Monday, January 31, 2011

My Little January Girls

My eldest child is currently taking turns sucking on each of her big toes. It's cracking me up. And I forgive her for being so ridiculously silly, because just one minute ago Evelyn was tracing the beads on my tank top and whispering some indistinguishable gibberish that was oh-so-cute. I love this girl.

Evelyn's cuteness cup did runneth over today. Like when she called the news anchorman "Obama," or when she impressed everyone in the church nursery with her crazy-good baby doll mothering skills, or when she took an egg out of the carton while we were grocery shopping and tried to eat it. Pretty sure she was making even frazzled, winter storm's a comin', mad dashing shoppers laugh at that point.

And Grace, oh, let me tell you. She is so gorgeous and so good. I probably tell her so 6473 times a day. And the girl rocked her flower-head this morning. Yes, there were so many moments today when I just had to pinch myself and ask, "Did I really get so lucky to have kids like these?" My mothering cup...why, it runneth over, too. :)

I wish I could preserve every single precious memory and silly story like a jar of sweet jelly. And on my jar there would be a cute custom pink label with two adorable faces on either side of the words, "Memory Jam" in scrawling print. I'd open up my sacred jar on any day I needed a little pick-me-up and sample the sweetness from within. *Sigh* Something tells me I'd be swiping my finger in that jar a lot...a lot, a lot.

But since there is no such thing as memory jam, I've decided that I need to find much more conventional ways of making sure that our special memories and milestones are recorded. I'm a horrible journal keeper, and don't even get me started on filling out baby books. So from now on until forever and ever (or the sad day that this blog ends...which I don't even want to think about, so I wont) I'm going to take the last day of every month and jot down my baby girls' stats. While I often write these blog posts with all of you in mind, this one's going to be for me. :)

My Gracie Girl

Age: 3 months 
Favorite activities: Being held as often as possible - you can't get enough of it, girlfriend. And getting your diaper changed. I don't know what it is, but you just smile away every time I lay you down to change your bottom!

Oh, Gracie...your big, toothless grin is enough to turn your mama into a giant puddle. I could stare at your precious little face all day long. I love your lips and your long baby eyelashes. You truly are a beautiful baby girl.

I absolutely adore how you turn to look at me with your big, bright eyes and coo so purposefully - I swear you're trying to tell me something...and I like to think it's "I love you." :) You are definitely, without a doubt, a mama's girl. And don't tell anyone I said this, but I love that about you. 

Grace, you have slept through the night since nearly day one. Thanks for that, sista friend. See...we're totally on the same page, here. And there's something about your sweet spirit that tells your daddy and me that you will be a very feminine, dainty little girl. I have a feeling you'll love tea parties and dress up as much as I do. :) But for now, you're just busy growing. (Which you're doing much too quickly, young lady.) You are plumping up quite nicely, as your sister did before you, and I can't wait to get all of those chubby rolls into some proper sundresses.

If there is one thing I am so grateful for, it's that God's timing is not our timing. You came into our family at a perfect time. I can't even imagine "us" without you. 

My Evelyn Lily

Age:19 months
Favorite Activities: Making mischief...emptying cabinets, throwing toys, climbing on know, the usual toddler stuff. :) You also enjoy taking care of baby dolls and cuddling with your mommy and daddy whenever possible. We like that, too. 

Our little silly Evie Lily. You are definitely our spunky little girl with so much personality! Evelyn, you make everyone laugh. I love that about you. You are at the age where curiosity is at it's peak, which also makes you ripe for learning new things...and you are one smart cookie!

You never showed jealousy when your baby sister came onto the scene, but you definitely think some of her activities are super cool. You love getting into her swing, and sometimes you try when she's still in it! You love trying to mosey your way under her play gym, and just recently you've started wanting to wear slobber bibs again. Hehe. You're too cute.

Evelyn, you cannot get enough of PENS. I don't know what it is...but pencils and crayons are just not the same. You jabber constantly. You definitely know what you're saying, even if the rest of us haven't got a clue. One of these days that gobbledygook is going to turn into real words, and we're never going to hear the end of it!

And even though there is a lot of gibberish, you do know lots of words and are learning more every single day. I honestly don't know where you pick up on half of the things you say. Like when you said "Cheese!" this morning when I took your picture. I've never, ever told you to say that. Who did?? Haha.

You're also obsessed with putting on everybody's shoes and clomping around the house. I can even hear you when I'm the shower traipsing through the living room. I could go on and on and on...but I'll just leave it with one story of you that I never want to forget. 

Out of all of the dolls you own, your absolute favorite is the two-inch plastic baby doll that came with your dollhouse. You carry that thing around like it's a full sized baby, patting it on the back, and kissing it's face - even though your lips entirely consume the poor thing's head, haha. 

Just a couple of weeks ago our heat went out, and all of us girls were huddled on the couch to stay warm. I will never forget how you took your teeny tiny baby doll, laid her on the couch, and covered her up with the corner of our blanket. It was the CUTEST thing ever, and it was so YOU. I hope we never ever lose that darn baby doll, because I'll never be able to look at it and not think of you at 19 months old. :)

Yes, I'm full of sentimental mush at my's true. But I don't want to forget these things. It's the little things, the tiniest details of life, which are so fleeting in our memories. One day I hope that just reading some of these words will send me straight back to this time. I love where we are right here, right now. Hey, future self, if you're reading was good back then, wasn't it? It was really, really good.


Anonymous said...

You have the perfect Baby Book right here, keep those memories coming!!!

Greg & Joan

Pettijohn said...

I loved this blog!! That last picture is adorable and the one of Gracie in the hat is adorable to. I need a girl. Lol. I use my blog to do memories to so I can look back and remember whenever I want to go down that road again.

Trisha said...

I totally agree with Greg and Joan! This is such a sweet post! I have 3. Ages 10, 8 and 5. The time really does fly! I wish I could have jarred our moments too.

Cassie said...

and I'm crying.....
too cute!


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