Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be Mine

It was a good day.

When I was in elementary school we had these lovely little things called "singing valentines." Every year in February the junior high chorus at Red Bed Elementary would sell valentines before school that could be sent to friends during the school day on Valentine's Day. But these valentines were more than peices of paper, they were like love jingles set to popular tunes such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Jingle Bells."

This was one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the chorus kids, and so they were definitely put to work on Valentine's Day. All day long classes would be interrupted, and kids would be pulled out into the hallway as junior high students sang their hearts out for their peers. While this may sound very sweet, and really it was, there was also a level of mortification involved.

You see, as a fourth grade girl, it can be nothing short of awkward when a gang of eighth grade boys knocks on the classroom door asking to see you in the hallway. On one hand, you feel totally cool that someone thought to send you a valentine, on the other hand, um...don't make me do this.

Standing in front of a group of strange guys as they sing you tunes about loving you and being best friends and all that garbage would be uncomfortable for just about anybody. But when you're nine? It's weirder than a first kiss. Where do I put my hands during this production? Do I smile after? Say thank you? Get me out of here!

Inevitably, the song was sung, there was an awkward shuffle, and one very red-faced child would walk sheepishly back into the classroom expected to carry on as if nothing had just happened. Haha, man, that sounds like some sort of strange pre-pubescent social experiment. But that's the way it was. Really.

While we're not in the singing valentine business here in the Robert household, we do make a mean Valentine's Day card. We like it home made around here. So, a little bit of paint, a little bit a paper, and a little bit of looove...voila!

I decided to micro-manage as little as possible. If the valentines are from the girls, I want them to be...well...from the girls! Of course, that did mean there was a little funny business going on. Like when Evelyn decided to abandon her long sheet of paper to make a little body art.

It's washable, it's washable, it's washable.... I cringed. I felt a nervous tick. The heebs began to take over my body. And then I took a deep breath and smiled. It's okay. Remember...we're "going with it" these days. Erm...just keep telling yourself that.

I love the look of concentration, haha. And though it looks as if no paint made it to paper, I promise that she accomplished just enough for our little project. I was starting to feel the urge to wrap things up when...

"Evelyn, noooo...."

....she wrapped things up for us.

I think singing valentines may have been a little easier...and a lot less messy. :) I took our now dripping sheet of paper and laid it over the kitchen table to dry, while Evelyn set to the task of cleaning up. Give the girl a baby wipe, and she'll clean just about anything in sight.

Including her little sister:

Soon after this Evelyn went down for a nap, and it was Grace's turn to get a little messy. Make your mark, girlfriend.

While we wish we could show you the final product, well, we can't. Not yet. :) But they sure are cute!

And now, a confession. I am so stinkin tired right now that I can barely keep my eyes open. So all of the messed up line spacing and lack of creativity is just going to have to do on this one. Sometimes...sleep wins. :) But I'll leave you with a little singing valentine to tickle your fancy. 

"We Love You"
Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells

We love you! We love you!
What more can we say?
Thank you all for stopping by,
and have a happy day!

*Awkward shuffle*


Meagan said...

Can't wait to see the finished products!!'re girls are the cutest & I love the pictures that you always capture of them!!

Cassie said...

At daycare they are always making little feet projects and I just love it!! Nothing is cuter than a little footprint!
And oh em gee I LOVED those singing Valentines!! At the Catholic school I remember they just came into the class and did it. Mortifying!!

Sarah said...

I feel all 'lovey' now :) about Evie's body art concentration. Yesterday Luke got ahold of my chapstick. (Mind you I sat quietly & watched the whole thing) He was very concentrated as he started by putting some on his lips, then smeared it all up his arms and all over his face. It was the greasiest funniest mess I have had to clean up in awhile. haha


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