Thursday, February 17, 2011


And I ain't talking about the cleaning agent.

Eric and I have always been in the practice of rotating our music with the changing seasons. There is nothing more comforting than the crooning of 'ole Blue Eyes and Michael Buble when it's chilly outside, and when it warms up we love us some roll down the windows, turn up the radio, feel good rock 'n roll. We're seriously like Pavlov's dogs, salivating for Spring the moment our life soundtrack switches. And last night...we made the switch.

Prior to weddings and babies and *cough, cough* real adult responsibilities, our favorite thing to do as a couple was to travel around the midwest chasing after our favorite bands. I have no idea how I can still hear after standing in front of booming speakers that were taller than me for all those years. From outdoor amphitheaters to middle-of-nowhere dive clubs, we would do just about anything to make it to a good show. And no band put more miles on our vehicles than Bleach.

Nashville road trip!

I wouldn't be shocked in the least bit to learn that, erm...roughly 90% of you haven't even heard of this band, much less jammed out to one of their feel good tunes. (Hint: Mix a little Weezer with some old school Elvis Costello, and you've got Bleach in a nutshell.) Yes, we are Bleach fanatics around here. I have several genuine signed t-shirts hanging in my (almost organized!) closet right now and a truck load of pictures to prove it.

Bleach produces the type of music that makes you want to pull down the shades and dance around the house like a crazy person in your underwear. Okay, so stripping to your unders isn't totally necessary, but I did sort of wish that I could jump through sprinklers in my front yard after channeling some Bleach yesterday. No parent would ever, ever have to worry about the messages sent out to impressionable youth with this band, either. And the guys...are just really really nice people. Five stars. Class acts.

I would point any newbies to this rock and roll deliciousness to the album "Again, For the First Time." My fav. Eric and I have converted many a friend to this group's scintillating stylings. And I don't know one single skeptic who walked out of a live show without finding a new favorite band for themselves. I was one of those skeptics once. Oh, yes...yes, it's true. Eric introduced me to Bleach, took me to a show, and changed my life forever. You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm totally not, haha. Music is a powerful thing, and it can change your mood or outlook on a situation in an instant. There's gotta be a study or something to back me up here. :)

We were devastated, totally heartbroken, when we got the word that the band was ready to end touring together in 2004. Eric traveled to Nashville to see their very last show. Sad day. :( We've spent the last several years jamming to old music and belting out familiar lyrics that take us back to our dating days. Bleach has always remained our absolute, number one, favorite band. Of all time.

So when we heard that they're releasing a new album this Spring and touring this freaked out! No specific details have been released just yet, but as soon as we find out the nearest tour location, you better believe we're going to find a way to get there. Seven years. It's been seven years since I've been to one of their live shows. And I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that there will be new music from my favorite old band. Love love love! Road trip? Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

Check out the picture of his wife on his pedal board. :)

Here's a little taste...just a teeny tiny morsel...of Bleach. You're going to roll your eyes at me. You're going to say, "This reminds me of something I would have liked in junior high." Yes, that's probably true. But every once in a need to forget "adult responsibilities" and just have some carefree, feel good, squeaky clean fun. And yes, that's still possible.

Happy listening! I dare you not to smile. :)


Eric Robert said...

Best post ever! I can't wait until Bleach is back!

Pettijohn said...

They actually sound pretty good. I like it! Good post.

Ashley N. said...

What? Touring?! Awesome.


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