Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life is Good

There are so many thoughts bouncing around in my noggin tonight that I really don't know where to begin, and I certainly don't know where or how this is going to end up.

I don't have a craft project to share with you. The girls and I didn't go on any totally excellent adventures this afternoon. I'm not currently fixing up a room, and I'm not giving birth today. :) Holy cow, did I really blog while I was in labor? Why yes, I believe I did.


This is what I know: I have two little girls sleeping in a room that is not my own. Eric and I haven't shared our own space since June 2009. It's mostly nice having a little more room and a lot more privacy, but I would be lying if I said it was all sunshine and daisies. The truth is that I'm writing this from a rocking chair in the girls' room, because Evelyn frequently wakes up disoriented and squeals very loudly. I'm terrified that she'll wake up Grace and then I'll have two awake babies on my hands. (By the way, I'm humming Evie to sleep as I type you have any idea how hard it is to hum and type? I challenge you to try it sometime.) But through it all, I'm not really all that annoyed, believe it or not. In fact, I'm trying to drink this all up for as long as I can. Gah, I love these babies so much. Life is good.

There has been a lot of springtime dreaming around here lately. Most of our family traditions take place in the fall and winter, but there is one thing that we do consistently every single day possible when the weather is warm, and both Eric and I are starting to get the itch for our warm weather routines. When the trees begin to bud and bloom and the sun holds it's position in the sky just a little longer, keep an eye out for one crazy family taking six mile walks around our Rockwellesque town every evening. We'll be double-strollin' it this year. (Hey, twice the under-carriage space!)

After dinner every night, we fill up tall, lidded cups with ice cold drinks, and sometimes we even bring snacks. We toss the diaper bag in the basket and make sure that our baby has a paci and blanket, because there will inevitably be napping on this family adventure. And for the entire evening we stroll and talk and laugh and plan and dream. We complain about how cars drive too fast in neighborhoods, and we decide our game plan for when one of our children decides they want to go to an ivy league school. :) It is the best family time imaginable, free from television and (gasp!) computers. We already have a brand new stroller picked out, and we're waiting waiting waiting waiting for the Good Lord to give us a sign that it's walking season again.

And of course I have big plans of picnics and tea parties and park days and some general summer frolicking for the girls and I. Oh boy, do I have some amazing ideas up my sleeve. I'm not going to lie, I am already thoroughly enjoying being a mama to two girls, and I am living my childhood again vicariously through them. It's wonderful. Good times, good times. 

Gracie is snoring. :) Have I mentioned that life is really, really good?

And in the midst of everything I'm realizing that I have TWO birthday parties to plan this year, and instead of losing my mind over it, I'm insanely excited. I can't stop thinking about birthday themes. Do they make pills for this illness? I thought I had themes picked out for the next ten years or so, but I really can't decide. :) Picking a party theme is a huge commitment for me. It means hours and hours and hours of preparation and decoration creation, and I don't want to get sick of it. No, my girls won't have huge blow out parties every year (okay, so maybe every other year), but we'll still have small family gatherings in between the big ones, and since party prep is one of my most favorite things in the world, I simply MUST go overboard. It's my nature. Can "going overboard" be listed as a legitimate hobby? I think so.

Yes, I'm throwing in random pictures of my kids, because I can. And because this post is totally random.

Okay friends, it is time. I'm going to attempt to slooowly remove myself from this room and get cozy next to the hubs. Think I can do it? Let's see....

Ah, yes. The familiar indention on the left side of the bed. Hello, familiar indention. You fit me so good. Haha. Thanks for making my night a little...gooder.

Well, I warned you that my brain is going a mile a minute. I don't think I actually intended to talk about what I talked about, but there you have it. Is it okay to post a blog about absolutely nothing but my late night ramblings? Because this is going to have to do. It's after midnight and I'm so not starting a new blog post. Hopefully this doesn't scare you into never checking back again. But I totally wouldn't blame you if it does.

By the way, baby monitors are wonderful, but not when you sit and listen to every.single.sound your children make. I'll just leave you with this last thought of mine. In life there are ebbs and flows, and we're definitely ebbing it up right now. There simply isn't a lot going on right at this moment, and I'm loving it. Eric is staying busy at work, the girls are growing like weeds, and I get the privilege of sitting back and watching it all. Oh, boy, life sure is good.

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