Monday, February 7, 2011


Today there were fizzy drinks poured over ice; there were crock pots busy chugging along - keeping dips and weenies and wings warm and bubbly...there were cheese-dripping pizzas and popcorn and MILLIONS of pounds of avocados were smushed up and seasoned to perfection - holy guacamole! Cute, eh? Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food-consumption day of the year for us here Americans, with an average of about 1300 calories consumed per person during the big game. And why am I throwing out all of these useless statistics? 

Because I'm stalling. Because...the post I was waiting to write all weekend about how my daughter cheered and went crazy over crashing helmets, about how Evelyn held up the "I (heart) football" sign that I made for her and yelled "go team!" and about how I was able to enjoy the Super Bowl for the first time through the eyes of my sports-loving daughter...that post isn't happening. 

This is how I spent Super Bowl Sunday:

While lots of friends and church family gathered below-deck for a basement Super Bowl party, Eric and I played tag-team to a toddler who couldn't be bothered to watch a football game. Observe:

There have never been so many pictures taken of the back of my child's head in all of her life. Apparently when a great big church is empty, it creates the perfect place to explore. And explore she did. Evelyn saw just about every nook and cranny of our much-loved church building that she doesn't get to see on an ordinary Sunday. 

Some day Evelyn will get to run with the big kids all by herself. But obviously that day is not today. And I have to admit that when we entered into the youth room for the billionth time tonight, I couldn't help but think that all of the kids were upset that there was a mom in the room again. And...wait a second...who...what? The mom was me. When did that happen?

Because not that long ago, I recall being one of those kids. I remember clear as day running through that same youth room and going up and down those same stairs with a gang of friends my own age. And while I was really anticipating going to a Super Bowl party and seeing the game through the eyes of my child, I ended up getting to see my church building, once again, through the eyes of a child. I couldn't help but smile as I chased her little booty through the pews. This is it. This is the childhood that I had, and the childhood that I so wanted my kids to have, too. And it's happening. 

So while I thought I would spend my evening here:

I actually spent it here:

And that was okay. :)

But I'm not going to lie, about an hour in I was pooped, and so was Eric. We were taking turns running after a toddler and holding a baby that likes to be bounced and moving non-stop. And since neither of us are avid sports fans, anyway...erm...we ditched. 

I had a feeling the game was on at my parents' house, too, and knowing that we'd be a bit more contained there we decided to stop in for a visit before heading home for the evening. I'm telling you this because while we were there I happened upon a very incredible, wonderful, remarkable, too-good-to-be-true item that I didn't honestly think I'd ever see again in a million years and which made the whole evening totally worth it. 

You see, while Eric and I were vegging out on the couch with our sweet little Gracie girl and the rest of my family, John and Evelyn were off making a little mischief. And because things were getting a bit too quiet, my mom decided she should probably check on the pair of them. That's when I heard my mother's familiar "Argh!!" which can only mean that something has gone terribly amiss. 

I handed off our littlest football and went to see what was up, and all I heard as I raced down the hall was John saying, "I was trying to make a pile of snow."

Evelyn and John had taken every single storybook in the family's possession (and that's a lot of books!) off of John's closet shelves and put them into one ginormous pile in the middle of his bedroom. And yes, at least one of the children was pretending to sled down the pile with Mother Goose on their behinds. 

I thought it was pretty funny, myself. :) So my mom and I set to the task of placing every single volume back on the shelves and straightening them out a bit as we went. We were working our way about halfway through the heap, and then it happened. I heard an "Aha!" and my heart leapt. Surely not. But yes. Oh, yes, my friends. We found the golden ticket. 

Or a Golden Book, but they both mean the same to me! Check. It. Out. Ahhh! I'm dying! (And I mean that in the best way possible.) I mean, is it just a coincidence that I have been talking about this book for days now? That I have mentioned it TWICE on this blog in the past? (Here and here.) And that when I just found out this particular story was drawn by my new favorite illustrator and that I would love nothing more than to find this book again that two little hooligans would make a huge mess, and I would be led to this book which I haven't seen in YEARS? I mean, is that a coincidence? Okay, yes, probably. But, woohoo!! I'll take that coincidence and see you a "divine intervention." Haha.

And, oh my gosh, seeing THIS date brings so much more joy to my life then buying a brand new copy on Amazon:

Never mind that the pages are little ripply and the edges have been gnawed on by a dog at some point. This book has me wanting to search out every second-hand store in the area to find all of the original Little Golden Book treasures that I'm after. Because there is something special about books that no Kindle or iPad or any other handheld device can ever give. Books have history. And this book in particular has big history with me.

Can I get a woot! woot! 

There it is, folks. The part that scared the crap out of me when I was a youngin. Yikes, I can still hear my mom reading those lines of text in a witchy voice. Turn the page, turn the page!

So while the title of this post implies something about football (what is that?) THIS is the real the touchdown for me today. A true, genuine, treasure. Well, it may not be treasure to everyone, but...well, you know. 

It's all very symbolic isn't it? The merging of my own childhood with my daughters'. On the same night I rediscovered a bit my cherished past amongst the empty pews in a quiet sanctuary, another fond memory popped out from beneath a storybook snow pile.

And if you think I'm going to put this book on a shelf and just stare at it for old time's sake, then think again. Even though it is old and is treasured, it would be an absolute shame to shelve a book that has been loved on so much. It's time for my girls to get some lovin', too.  I am already picturing lazy summer days lying on a blanket in the park with our basket of books. And piled up among the crisp new pages of unheard of stories, and stacked along the stiff bindings of other beloved hardbacks will be one old, dog-chewed, barely bound copy of Hansel and Gretel. I love that.

No, this is not the post that I was intending to sit down and write on this Super Bowl evening. But it turned out much, much better than I could have imagined. :) 

Oh, and I hear the Packers won. Good. :) I kind of wanted them to. I don't know why. But that is all. 


Anonymous said...

Touchdown, great job!!!!

Greg & Joan

Ashley N. said...

Too Cute! And, I love the Little Golden Books, too. And I'm glad the Packers won....the best part was trying to explain the game to my mom for the thousandth time!


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