Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

First of all, a big congratulations to my hubby who is very excited to be celebrating a special milestone today! This morning, somewhere between here and St. Louis, Eric's trusty Buick will roll over 300,000 miles. Yes, 300,000. And still going strong! Haha. He's pretty proud. Here's to paying cash for cars and running them until they go capooey.

So Happy Valentine's Day! I love a good excuse to celebrate ANYTHING...holidayaholic, I think they call it. And a day to celebrate love? Oh, yes yes yes. I will take more of that, please. We began the festivities this weekend with Eric and Evelyn's date on Saturday evening. I hear it was swell, and it was okay that no mommies were allowed, because the whole idea was enough to melt me like the puddle of muddy snow in our front yard.

While Evelyn didn't really have a clue what was going on, mommy sure did, and I giddily dressed our first baby in traditional red, complete with curlies in her precious pigtails. I really wanted to add some banana curls to her little piggies, but you should have seen the way she ran from the curling iron! And wrestling a toddler with a hot object in my hands was not a battle I was willing to undertake. So...we settled for her wild and crazy pixie pigtails. Still cute, I say.

Daddy had a special surprise for his date. They're obviously still in that cutesy honeymoon phase...a phase that I'm fairly certain will never go away between this father and his daughters.

Our sweet couple met up with our friend Mike and his cutie patootie daughter Madeline. They took the girls out for dinner and then they danced the night away at the YMCA's daddy/daughter dance. Well...I suppose that's partially true. According to Eric, Evelyn ran onto the dance floor the second they got there and started twirling around in her little red dress. But soon she was running around the gymnasium, weaving her way through all of the other girls as they got their groove on. Apparently it was more of a daddy/daughter chase than a dance!

Check out this video that Eric shot of our little run-around. (You may have to adjust the volume!)

Eric said she kept trying to stomp when everyone else did, haha. For an hour straight she danced and ran, until finally she just couldn't take it anymore:

Hehehe. I'm really glad that they had a good time. First daddy/daughter date = success.

I think it's almost a cliche at this point to talk about Sunday and the glorious weather, but I'm just going to put this out there: Sunday. The weather! Gloooorious! We began our day with a great morning in Sunday School, and Eric and I got to hang out with the littles in the nursery during church. I love watching Evelyn play with everyone else's precious babies, and it's way fun getting to love on other people's kiddos for a little while, too. :)

And, I cannot even BELIEVE that I'm typing this right now, but we actually got to take a walk Sunday afternoon! Hallelujah! It was Grace's first official Robert family walk, and I must say that she handled it like a champ. We took the abbreviated path and went about 3.5 miles around our darling city. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air, and we realized as we were strolling along that this was by far the longest amount of time that our little Fall baby Gracie had ever spent outside. I can't think of a better way to have spent that time than experiencing our family's favorite warm weather pastime. I'm bottling this one up and saving these warm fuzzies for a rainy day.

Last night Eric and I were able to enjoy a little time away at our church's Valentine's Banquet. Once again, I have to brag on how wonderful it is to have fun church family to hang out with. Eric and I shared a table with Jeff and Sharon Deterding and Jeremy and Christina Fletcher, and we had a great time. (Hi, guys!) I filled my belly with pasta and cheesecake (that I didn't cook - woot!) and enjoyed some adult conversation, a rarity for sure.

Our friends Ben and Laura were crowned king and queen! (Ben just happens to be the pastor of our church, but I swear the voting isn't rigged...haha.)

There will always be a place in my heart for gathering in a church basement, stringing up christmas lights and hanging sheets to hide the craziness going on behind the scenes. It's a little cheesy, and a whole lot of fun, and I can't help but realize as I sit here now that this may very well be the last year of strung lights and hanging sheets. Our church family is moving on to a new building where that type of decor just isn't going to be needed anymore. And while I am so thankful for the blessing of our new building, I'm not so sure that the banquet will ever quite be the same. Guess I'll just have to report back next year and let you know. :)

At the Valentine's Banquet the meal is always followed by a little entertainment, and by entertainment I mean that people are chosen out of the crowd to get up in front of everyone and make fools of themselves. It's wonderful.

This year the youth group coordinated their own version of "Minute to Win It," the game show where ordinary household objects are used to create games and challenges to complete in one minutes time. Only in our version, they decided it was "However long it takes to Win It." Haha. Praise the Lord Eric and I weren't called upon this year! It wouldn't have worked out, anyway, because we were called home prematurely by a crying baby. But what we did get to see was hilarious. I'm sure there were more fun things happening, but alas, we scurried home to our baby girls.

Oh yes, it was a great weekend. I wish we could DVR life and replay it whenever we wanted. *Sigh* But the Valentine's fun isn't over yet! I'll catch you up tomorrow on all of our Valentine's Day festivities from today. Now I have to go play cupid. Shhh....


Stefanie said...

oh goodness that was adorable! I'm so excited for Lucy to have daddy-daughter date nights! I love how Evelyn just couldn't seem to get herself off the floor! Too cute!

Pettijohn said...

That looked like alot of fun.


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