Saturday, February 5, 2011

Duly Noted.

There are days that we have adventures that we create with our imaginations, and then there are days that we have really real adventures. Like today, when our heat went out for the tenth time and we finally said, "Enough!" The girls and I packed up and headed over to my parent's house and let someone who knew what they were doing mess with it. The heater is supposedly fixed now... we're crossing our fingers!

So we ventured out into the icy tundra in my dad's truck, and we spent the morning and part of the afternoon at Grandma and Grandpa's...leaving home made play-dough and plans for a day at home behind us. It was the first time since last Sunday that Evelyn and Grace had left the house...and because we braved the elements and totally threw off our schedule, we're considering that an adventure. :)

Sometimes it's okay for things to go a little out of whack. I may have had to put plans for the girls on the back burner for a day, but it opened up a little bit of time Gasp! Today was my father-in-law's birthday, and we had a wonderful night out with family. (We made some great memories, including the realization that Evelyn thinks her cousin Austin's name is actually "Awesome." Which...well...we think is pretty awesome, haha.) But before the dinner, there was the getting ready. And while sometimes the getting ready part can become a pain in the rear with two little girls begging for attention, I rocked it out this time. Because I needed to. Because I am a wife and mother, yes, but I'm still just a girl...the same old girl I've always been. I wish I would've known years ago that this would be the case. Why did I always dream that I would be someone totally different when I grew up?

If I could go back in time and give myself some would go a little something like this.

To my junior high self:

It's totally okay to not be the prettiest girl in the class, but you still need to rock what your mama gave ya. Never ever cheer at a basketball game without your bloomers. Pay attention in Math class. Oh, and on the morning you decide to wear the brown and white striped shirt with the yellow shorts...think again. me on this one. You will learn later that while your mom thinks brown and yellow look "just fine" together, 13 year olds do not.

To my high school self:

Crunchy, curled bangs are not cool. You're going to lose some friends because you refuse to party with them every's going to sting a little, but that's okay. Find a kid named Eric Robert and be EXTRA nice to him - he's going to be supporting your behind some day. Take Spanish so you're not clueless when you get to your college level class! Try really hard not to get the chicken pox during the sewing unit in Home will want to know how to make pretty things for your kids when you're older. And for the love of pete, don't eat 20 sno-cones a day when you work at the Tropical Sno. Those extra ten pounds won't come off until you start nursing babies!

To my college self:

Consider, long and hard, if going to a private school is really worth costs twice as much...and you're going to be a housewife, anyway. :) Stay closer to Eric and your family, young grasshopper. They're going to be around long after all of the new friends that you make. Just because you're going to a private, christian school, does not mean everyone believes in the same things as you. Don't slow up on writing your Lizzie Borden book. It was a good one, and you're going to have kids sooner than you think! Don't leave half of your stuff in your dorm room when you leave. And attend your own might want the pictures some day.

To my pre-children self:

Enjoy your time with Eric one on one...even if that's only for a VERY short while. Don't be scared...everything you have always dreamed about motherhood is about to come true, and your babies, why, they're as cute as can be! DON'T EAT THE ONIONS while your breastfeeding! Gas drops are your best friend. Realize that your newborn isn't going to break, so get out with her and a live a little. When you get a crazy idea to do something with your kids...just do it. In fact, the crazier, the better. Don't let people scare you into thinking having two babies at once will be a won't be. (In fact, you'll LOVE it.) Get the epidural ASAP! Do not think that you can handle the whole world on your shoulders; you need help from time to time...ask for it. 

And a few reminders for myself in the here and now....

Don't sweat the small stuff. Your kids will continue to do things like empty out entire bathroom drawers, leaving only a travel sized tooth paste and a scrap of paper while your trying to get ready to go somewhere. Roll with it. 

Buy a stinkin jewelry box so that you can find two matching earrings at once.

Spend more time dancing around with your girls in a tiny bathroom while you're getting ready. And now that you know you can successfully line your eyes while holding an infant, there's no excuse to look like frumpelstiltskin every day.

Bust out your Coastal Scents 88 shimmer palette more often. It brings great joy to your life. 

You're proud when you have a clean house, but messes like these mean mommy has had a very good day.

Thank God every single day for the gifts he has given you. Never, ever let a day go by without telling these girls how much they are loved. And taking just a little time for yourself does not mean you're depriving your children in any way. They need you to be on your top game. You can't be there for them if you're not there for yourself.

Yes, sometimes it is okay for things to not go according to plan. Those two girls up there? They are great examples of wonderful unplanned treasures. :) 

And now I believe my girl tank is full. I'm ready to be mommy once again. 

"Would you like some copy?" Two points if you can translate Evie-speak! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone! See ya on Monday!


Babysteps23 said...

That was adorable, honest and so true. Good for you! I hope you enjoyed your night. My husband and I have a date tonight... yes an actual date with an actual babysitter.... I think I may even blowdry/straighten my hair. :)

Joyce Feldt said...

Sorry about the brown and white stripe shirt and brown shorts thing, for the life of me I don't remember that day.

Adrien said..., I knew you would mention that! Don't worry, I thought it looked fine, too...until Heather told me everyone was laughing at me. :D

joyce Feldt said...

Oh, Evie is serving coffee:)

Anonymous said...

:D i hope i can be just like you one day.
love shannon. (:

Adrien said...

Oh, Shannon. You are so sweet. Love you!

And you're right, mom! It's coffee. :)

Sarah said...

Sigh :)

Cassie said...

Love this!!
I can't wait until copy means coffee and Awesome means Austin. Too cute. This little girl who used to come into country kitchen thought Charlotte's name was Charlie. And my sister Lacie's name was Lazy. I seriously just can not wait for that stage!!
Great post!!


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