Friday, February 4, 2011

Confession Friday 2-4!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful father-in-law, Greg!!

I confess that Grace pulled so many crazy faces during family movie night that I genuinely thought she was having a seizure for a second. Nope...looks like there just might be a little of her silly sister in her after all!

I confess that there are days I wish that I could fast-forward this blog by a few months just to see what we're up to in the future. (My summer bucket list is so long it makes my head spin!)

I confess that Evelyn is convinced that this is her mama. And I haven't told her any differently. :)

I confess that our "little mommy" has been cracking me up this week. I turn the corner to find scenes like this nearly every single day:

I confess that Evelyn has just started bugging us about being on the potty...and I am sooo not ready to play that game! I don't want to like, hinder my child, but honestly, I think she's just amused when we sit her on the toilet. <-- I'll never forget when I said this word at a friends house, and one of their kids laughed in my face and yelled, "Haha! You said toilet!" As if it were a dirty word. Well...what do you call it?

I confess that I just spoke these words to my husband..."Hey, you should go get some jello...and feed it to me." :D And guess whose being spoon-fed some yummy jiggling goodness right now? Haha, hey, I'm typing with one hand and holding a baby with another; what can I say?

I confess that the ONLY thing that will get Evelyn to wind down at the end of the day is an episode of Family Guy. Parent of the year award, eh? Ugh! We have GOT to find a new method. (Thanks a lot daddy, haha.)

I confess that I'm currently having a love affair with all things vintage, and if your children do not own any Eloise Wilkin storybooks then do what I'm about to and order a few, wont you? Gah, her illustrations are TO-DIE-FOR. I swear if we have another daughter I'm naming her Eloise. Did you hear that, Eric? (Coincidently, the Hansel and Gretel book that I told you about in this post was an Eloise Wilkin's. I had no idea, all this time! Mom, do we still have this somewhere??)

I confess that I nearly had a heart attack when Eric accidentally turned on our ceiling fan last night. Surprisingly, no harm done!

I confess that I have had a raging appetite lately, and it's grossing even me out. Seriously, Adrien, do you need another cookie...another handful of that soft pretzel totally necessary?? 

I confess that Grace has this uncanny ability to make me feel like a total loser when I pull ridiculous faces, throw my body into weird contortions, and make obnoxious sounds to get her to laugh, only to receive a blank stare and an expression that says lady, you've got issues. 

I confess that I had no idea that Eric was rallying the troops on facebook last week to push our little 'ole blog past 20,000 hits. But it was sure cute when I found out, and I'm really grateful for everyone that stops by every day!


ashtay_06 said...

I confess that I am in love with all your creative ideas. Everything I read about you doing with the girls I wonder why I didn't think to do that with my girls and secretly want to steal all your ideas and do them too! :)Seriously the paper paradise & the valentines spa!? Amazing!
Sorry Adrien, that was my comment above that is now deleted I was just trying to get my name & pic to come up, but it wont! urg!

Adrien said...

Thank you so much! I confess that your comment makes me smile. Big time. :)

Meagan said...

I confess that the real reason why I use the dvr to record all of my shows isn't so I can go to bed early, it's so I have a legitimate reason to do nothing but watch tv on Saturday mornings!!


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