Friday, February 11, 2011

Confession Friday 2-11!

I've been itching to do a little clothes purging to get us ready for a new season....

And when stuff gets taken out of drawers, Evelyn thinks that means it's time to put on as many articles of clothing as possible. None of what she's wearing in these pictures was on her body to start with. Exhibit A: Too small pajamas. Exhibit B: A dress from LAST winter (size 6-12 months) Exhibit C: An iPod onesie from her infant days. 

And all the while, Gracie gives her sister her signature puzzled look:


Alrighty. On with the confessions!

I confess that the same three dessert plates have been sitting in our dishwasher since the first month we lived here. I don't know why I don't take them out and scrub off the stuck-on gunk. But I sort of picture them like kids on a roller coaster. "One more ride! One more ride!" And I'm happy to oblige.

I confess that my daily diet stinks, especially my eating habits this past week. I am actually so sick of sweet stuff that even fruit doesn't seem appetizing. Um...that's a problem.

I confess that I tricked my own child on purpose yesterday. :) Evelyn was getting into something in our bedroom, so I snuck into the girls' room and turned on the baby monitor. I whispered into the speaker, "Evelyn, Evelyn, what are you doooing?" Hehehe...needless to say, she stopped making her mischief.

I confess that Evelyn now calls every black gentleman she sees "Obama" and every black woman is "Oprah." It's funny...but then notsomuch. I can see this toddlerish blunder leading to some really, really embarrassing situations.

 She absolutely insisted on wearing my tank top as a cape. Anyone else noticing a pattern, here? My child is obsessed with dress up! I caught Evelyn in her room tonight with my breast pump. Mmm hmm. "Pumping bottle," she says. What a nut.

I confess that nothing makes me quite as happy as a pack of brand new socks.

I confess that Eric and I ask each other this question all of time: "What would you do if a gang of zombies jumped out right now?" Eric always has a clever reply. My answer? "Run like H - E - double hockey sticks!"

I confess that we bought a new dress for Evelyn last weekend so that she could have something to wear on her very first daddy date, only to end up taking it back when we found out there was something in her closet that would work just fine. My confession - I knew the other dress was there all along. I just wanted to see if we could find something better. :)

I confess that my body is in the present, but my head is somewhere in July. Don't be alarmed if you see a headless figure walking around the grocery store. It's just me...daydreaming of picnics and sundresses.

I confess that I just looked at a picture of me when I was pregnant with Grace, and holy moly, was I huge! This angle doesn't even do my rocket-belly justice. How did I function?? Oh, how soon we forget....

(Yes, my blogger friends, I know you make fun of my massive camera flash, but can you see the difference in this picture and the ones above?? I confess that I LOVE my honkin' camera flash. Haha.)

I confess that I took a pregnancy test this week. That's a big fat NEGATIVE. (Thank you, Jesus. For my sanity, I praise your name.) I hate how paranoid I am between babies...but hey...two kids in two years. Can ya blame me? I'm trying to blow some of my baby dust over to you, Meagan!

I confess that I have throughly enjoyed going to bed earlier and wrapping up blog posts in the morning. But tonight I decided not to do that, and now my pillow beckons. So that's all folks! I'll try to link up everyone else's confessions today (should you choose to do them) so that the rest of the world can laugh at you instead of me. Bwahaha....


Meagan said...

I confess that I might have encouraged Keegan to want to go to McDonalds this morning for pancakes & sausage so I would have an excuse to get the carmel frappe that I've been wanting!!

Cassie said...

I confess that Stella goes without a bottle all day at daycare but I still give her her nighttime one at home. Eeee, bad I know. She isn't learning anything from my bad behavior!

Adrien said...

Woohoo! Thanks for playing along. :) I can always count on my girls! You two are the ONLY reason I'm considering keeping up with Confession Fridays, haha. Most weeks I just end up feeling like a loser.

Cassie said...

What, no way! I enjoy I'm not the only one who feels like sometimes my life is just plain crazy. But crazy beautiful!!

Meagan said...

Just mention that you aren't going to do confessions anymore and you will get tons of responses again!! lol Seriously though, you are not a loser & I look forward to reading your confessions every's the first thing I do when I get to work on Fridays! :)


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