Monday, February 21, 2011

Let the Dreaming Begin!

We have a new magic carpet, baby. And at the first hint of lovely weather, we let her fly...

...literally! It was stinkin windy outside. :)

I have been waiting for weeks to share this fantabulous find. I teased about it the very end of the post. And you forgot all about it, didntcha? My fingers have been positively tingling in anticipation to type these words. Let me take a moment...mmm...ah...okay...I'm good.

I'm dying! I am in love. I am so excited to finally have a quilt that I'm allowed to booger up and do whatever I want with. Big plans, my friends. I have big plans for this special blanket.

I will never forget the day when I tried to take a "real" quilt on a picnic, because I was reprimanded on the spot. "You can't put that on the ground!" Dejected, I folded one of our beautiful handmade quilts which we had received as a wedding gift and put it back into the dark, cold, lonely closet. (We need a quilt rack in a really bad way!) Instead, I grabbed a plastic checked tablecloth and with a sour face, I crammed it unceremoniously into our picnic basket.

Ever since that day, our red-checked tablecloth has remained our magic memory maker, you know the one. But I always vowed that one day I would get my hands on a quilt that I would be able to take with me anywhere I pleased. A whimsical sort of quilt that would foster lazy days in the park and tea parties and take us anywhere we wanted to go.

And while I'm still of the opinion that a handmade-with-love quilt would work just as well to become ratty and tattered with our memories (because who wouldn't want to know the quilt they made was so loved?), I am positively giddy over this beauty. 

Colorful? Check!
Whimsical? Check!
Huge? Check!

Check, check, check! Better than candy, friends. Way better.

Forgive the mismatched black shoes. Evelyn insisted they come along for the ride.

Our magic carpet hovered in the coat closet, waiting for a warm day to make it's debut. Last Thursday the temperature in our peaceful town was a glorious 60-something degrees, and when I peeked out of our sliding glass doors onto the deserted patio, I knew that I should jump on the opportunity to unveil our new friend!

I put together a little lunch and raced around the house trying to gather up a morning's worth of imagination. I knew as soon as I made my first trip outside that this was going to be a stretch. Yes, the temperature rocked my socks, but the wind! Oh, my goodness, the wind! How in the world were we going to eat lunch without being blown away? Well...I tried to be clever by taking our poor old magic carpet and draping it over the railing to create a wind barrier. Bah. Bahahaha.

It did work for a little while. In order to keep the tablecloth from blowing away, I placed four plastic chairs in front of it, and I was so ready to pat myself on the back when that tablecloth opened up like the sail on a ship and blew those darn chairs clear across the patio. So I grabbed some heavy books and anchored them down. Done. 

Where's Gracie?

I brought our lunch and my precious babies outside and we rolled around and played for a bit. Oh, it was so very lovely while it lasted.

Evelyn does not care for pepper jack cheese. Case in point:

She has, however, learned to savor the delicacy of a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

It was delightful. It was hope wrapped up in ditzy floral prints. Hope that one day, in the not so distant future, we will be enjoying mornings like these all of the time. 

So we officially christened our new magic carpet with peanut butter stains and baby puke. We've already begun weaving the fabric of our beings into the threads of this new friend of ours. And unlike most new things that come into my possession, I can't wait to dirty this one up real good. :) Every mark, every stain, every rip or tear will have it's very own story to tell. While it's colors are fresh and vibrant now, I smile when I think of the day when it's patterns are faded and worn. Go ahead, baby girls, make your marks. Mama don't mind.

Unfortunately, nothing stales bread faster than a blowing breeze, and after one too many gasps from my infant I made the executive decision to pack it up and head indoors. We finished our picnic lunch as we watched our patio chairs with their new-fangled sail topple over and crash into the side railings once again. Our poor teddies now have that slightly earthy wind-blown smell. And our quilt of many colors is back in it's coat closet home, recharging for our next adventure. All in all, it was a very good day. 

I think that every child deserves to have a magic carpet all their own. And if you have children at home, I encourage you do an experiment with them sometime soon. Just take an old blanket or tablecloth and spread it out on the floor in a place they don't usually see blankets lying around. Maybe in your living room, or kitchen, or even on the front porch. Then wait for them to notice that it's there. I'll give you five dollars if they don't run to that blanket with their faces bright as the sunshine and jump onto it like they're diving into a swimming pool. 

You've just found your magic carpet. :)

But...if you'd like a super AWESOME magic carpet just like ours, then drive yourself to WAL-MART and check out their selection of quilts from the Home and Garden brand. Oh, yes. You read that correctly. Wal-Mart has never been so cool. Best part? I think we paid like $25 for the king sized quilt. The smaller sizes are even less. Small price to pay for hours and hours of fun, I say!

Mmm-mmm. Simply scrumptious! 

Later, gators!


Sarah said...

Girl, you know how much I love this post?! To the moon & back :)

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!

Grandma & Grandpa Robert

Joyce Feldt said...

When I was a kid I use to pack a picnic lunch during the summer, we didn't have a specific blanket, we used anything we could, a sheet, beach towel, etc. then we would walk across the field to a big old tree and eat our lunch, it was usually me, Jamie, and Jerome, I can still remember the feeling of sitting under that old tree outside, peaceful...not an easy thing to achieve in a house with 10 kids lol, maybe I will take you and the girls past that tree someday, not sure how the owners would feel about us parking under it for a picnic...but it would be fun just seeing that old tree:) keep making those memories:)

Craig and Litney said...

My grandma works at walmart and gave me a home and garden quilt she found in the clearance section, you would think it was a pottery barn (my fav!) quilt! Love it!

Adrien said...

Mom, I'd LOVE to see that tree!

I know, Litney, Home and Garden makes fabulous dupes of Pottery Barn stuff for a fraction of the price! Love, love!


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