Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Love Month!

...Or at least, happy next two weeks full of sappy, saccharinely sweet, mushy stuff.

Oh yes, we are decked out for a simply sweet Valentine's Day, my friends. Never mind that half of the population is convinced that this is a holiday in which the sole purpose is to sell greeting cards. I think it's lovely to have a day dedicated to love...and if Hallmark gets a leg up in February, then so be it. 

Our house is pretty much bursting at the seams with tenderness and affection anyway, so come February 14 we'll be practically oozing this stuff down the driveway and all throughout the neighborhood. 

Okay, so the truth is that this mama will look for any excuse to go a little haywire with ribbon and construction paper. Who doesn't like a good paper chain, I mean, come on. :) But apparently, although this is something the rest of the world is quickly learning, Eric is not yet accustomed to my holiday craziness. He still comes home from work or wherever he happens to be and acts surprised when he sees a holiday explosion in his dining room. 

Eric: What's this for?
Adrien: It's for Valentine's Day!
Eric: (confused) So... this stuff is going to be hanging up until Valentine's Day?
Adrien: Um. Yes. 

It's a good thing we have many, many years planned together...one of these days I won't catch him so off guard. Oh, I love him! <-- appropriate, wouldn't you say?

But now that I think about it, maybe it's just my sudden enthusiasm for this particular holiday that is throwing Eric out of whack. After all, prior to our marriage we had a track record of perpetually rotten Valentine's Days....

Warning: Teenage Drama Ahead

High school is such an interesting time, is it not? And I apologize in advance to any high schoolers that may be reading this blog today, but believe me...no matter how "together" you think you have it right now, you'll look back in ten years and laugh yourself silly. No offense. We've all been there. But seriously, some of my Valentine's Days deserve a good palm-thump to the head.

Eric and I always approached Valentine's Day with the absolute best of intentions while we were dating.  He would plan a fun date night, and I would spend hours crafting a handmade card for him. I have always, always made Eric cards for Valentine's Day...sometimes six page long cards with flaps to lift and little love notes to pull out. Some of them are still floating around this house, believe it or not. Yes, we built up love day like so many other couples across this country. 

The big day would arrive, and after painstakingly applying my eyeliner and curling my hair and spending an hour mirror-modeling, it was time for my prince charming to pick me up and sweep me off of my feet. Flowers? Check. Card? Check? Dinner - after you, my dear!

And we would have a really great time, laughing and enjoying each other's company. What a lovely feeling to have a Valentine. But every single stinkin year, our night would end exactly the same. 

After heaping plates of pasta and holding hands, after googly eyes and dark theaters, there would always - without fail - be an argument. And it usually began in the car on the way home. And certainly, because we were in high school, after all, it was over the dumbest little things you could possibly imagine. One Valentine's Day in particular makes me giggle and feel really bad at the same time. Oh, poor Eric. 

We had just officially completed what could have been considered a perfect date. We were in the car (danger! danger!) and decided that we needed to stop at Walmart on the way home. And while perusing the latest shades of lip gloss (don't ask me WHY I remember that) Eric said the absolute wrong thing. I mean, he barreled down into a nosedive faster than lightening. I won't share what he said, because it wouldn't be fair all these years later, but just trust me. Wrong-o. (I guarantee you that Eric is reading this and can not figure out for the life of him what I'm talking about right now. Tee-hee, I'll tell you later, honey.)

So of course, that was it. Silent treatment all the way home. Chalk one up to another Valentine's Day gone terribly wrong. But that, of course, wasn't all....

Eric, in his usual seventeen year old form, would try desperately to get me to say something - anything. But my strong-willed little behind wasn't budging. And so when we pulled up to his house, I got out of his car and into mine and began speeding backwards down his long driveway. I could see his face through the windshield as I performed this drama-queen routine. He was devastated. 

Half-way down the drive, I realized that I hadn't yet given him my totally awesome hand-crafted card. I had been saving it for the grand finale at the end of the night. Well, I wasn't going to let all of that hard work go to waste, so I quickly shifted into "drive" and began making my way back towards his house. Eric was still standing there, watching this whole thing play out, and I could see his expression change when he saw that I was coming towards him. A huge grin spread across his face, and I imagined he was thinking that I had just had a change of heart.

I pulled up right beside him, rolled down my window, threw the card out, and sped away. I left my poor boyfriend standing there with his mouth hanging open and a heap of "I love you's" now crumpled at his feet. 

High school. That's all I'm going to say. :) Of course, by the next morning things were sunshine and daisies once again, and I'm happy to report that our Valentine's Days have improved greatly since then. Boy oh boy am I glad we're past the "dating phase."

Fast-forward about a decade and now we have two little built in valentines of our own. This year is sure to be even more special than ever! I have lots of fun little activities planned for the girls in the coming weeks....

Oh yeah, baby, I'm going to be busing out the Simpson Family Cookbook really soon. Mmmm.... Anything that possibly can be, WILL be cut into the shape of heart, whenever possible. Watch out pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches, you're getting the cupid treatment if I have anything to say about it!

So be ready for a love-fest inundation, people. It's coming. Just embrace it. :) SWAK, and all that junk.


Craig and Litney said...

"I pulled up right beside him, rolled down my window, threw the card out, and sped away." I was totally cracking up picturing this whole situation! HAHAHA!

My worst valentines day in high school: I'm home sick with an allergic reaction, and my boyfriend at the time brings me my homework after school, with his ex in his car (he tried to act like she wasnt in there, and then they go shopping at the mall together for my valentines day present. Ugh I was so angry! But now, I could care less! Funny to look back on those times!

Eric Robert said...

You are right, Adrien. I haven't the faintest idea what I said in Walmart, but I do remember the driveway drama drive-by.

Sarah said...

Look at you skinny minny in that picture!!!
You go sister!!!

I agree with Litney's first comment. I was dying, haha. I still have those very dramatic scenes every once in awhile...just to make myself feel better :)

And the paper chains? LOVE! Luke has a pink & blue one all over his room for his baby brother/sister countdown :) He, well..we have fun taking one off everyday!!


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