanks, Honey. :-P For the record, those are boxer briefs but I normally prefer boxers. I just need to clarify so I don't wind up with the wrong underwear on Christmas.

And yes, I have the type of family that buys underwear for Christmas. We're a very practical, if dull, bunch.

Sarah said...

Now all I want is a powdered donut......

Happy Friday Robert Family :)

Adrien said...

Yay, N'Sync fans unite!! Haha.

Andrea - I do the SAME thing with my shirts...I always think that other people would think I was strange if they knew I slept in the shirt I wore all day. Glad I'm not alone!

And Eric...bahaha...I think it's hilarious that you have to clarify your underwear situation. It's true, I can vouch, Eric is a boxer man. :)

Kim Luke said...

I confess that when I read this the first time, I didn't look that closely at eric's undies.. but after reading all the comments I scrolled back up to get a better look at them. lol


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