Friday, February 25, 2011

Confession Friday 2-25!

Happy Friday!

I confess that at this very moment I am watching High School Musical 2...and enjoying it. I turned it on so that Evie would settle down and go to sleep. She's sleeping. I'm still watching. :)

I confess that I had a whole truckload of confessions that I kept thinking of all week long which I couldn't wait to sit down and share with you. Now I can't think of a single one of them, gosh darn it!

I confess that I totally splurged on a pair of shoes this week; shoes that I have been searching HIGH and LOW for. So when I finally found exactly what I was looking for I pounced. Usually I feel a little buyer's, not this time!

I confess that I got two dresses in the mail yesterday, and I spent ten minutes twirling in front of the mirror with them on. Now someone invite me to a wedding or a party so I can wear them, please. :)

I confess that there is definitely a downside to being on a budget and driving cars until they go kaput. Because, well, one day they really do go kaput. Haha. Just like one of our vehicles did this evening. We may or may not be able to salvage our trusty Lasabre. :(  BUT... the upside of being on a budget? Two words: Emergency Fund. We're not even batting an eye, because just a couple of paychecks from now we can pay cash for another car. Take that, Murphy!

I confess that I have been craving chocolate like crazy, and I almost cried when I was set to make chocolate chip cookies yesterday and discovered we had no eggs.

Can you find my blue cup? Haha. If I don't find a place out of reach, Evelyn WILL dump it all over the floor.

I confess that this scene melts my heart. And I realize that my kid is watching TV. But...I just love how I caught Evelyn lying on her belly, just like a big kid. *Sigh*

I confess that those Disney Channel shows which facilitated that cute moment drive me a little crazy. It's the laugh tracks! I cannot stand the canned laughter every 10 seconds. (Literally. Not joking.) Gives me the willies. But Evie likes it, and I like her. :)

I confess that I get a sick satisfaction from cleaning my girls' ears. Don't judge.

I confess that I'm really reaching for confessions today, so someone puhleeease confess something juicy to up the real estate around here!

Oh, but wait!

I confess that I find baby dolls all over the house in interesting situations, and then I take pictures of them. :) There is at least one great thing about having a toddler: They will definitely keep you laughing!

Have a great weekend!


Meagan said...

Are those the actual shoes you got?!?! Love them!!

I confess that I'm the same way with cleaning Keegan's nose! I can't stand it when kids of dirty noses, it completely grosses me out so I'm constantly picking & wiping his nose!!

Adrien said...

Yes, those are the shoes! Found them at Penney's!

Kim Luke said...

Love the shoes!!! Super cute!

I confess that I know every single theme song to the cartoons in the Disney channel. And I always find myself watching them even after Landon is napping!!

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that even though there are more votes to name Noodles "Cooper", I'll probably still go with "Ryder". It was my favorite.

I confess that you guys are making me gag a little with your picking of ears and noses :)

I confess that I watch the Disney channel...and I don't even own a kid.

Pettijohn said...

I confess that when disney has old disney movies on I clear my schedule to sit and watch them with Wyatt.

I confess I am also obsessive complusive about Wyatts nose so do not feel bad Meagan.

I confess after reading a very heartbreaking blog yesterday it made me stop and smell the roses and realize how quickly life can change in a heartbeat.


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