Friday, February 18, 2011

Confession Friday 2-18!

I confess that THIS is what our closet looked like pre-cleaning. I'll have the afters some other day, because I confess that I'm still not totally done with it, haha. (It was much worse than it appears in this particular picture, but I'm not showing anymore until it's finished! Yikes.)

I confess that I learned a full-proof way for testing your breath, and now I keep licking the back of my hand and smelling it. GROSS, I know! But try it. It works! will give you a complex. Okay, so maybe you shouldn't try it. :)

I confess that I feel duped by Old Navy. Apparently I am a "Jennie" and they've pulled me in hook, line, and sinker. Observe:

"The new campaign will focus directly on Old Navy’s target customer, referred to as "Jennie" - a 25 to 35 year old woman looking for on-trend fashion at affordable prices."

Yup, that's me!

I confess that we wiped out one of my student loans yesterday! Which isn't so much of a confession as it is a WAHOO! (It's not too late to jump on the bandwagon. Don't be a slave to debt!)

I confess that I am feeling all kinds of unicorns and rainbows since everyone's moods have been uplifted by the weather. We were starting to turn into a bunch of mopey dopeys around here. Haha. Winter kills my spirit...I could never live in Alaska, despite it's beauty. No thanks.

I confess that Evelyn found a mini candy bar before breakfast this morning, and I let her eat it. That's misleading. She brought it to me, and I opened it and let her eat it. And then I had one myself. :) We followed it with some low-fat strawberry yogurt, so no need to totally freak out on me, haha.

(I confess that this line spacing is driving me nutso, but I can't do a dern thing about it.)

I confess that I have no desire whatsoever to have a "conventional" job outside of the home ever again. I'm asked quite often what I'll do when all of my children are in school, and it always catches me off guard. So I give a short answer and move on. But what I want to say is that I'll do the same things I do now only better! Lord willing I will run a home, be an active room parent for my kids' schools, volunteer more, and be the glue that keeps my family's stress level down. It's my dream job!

See the hair in her eyeballs? Ugh.

I confess that I let Evelyn's hair go for so long without cutting it that even I thought she was looking like a shaggy dog. I had romanticized dreams about her first hair cut; of taking pictures and making a big deal out of it. Well...last night I got so sick of her hair being in her face that I took her in the bathroom, sat her on the toilet, and chopped it off myself. No big pictures. But she looks so much better!

I confess that I think it's hilarious that Cassie has everyone admitting that they tinkle in the shower. :) Oh, what we'll share on our blogs! 

I confess that Evelyn had many silly antics this week, dressed up in several ridiculous ways, and had us laughing really hard...but I didn't get a picture of any of it. I have failed you. Shame on me. :) 

And now I have a quick question, and anyone and everyone can answer. Do you read blogs on the weekends? I'm trying to figure out if I should still post on Saturdays, and if even just a few of you say "yes," then I'll keep it up! Otherwise, I'll save the "good stuff" for the weekdays. :)


Sarah said...

I confess that when someone told me to reward Luke with ONE M&M when he tinkled on the potty, I laughed in their face. If I gave Luke ONE M&M he would probably laugh in my face. The kid will put a handful in his mouth at a time. It's bad I know. But I don't blame him!

WOOHOO!!! For one step closer to DEBT FREE!!!!!

I do my weekly update on Sundays but I don't creep until during the week :)

Meagan said...

I confess that I tried the licking the back of my hand thing...and it didn't work but I think it's because I just washed my hands so they still smell like soap!

I confess that Ryan just sent me a text asking if I've called the "spermologist" yet and I can't stop laughing about that word...I feel like a little 12 year old!

Your blog is the only one I read on the weekends...and I always use the link you post on FB. But don't blog on the weekends just because you feel obligated to!!

Sarah said...

Is it really called a Spermologist??? I literally LOL :D

Meagan said...

LOL!! NO...and he doesn't even have to go see an actual doctor, he just has to give a sample at the lab at the hospital...which he is calling his "donation"!!

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that I'm sitting at my desk licking my hand.

I confess that the bowl of pear jelly beans on my desk that was full at the beginning of the week is now empty.

I only read blogs during the week and I never write on my on the weekends. Unless some buttface makes me mad enough that I need to vent.

Adrien said...

His donation...bahaha....

Gotta give a good lick. :) Use your whole tongue. Oh my gosh, did I just type that? I'm leaving it cause it makes me laugh!

It's not looking good for Saturdays around here. :)


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