Tuesday, February 8, 2011

*Snow Day Rewind*

The girls and I were lazying around on our own this weekend, doing our normal thing. Eric produces for the radio on Saturdays, and it always stretches out our mornings to be loooong and boooring waiting for daddy to get home so that we can commence with our weekend festivities. And last Saturday in particular we were feeling the the drawn-out morning doldrums. The clock...seriously...molasses. You get the idea.

So when my mom called and asked if she could bring John over so that the kids could play in the freshly-fallen snow together, I tried to hide my eager excitement by casually saying, "Oh, yeah, that's fine." Inside, I was screaming woohoo! Without hesitation I revved into mommy-mode. For real, I think I left skid marks in the carpet. :)

Evelyn thinks it's hilarious when mommy flies around the house throwing open closet doors, rummaging through bins, literally running from room to room. She catches my excitement and becomes my shadow giggling all the way, even though she hasn't got a clue why we're suddenly spazzing out.

I was thrilled that Evelyn would finally get to wear her purple marshmallowy snowsuit. I remember hanging this suit in her closet months ago, not knowing if it would ever see the light of day since we'd have a newborn in the house this winter. I was over the moon when I nervously checked the tag and saw that it was still in Evie's size. And of course, any child looks absolutely adorable wearing Osh Kosh overalls. It's practically a childhood right of passage, and because of some totally awesome grandparents, Evelyn earned her snowsuit wearing badge...finally!

I dug up an old sock hat that surprisingly still fit on Evie's bulbous head, and we had to settle on socks for gloves, because believe it or not, my child does not own a pair of mittens. But Evie didn't care one bit that she was wearing footwear on her hands. Mommy was in crazy lady mode, and she knew what that meant. Something fun was about to happen. :)

I held my sleepy warm infant and watched in anticipation from behind front door glass to see how Evelyn would react to her very first sled ride. Oh my goodness, how can I sum up Evelyn's feelings toward this snow day activity...um...how about LOVE. She elle oh vee ee dee'd it!

My funny girl wouldn't put her arms down at first. She was rocking out her snowsuit in true "A Christmas Story" fashion.

Up and down and around...everyone took a turn pulling the kids through the snowy yard.

With my little sissy Shannon...whoospy daisy. :)

Eric's dad (Grandpa Greg) was there, too!

I thought for sure that Evelyn would get too cold and eventually tire of sitting on frozen, hard plastic. Nuh-uh. Nope. Not even close.

Heaven help the one who tried to pry our little snow bunny away from the precious sled. After nearly an hour of non-stop riding, we had to call it a day - we had lunch and nap times, after all. And, poor Evie, she was devastated.

If you look really closely, you'll see an honest tear. Hehe...that was from our first attempt to bring her inside.

There are very few things that genuinely send Evelyn spiraling into real, deep from the gut tears, and apparently crossing over the threshold into our home after a morning of sledding will do it. My girl was blubbering. She was sobbing. No sooner than I peeled off the layers of her clothes did she start trying to put them back on herself. I felt terrible, but it was nothing that some peaches and spaghettios couldn't remedy a few minutes later. :)

I still cannot believe how much Evelyn enjoyed herself. It made my heart smile. Very much. And even though it's easy to complain about the cold weather, if snow can facilitate these kind of memories, then I can definitely tolerate it now and then.

There is nothing more rewarding as a parent to see your children incredibly content and happy to be just where they are. Makes you feel like you're doing something right, ya know? And it doesn't have to take construction paper backdrops and magic carpets to make for a wonderful day of fun. Sometimes, it's as simple as a plastic seat and some rope.

And seriously, I'm still cracking up at my kid's frankenstein arms. What a hoot!


Anonymous said...

I think I enjoyed it as much as John and Evelyn. They both seemed to truly love the new snow expierience.


Joyce Feldt said...

Great day:)


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