Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, John John!

I have a theory on the incredible uniqueness of each human life that is born into this world. I believe that every single person who has ever walked on earth was meant to be here; that there is one great big story going on and it just wouldn't be the same without all of the characters coming into play. No matter how big. No matter how small. We are all an integral part of God's plan - His story.

And in believing that, I feel that regardless of how a child is brought into this world, they are born for a purpose. Unfortunately, not all mommies and daddies can accept, or keep up with, the responsibility of handling the children given to them. People may make mistakes in life, but God certainly doesn't. And so those very special babies, who are born for a very special purpose, are meant all along to be raised by other mommies and daddies who are ready and willing with open arms to bring them into their families and raise them as their very own.

There is something incredibly special about a child who is adopted. They sometimes begin their life as a burden, or a surprise, or an excuse. And then they become the most loved of the loved. They are so wanted; so cared for. They are the answers to prayers. They are the joys of lives. They are the richest blessings.

Three years ago today, a brand new baby boy came into this world and was placed into the arms of a mother who would not ultimately be able to care for him. At just one month old, he would enter into the home of Roger and Joyce Feldt (my parents), who planned to keep him as a favor for just one night, and he would touch hearts and plant his roots there so deeply that the family just couldn't let him go.

Meet my little brother, John. Or, John John, as we affectionately call him. :)

He's a jack of all trades, little John John. He is a pilot; sometimes a conductor or a bus driver. John can turn blankets into boats (and will often ask you to hop aboard!), and he can name every single dang train from Thomas and Friends. John likes to make a little mischief, too. He's a couch hopper and he likes to put things on his head that don't quite fit. John does have a rather large head, haha.

Little John was present at our wedding, and he gave Eric and me a serious case of baby fever. So much so that we came home from our honeymoon with a souvenir of our own - our first daughter, Evelyn.

John was Evelyn's very first playmate, and now the pair of them make quite the mischievous duo. :)

And John was right at Evelyn's side when she became a big sister to our second daughter, Grace. I'm sure by this time next year we'll have an unstoppable trio running around.

The Feldt family was convinced that after bringing my little brother Justin into the family that we were complete. My parents made absolute certain that they wouldn't be adding any more children to the brood. Haha. Since when did the characters of a story ever get to call the shots?

God had bigger plans. Bigger plans for all of us. And whether you know him well, or just meet him in passing, I guarantee that after just a few moments this child will have you in stitches, laughing at his crazy antics. 

Little John John overcame some crazy obstacles and set backs that were placed in his path from the beginning. And I'm so happy to say that, because he is bathed in love, he is a happy, well-adjusted, perfectly rambunctious little three year old boy who brings joy to all.

Happy Birthday to my little brother from another mother. :D You're too stinkin cute, kid. God has BIG plans for you, of that I am absolutely certain. You were always meant to be a part of our family, born in our hearts, and that's where you'll stay. 



Meg said...

What a cute kid and wonderful story! Happy Birthday!

Cassie said...

Great story, and the perfect way to put it!! A friend of mine is going through the adoption process right now and I just had to foward this on to her.
Happy Birthday!!

Sara said...

You are a great story teller, Adrien! Happy Birthday John John!


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