Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm sitting here in a sea of popcorn kernels and face-down stuffed animals and baby dolls. There's a monster pile of dishes in the sink, and just about the only thing that remained clean after our icey day yesterday was the kitchen floor. But it's all going to wait just a little longer, because I have to get this out of my brain before I forget.

I am entirely, 100%, without a doubt consumed by love this morning. So I guess being stuck inside during the ice storm of 2011 wasn't so bad after all. (I'm cracking up at all of the names friends have been coming up to describe it..."icepocalypse," an "icetastrophe,""iceageddon"... hehe, those are a few of my favorites.)

Eric worked from home yesterday, which he NEVER does. He's back to work today, of course, but for one splendid morning and afternoon it was nice to have him around. And between conference calls and whatever else he does for his job daddy whipped out his guitar and serenaded his girls.

Evelyn found daddy's sheet music more interesting than the actual music.

And it was a normal feel-good sort of day, where life was lazy and chores were slowly completed one by one while tiny ice pellets pinged off our windows, coating our world in slippery stuff. And while our day was certainly nice, it was our night that has my heart currently engorged to twice it's normal size.

It began just after dinner when our cable and internet went out. Capooey. And when you're stuck inside with nowhere to go, having no tv or internet in today's day and age can be potentially devastating, wouldn't you say? (But I wasn't scared. Not one bit.)

We turned our rotten luck into our family's first official movie night, and after figuring out that ancient contraption known as the dvd player, we cued up "The Blind Side" and tucked in for a cozy night of family while the wind howled passed our windows. But just before all of that....

...Evelyn was introduced to the wonder and deliciousness of stovetop popcorn.

There is nothing that compares to the perfect flavor of popcorn made in a pot on the stove. Movie theaters can't touch this stuff. And when you melt a little butter and lightly salt it...mmm. So much healthier, and SO much yummier than any other popcorn in the world. Sorry Mr. Redenbacher.

So we took our tasty treat into the living room where blankets and pillows were heaped on the floor, just waiting for us to dive in and snuggle. Daddy was in charge of hooking up the technology for the evening, and while we were waiting, I'm fairly certain that Evelyn ate at least half of the popcorn herself.

It was a most wonderful time to be together, and the night didn't go on without some of Evie's crazy antics, of course. If you don't know (how could you not??) "The Blind Side" is a movie that involves football, and while we are not a sports family around here, it seems that our eldest daughter is in LOVE with the game. We got an inkling last fall when Evelyn was enamored with the clashing of helmets at our alma mater's home games.

But last night...last night sealed it. Our kid FREAKS out at the sight of a football game. She cheers, she claps, she kicks, she chants, "Go team!" and I kid you not...last night she turned to Eric and said, for the first time ever, "Give me a five!" We lost it. I haven't laughed so hard with my family in a long time, and Evelyn drank up all of the attention.

At some point towards the end of the movie, Evelyn gathered up her pillows and disappeared into her bedroom. We snuck around the corner to see what she was up to, and we found Evelyn replacing the pillows on her bed and trying to climb under the comforter. And we couldn't resist this cute moment.

So Evelyn was tucked in, and daddy read her a story. She sat more still and listened more intently than I have ever seen her during the reading of a story. Evie didn't jump up to turn the page prematurely or try to read the story herself...she just...listened. It was a moment. A real, big girl moment. And while she gave a sweet little, "Noooo" when daddy asked if she wanted him to turn out the lights, I think we're getting thatmuch closer to a new bedtime routine.

And in the aftermath of a popcorn explosion, we yawned and called it a night as the closing credits rolled down the screen. Mommy traded a blog post and cleaning up for sleep, and we were all thankful for a warm place to lay our heads as the bitter cold winds continued to blow.

It's now the morning after, and I definitely have a love-overload hangover.  My popcorn encrusted rug and dinner dishes are calling my name, friends. Seriously, I may just get hives if I have to look at this mess any longer. I hope all of my midwestern pals are staying warm today. We're surviving in this "icepocalypse" and having quite a bit of fun if I do say so myself. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd rather be consumed with love than with housework. :)


Pettijohn said...

Now that looked like a lot of fun and I agree nothing beats stovetop popcorn.

Stefanie said...

Oh I felt the same way yesterday! Tyler got to be home with Lucy and I all day it was wonderful! He even ended up not having to work last night so it was really the most fantastic day! I love it when we get unexpected family days :)

Cassie said...

awww yay for good nights like this.

i cracked up at the last picture. omg, gracie is saying woooaaahhhh. hahaha. sisterly love. too cute.


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