Thursday, January 13, 2011

VRBO: Anybody Else Need a Vacation?

There's a dusty layer of snow covering the cold crunchy grass on our front lawn tonight, and all I can think about is how I desperately want to be reclining on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun, a good read in one hand and a cold drink in another. I want to feel powder-fine sand between my toes and walk on sunbaked boardwalks and complain about how HOT it is.

I'm a winter hater. I admit it. I used to say that I would be sad if I lived somewhere that didn't experience all four seasons, but now I take it back. Ugh, I take it baaack. And if I had to guess many of you are rocking this same boat with me right now. Because, even though there is something magical in the first snow of the season, the second, third, and fourth snows are not so...endearing. They're a big pain in the booty, that's what they are.

Our own pool. (It was freezing! Good thing it was hot enough outside to fry an egg on pavement, haha.)

So it's no wonder that at this point in the season many families are desperately seeking out their vacation destinations for summer. And as friends begin to gather again on college campuses all across the country, last minute spring break plans are being thrown together in a feverish attempt to get away from it all. If you happen to fall into one of these categories, then I have some very important advice for you.

Never vacation again without considering VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner, and it is a FABULOUS website that will connect you with rental properties all over the country.  Last May our family had a marvelous excuse to take a trip to Pheonix, AZ (my brother-in-law's graduation from college and his WEDDING), and we stayed in a gorgeous home for ten days thanks to VRBO.

Forgive the blurry pictures. I was a worse picture taker then than I am even now!

I cannot even begin to tell you how convenient it is to be on vacation and stay in a house with your own private pool, garage, full size kitchen, outdoor name it. We had ALL of the conveniences of home and then some.

And the great thing about is that there are no set prices made by the website. You are dealing directly with the people who own each individual home or condo, so deals can be made and there are always lots of options for any budget. Having so many choices compiled into one place means that you can easily get just about any amenity you want. Don't want to consider a property without a hot tub? Fine. Need to be close to the airport? That's cool, too. You name it, I can almost guarantee, you'll find it.

Can we go back, please? :)

I wish, wish, wish that it were in our budget to take a family vacation this year. But alas, it is not. That darn debt has GOT TO GO! So someone out there pretty please book the vacation that I wish I could go on, and have fun for me, okay? :) In the meantime, I'm living in the past this evening as I look through a few videos we took on our vacation last May. *Sigh* I can almost smell the chlorine now....

Eleven months old. Seems like only yesterday. :) It was really nice to capture those memories in the privacy of our own pool. (Have I mentioned yet that I love VRBO?) I watched another clip earlier in which we were discussing what we would be having for dinner one night. I forget what it's like to have the choice between hamburgers and hotdogs or pork steaks be the toughest decision of the day. One day, Eric and I are going to take at least TWO vacations a year. But for now, we're just busy Getting There. Wink, wink.

So remember those four letters when you're hammering out your vacation details this year: VRBO. Don't waste your time in another hotel, it just won't be the same. Spend an afternoon on and you can't go wrong, my friends. You simply can't go wrong.

*At the time I published this post the site was down for maintenance. Be patient, it's worth it!


Anonymous said...

VRBO will probably be calling you today with an offer of a FREE vacation for your great advertising.


Heather Rahn said...

Ahhh...thanks SO much for posting that website!! I have been trying to plan a trip to the east coast for this summer, and I R.E.F.U.S.E. to stay in some Super 8 for a week.

Meagan said...

I wish we were going somewhere on vacation so I could use this site...well we are going on vacation to Phoenix but my mom lives there so no need to rent a house!

btw...I love your new header!

Ginny said...

We love, love, love vrbo. I haven't planned a vacation without it in 7 years. (And their website just keeps getting better and better!) We go to the same place on vacation almost every year (on a totally tight budget), and we've found that if we wait until the last minute to book...people are more than willing to give you a great last-minute booking deal. We stayed in the Smokey's for less than $400 for a whole week the last time we went....and it was a super cute, 3 bedroom cabin with all the amenities. God bless vrbo and it's huge help to us penny pinchers! :-)

Ashley Nicholson said...

Thanks for putting this up! Amber will be in Charleston, SC for her military school this summer and I want to go visit, but she will be in the barracks and you can't have guests there! But, now I may be able to go! AND maybe I can go on vacation while I'm paying off my student loans next summer. (and I totally plan on paying them off in less than 1 year!) Thanks again!


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