Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gymboree Loot!

As of Sunday the Gymboree Red Balloon Sale is officially over. In all of the room redo craziness, I never got to show you what I GOT! :) If you don't know about RBS, make sure to catch up here. (Cause you won't want to miss it next time!)

First let me say I that I made a lovely video to show you my fabulous finds, but something is getting lost in translation on this here computer, and well, it just isn't going to work out. Bummer. So pictures will just have to do!

I hope that if you do any shopping for boy's clothing that you were able to make it to this sale. I have NEVER seen so many boys clothes on the racks at a Gymboree RBS. In fact, I can say with confidence that there were way more boys clothes than girls clothes in the sizes I was looking for this go around. Bad for me, but good for the mamas of boys (for once!)

I did manage to get a few great things, though, and I saved a lot of money in the process. That's always a good day for me. :) So let's get on with it, already!

I loooove little girls' shoes. And so does Evelyn. :) So it's a good thing I was able to dig up three pairs for her, and even a pair for Grace, too! The cute red sandals are a part of the "Poppy Love" collection, and the little fishy sandals are from the "Floral Reef" line. The original price tag was $24.75 for each, and I paid $3.99 a pair. Those super cute orange slice sandals come from the "Citrus Cooler" line with an original price of $14.75. I snagged my two pair for $2.39 each.

Total shoes savings: $66.24

Gosh darn it, you really should see the video, haha. There's no way you're going to really see what I have in these piles. What you're looking at here is a grouping of items I was able to dig up in the Citrus Cooler line. There's a little for Evie and a little for Grace mixed in. I love the bright colors and the fun prints! In all I was able to snag 3 shirts, 1 dress, and 1 pair of shorts for Ev, and 1 dress, 1 shirt, 1 skirt, 1 romper, and 1 pair of shorts for Grace. The total on the original price tags would've cost $239.10. And, drumroll please...I paid $37.51.

Total Citrus Cooler Savings: $201.59

(I forgot two Citrus Cooler shirts in the last picture, haha.)

Next up were a few peices from the "Popsicle Party" line that I snatched for Grace. I love the colors of this line, too, and we already have a hat that matches the halter top. Woot! So for Grace I was able to get a halter, pair of capris, and a two-piece outfit all covered in popsicles. Original Price: $87.25 (Yikes! I know, right??) MY price: $11.97. 

Total Popsicle Party Savings: $75.28

Ah, the "Poppy Love" line. It took me two trips to Gymboree to find the matching shirts and leggings, but my diligence paid off. :) Evelyn and Grace will both have matching shirts from this line. Ev has two pairs of leggings (one black and one red) and Grace has an itty bitty pair of red leggings to call her own, plus a pretty polka dot dress and pair of red socks. The original total: $120.75. And I snatched my deal for $19.13. 

Total Poppy Love Savings: $101.62

Let's talk accessories, shall we? I was able to dig through the piles and find hats in both the girls' sizes from the PL line, as well as sunglasses and hair curlies for Ev, and also a yellow polka dot sun hat for Grace which will match her bumble bee onesie you'll see in a bit. I have to say that I was disappointed to look at my receipt this year and find that not all of my accessories were priced at .99 like in the past. Still, I got a great deal. The original price for these cute accessories was $53.00. I shelled out $6.43. 

Total accessory savings: $46.57

And as always, I ended up finding a few random peices here and there...some of which I'm not even sure which lines they came from! But there are several more pairs of shorts and capris for Ev, plus a shirt; a romper, swimsuit, and cardigan for Grace, and one unidentifiable pair of ice cream leggings that are butt ugly, and I have no CLUE how they ended up in my bag, because I so did not pick them out, haha. The total on the tags for all of these clothes comes to $155.00. I paid $24.72. 

Total savings: $130.28

So all of my "original" totals add up to a whopping $734.10. And I paid a total of $112.52. That brings my grand total savings to: $621.58! Eh, not as good as some of my past experiences, but I'll take it. :) 

If you weren't able to make it to the sale...well...I sure hope you had a good excuse. Haha. Just kidding. I hope you'll be able to make it out next time! It is definitely fun to save money. :)


Babysteps23 said...

Awesome finds! I will definitely be hitting up the next sale.

Anonymous said...

how do you find out about the Red Balloon sales? I am on the email list and get emails almost daily from Gymboree. But I have never gotten anything about this!

Lirinka said...

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE outfits from Gymboree's POPPY LOVE line.
Love this treasure:)) Terrific outfits:))
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