Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Valentine Spa

I feel like I'm slowly evolving as a mother. And I'm not trying to give myself a pat on the back, but it seems that I've found my rhythm...knowing with Grace that I've been here before with Evelyn...taking the time to do things just for the fun of's been a nice feeling. I like it. And I'm going to hold onto it for as long as possible, because before I turn around I'm most assuredly going to feel totally clueless again. But for now, we're rocking out...we're embracing fun days of being snowed in, because there's not a heck of a whole lot we can do about it.

So I present to you:

Valentine Spa - where baths are extra bubbly, toes are freshly painted, and cookies are consumed by the handful.

It happens after nap time these days - when mommy has all of her morning chores done and has *hopefully* had a few minutes to herself to throw together a little lazy day fun for the girls. We've been working really hard around here lately (that's a big fat lie) and so it was time for a little escape. A little bit of pampering. It was time to give some naked baby toes some lovin'.

Evelyn came scurrying as soon as she heard the water running. At the Valentine Spa, the luxurious experience begins with a dip in the tub 'o love.

We totally exhausted our bottle of bubble bath.

Bubble beards are optional, but encouraged here. My girl drank so much bathwater I thought she was going to be tipsying around, Dumbo style. 

Grace opted for the "bucket of beauty" treatment. It's on a slightly smaller scale than our signature experience, but it still accomplishes the same goal: making tiny bodies sufficiently pruny.

I love that Evelyn happily follows her mommy into any crazy thing I can dream up, but Gracie always has this look about her that says, Uh...I'm really not so sure about this one, ma....

Once we've been toweled off and lotioned and dressed, it's time to move on to station number two - pedicures. Or as we call it, festive flair for teeny tootsies. And here is where a little moral dilemma comes into play. You see, I was all ready to goop on some ruby red polish in honor of love day, but I just couldn't do it to my three month old. I waited a long time to paint Evie's toes when she was little, and when I finally did, it was a soft shade of pretty pink. Up until today that was all Evelyn ever wore on her toes. Red polish just seems so...grown up.

So how could I start Gracie off on the road to beauty with a shade of bright red? I just couldn't imagine it. So...I didn't do it. :) Today was a day of firsts for the Robert girls' toes...Evelyn was inducted into the "red club" for big girls while Grace enjoyed her very first toe painting experience with some shiny pink, which is still Valentine's appropriate, after all.

Have you ever painted an infants' toenails? If not, let me warn you that if the situation ever presents itself, you will more than likely miss her actual toenails. There will be paint everywhere on the poor child's foot...but if a little color ends up where it's supposed to then you're good to go.

Evelyn is an old pro at this stuff. I've heard tales of mommies having to strap their girls in a seat or wait until they're sleeping to paint their toenails. Not this little diva. She knows how it goes, from hold your toes still to the final, now blow. 

Evelyn and Grace are wearing the super cheap lovely "Pure Ice" brand in "China Girl" and "Siren," respectively.

Whew! Becoming beautiful is haaard work. So at Valentine Spa, we indulge in a little freshly-baked cookie deliciousness to satiate our ravaging appetites. And of course, it wouldn't be appropriate if our snacks weren't served on a heart-shaped platter.

 Poor Gracie is really eying those cookies. I promise you girlfriend, somehow - no matter how indirectly - you ate plenty of those cookies. :)

Once again we beat the winter storm blues with gusto. No amount of snow, wind, or ice is going to keep us from having a little fun. Right? Isn't that the way it should be, my friends? I hear the Valentine Spa does house calls. Anyone can recreate this mahvelous experience for themselves, and we Robert girls, why, we highly recommend it. Four stars, we say!

Oh, my sweet daughters. You have no idea how often this scene is going to be recreated in years to come. So never you fear...those pretty toes of yours will never suffer from neglect as long as mommy is around. :)


Anonymous said...

Our grandaughters are blessed to have such a fun loving mother.

Love You All,
Greg & Joan

Pettijohn said...

That was so cute!! I love the look Gracie gives. Now after reading this blog I really hope I am having a girl.

Babysteps23 said...

Lucky lucky girls to have such a fun and creative mommy!


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