Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Parasols, Pixies, and Princesses~

There is a beautiful blog that I follow written by a woman named Kelle whom I don't know and who lives in a place that I've never been. She is a northern transplant to Naples, FL - a place that is almost always sunny and warm. Every year when the calendar months begin to change to Fall, Kelle starts to miss the cooler weather and the transformation of the trees and all of the wonderful things that make Fall, Fall. And so, her mom sends her a box full of crisp leaves picked up straight from the yard every autumn season. Kelle spreads out this special delivery and lets her daughters play in the colorful leaves amongst the green grass and palm trees. To her, this is Fall-in-a-box.

Well today, Spring-in-a-box was delivered to the Robert household. (And I'm trying really hard to contain myself.)

Inside of this box is the promise of warmer days ahead. It represents running around barefoot in the yard. It's a countdown to dates in our driveway with popsicles and sidewalk chalk. It means days of frolicking in the park and having afternoons full of imagination and pure JOY. It means busting out our magic carpet a lot and cruising through magic kingdoms and enchanted fairy forests. Mama did good. Mama did real good.


Oh, I'm sorry...you can't really tell what it is? Well, please, let me show you what's inside....

It's afternoon tea parties on the back porch....

....would you like a spot of tea?

One lump or two?

It's running from evil stepmothers (not the good ones) and finding prince charming...

...complete with princess capes...

...I can hear the birds singing sweetly already. Perhaps they'll land on our fingers...sew us a dress or two.

And my personal favorite - it's butterfly fairies. 

Tutus and halos and wands and wings....

We'll weave a tale of our own as we fly around in the sunshine. Are we butterflies today? Or Pixies? Are we running from scary pollution monsters set out to destroy our pixie hollow or flying off to Never Never land? I can't wait to find out. :)

Is it against the rules to wear a tutu all day?

I big-time love this stuff.

(That wand is about a bazillion times bigger than I expected!)

And I couldn't help but pick out a few extras to round out our dress-up collection. Head bands and beanies are too much fun.

I was so excited that I couldn't even wait to take off the wrappers before I shot a few photos!

Yes, it's looking like it will be one fun Spring around here. Now if we could politely ask for it to stop snowing....

Evelyn has no clue that this stuff exists. I quietly opened up these treasures and tucked them away for another day. And when the first warm days of the year start creeping around the corner, we'll discover these outfits one by one. On those special days when it feels just right, Evelyn and Grace will wake up from their naps and find our magic carpet hovering and ready to go. 

Sometimes...it's really fun to be a mom. 

Okay, so I did let Evelyn try out ONE of our new items. Only because we now own half a dozen of them. :)

If the tiara fits...haha. Evie rediscovered her 1st birthday tutu this week, and she's been wearing it non-stop, further fueling my excitement for days to come.

So now I'm praying for those warm, sunny afternoons. Oh please Lord, can Spring come in February this year? Well...it doesn't hurt to ask, right? 


joyce Feldt said...

Adrien, You are the bestest, funnest mom ever, and my grand babies are so blessed to have you:) Love you!!

Meagan said...

Can I come play too?!?!

Christine Pettijohn said...

I want to come. Lol! Very creative Adrien.

Sarah said...

Thank you for making me want a girl even more now Adrieeennnn, haha. Seriously, she will wear a tutu & a tierra every.single.day!!!

And, thanks to you I started following Kelle awhile back. I'm IN LOVE with her, her children, her life. She writes so beautifully, takes amazing pictures, and gets right deep down in my soul. I just bought my 'possible' baby girl a pair of Nella's booties the other day :)


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