Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Cabobbled Love Day

Mmm mmm...I think that Turtles...mmm...are quite possibly...the most...delicious candies in the world.  And I've got a box of these babies all to myself! Happy Valentine's Day to me! :) Are you sick of the heart stuff yet? Cause I PROMISE this is the last day of it around here. I am so ready to move beyond and get to springy thingys...especially after the morning I had yesterday!

Cupid stopped by and transformed our living room into a festive heart-filled field fit for frolicking. Our fluttering hearts were uber cute, and they were enough to send any young girl into lovey dovey dreamland. At the end of the heart trail were lots of goodies for two little princesses to help them get into the Valentine's Day spirit. I was so excited for Evelyn to wake up and discover this treat that mommy stayed up extra late to prepare. I knew she'd just love it!

And then....

When Evelyn rolled out of bed on Valentine's Day and walked into the living room, she completely ignored the forest of hearts hanging from the ceiling and exclaimed, "Stroller!" My precious daughter ran over to the stroller which was parked near the basement door, a reminder of our walk the day before, and she could have really cared less about our valentine wonderland. Evelyn walked by so nonchalantly it was as if the hearts didn't even exist. She did, however, swat one in passing a few minutes later.

But that was okay...because we still had our wonderful breakfast to look forward to.

Fluffy pink hearts were waiting for my eldest to look upon with delight. Evelyn loves pancakes, so this would surely be an extra special treat.


When it was time to mosey into the kitchen to enjoy our yummy pink pancake hearts, we quickly discovered that among the fluffy bites were lots of lumps of unincorporated chalky baking mix. Not to mention pockets of uncooked gooey batter. Mommy gives two thumbs DOWN to Aldi's pancake mix. Just sayin.' Cause it couldn't have possibly been me. Nope.

I was super excited to show Evie and Grace their special mailboxes filled with love trinkets just for them....

Evelyn cried when I put the headband on her head, Gracie puked on her new bib moments after I put it on her, and Ev stuck her princess wand in her sister's ear...it now resides...elsewhere.

I wish I could say that the day got better from there, but it really didn't. Grace never napped, and mommy didn't get a shower until daddy was on his way home from work. My plans to be dolled up for a special Valentine's day amounted to a wet head and totally naked face.  At some point I also discovered a tightly woven hair cutting off the circulation on my baby's toe, and after many failed attempts to rid Gracie of her toe tourniquet, I called my mother for backup. My poor baby was NOT digging us digging into her little piggy, and finally we were able to free her toe using a kitchen knife. Fun stuff, huh?  So in my struggles to just get the house in order with a baby on my hip all day and several crises to avert, the girls never even got to make their pops a valentine.

We did get to roll around on a fuzzy new blanket, though....

No, life is not always sunshine and daisies around here. We plan and try to do the best we can, but even our best attempts sometimes end up a royal flop. And that's okay. It only happens once in a while. We deal. Because that's how we roll.

Once my knight in shining armor walked through the door that evening things became infinitely better. I was surprised with a wonderfully practical gift from my man. We don't usually do big gifts to each other at all, but Eric splurged on my favorite salon shampoo and conditioner, and while some of you may think that's a bit odd for a Valentine's gift, I absolutely LOVED it. I never ever spend the money to get this little luxury for myself, and I think what impressed me most was the fact that Eric remembered what my favorite shampoo was. Two points for you, m'dear! (I can't stop sniffing this stuff! Insert inappropriate drug reference here, cause I'm addicted.)

After a nice dinner at home, we packed up the girls and went to visit their grandparents and to deliver some valentines.

Here's the lovely artwork that you saw the girls create here. I was pleased with the way they turned out, even after Evelyn spilled milky paint water over half of her masterpiece. :)

Now it's time to put heart season away. It's being folded neatly and packed up in a proverbial hope chest of memories. And while we still have a bit to get to "real" Spring, that doesn't mean we're not going to welcome it with open arms as soon as we possibly can! I can feel it, friends. It may still be a ways off in the horizon, but soon there's going to be a reunion in a field of wild flowers complete with slow motion running and sappy music. Cause me and Spring...we're due for a little romance. 


Christine Pettijohn said...

Oh my goodness, I just read about the toe and hair thing in a parent magazine last night and you mentioned it today. Weird! Only in the magazine they had to take there child to ER it was scary she almost lost her toe. They said something about flipping sleepers inside out to wash and that eliminated the problem. Apparently hair was getting down in the sleeper somehow and thats what caused it.

Adrien said...

Yes, I'm almost certain that's how it keeps happening! This is the SECOND time this has happened to Grace. I have long hair, so I'm sure I'm the culprit. Evelyn was born in the summer so she barely ever wore fuzzy sleepers when she was really little.

It happened to me when I was a baby, too. My mom couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, so she took me took the doctor and they found a hair around my toe. So when Grace was overly fussy a couple of months ago, I stripped her down and looked all over and sure enough, there was a hair wrapped around her toe! Now I look for it all the time.

Cassie said...

Props to the hubs!! That 1. awesome that he remembered and 2. a great gift!!


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