Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Would You Rather Wednesday

Tuesdays have suddenly become discombobulated around here with Eric beginning the first of his MBA classes on Tuesday evenings. He goes straight from work to school which means he leaves before we're awake in the morning and doesn't get home until very late. It's a long day for him, and of course, just as long of a day for us.

With that said, it's hard telling what kind of blogs you'll be seeing on Wednesdays from here until May! I have no idea what our Tuesdays will end up looking like from week to week. For example, my plans to veg out at home and cook a low-key dinner were uprooted when my mom called and asked if we wanted to come over and eat with them. Well, sure we do! We ended up spending the entire evening at my parents' house. While we were there my dear mother pulled out an old suitcase full of family photos, many of which were older than me, and we sifted through them as she told me who was who and what was what.

And then I saw this picture, and I flipped out. Meagan, is this you on the end?? Were you in my preschool class back in the day? Because I swear this cutie patootie looks like Keegan with a wig on!

I'm the short kid in the very middle. :) Well...if it is you, Meagan, then this is a very small world. (Or a very small town, which we already know is true!) I laugh every time I see this picture, because nearly every little girl is wearing precious tights and dresses, and I have my Mickey Mouse sweats on, haha. Mom blames it on my dad dressing me in the mornings. :)


Because our lives were slightly uprooted yesterday, I had to come up with a totally random thing to blog about for today, and I decided I would do a few "would you rathers" mom edition. I'm calling it "Would You Rather Wednesday" but that's only because it just happens to be Wednesday and the title flows well, not because I plan to do this every week, haha. These things are kind of hard to come up with!

"Would you rather" scenarios usually involve two undesirable (and unlikely!) situations that you have to decide between. I realize that not everyone who reads this blog is a mom (yet!) but everyone can put themselves into most of these situations. So, would you rather....

Would you rather...
Have free maid service for an entire year but cook EVERY meal at home (no eating out!) OR Have a complimentary personal chef for an entire year but do ALL of the housework yourself (including trash and lawn maintenance)

Would you rather...
Spend an entire pregnancy with "morning" sickness OR Deliver your next baby with NO drugs

Would you rather...
Have more money than you can possibly ever need but permanently move away from all of your friends and family OR Always live paycheck to paycheck but be surrounded by loved ones

Would you rather...
Give up your dishwasher OR Give up your washing machine

Would you rather...
Be told that you're never having any more children (or grandchildren) than you have right now OR Find out that you're pregnant with quadruplets

Would you rather...
Be a 3 foot tall mom OR Be an 8 foot tall mom

Would you rather...
Give up your sense of taste OR Give up your sense of touch

Would you rather...
Go without date nights for an entire year OR Bring your children with you on every date night for an entire year

Hehe, let me know what you would do! I would be a: house working, natural laboring, poor, washing machineless, mom of two girls, who is 3 feet tall, has no taste and who totes her babies with her on romantic evenings. :)

Have a happy Wednesday!


Meagan said...

OMG...that is me!!! That is CRAZY!!! And that totally looks like Keegan with a wig & a dress I know where he gets his "who the hell are you & why are you taking my picture" look from!! hahahaha...I can't stop laughing at that picture!!

I would be cooking every meal, delivering babies with no drugs, living paycheck to paycheck, washing dishes, have an only child, a 3 foot tall mom, no sense of touch, and taking kids on date nights!

Kim Luke said...

1. I will take the free maid service for a year. A entire year with no cleanng, only cooking is great to me!!

2. I'll deliver the baby with NO drugs{gulp}. Only because I had the "evening" sickeness for over a week and I thought I was dying. I'll take the couple hours of pain over that anyday!

3. Live paycheck to paycheck. Basically live my life how it is now, Because I couldn't live far away from my mom, sister or bff!!!

4. Give up my dishwasher. I can't imagine hand washing every item of clothing!

5. I'll take the quads. I want a big family anyways! :)

6. hilarious. i'll be a 3ft tall mom, because i wouldnt ever want to be a man! lol

7. Give up touch. I love food & beer to much to give up taste!!!! lol

8. Bring the kids with you! Hello, Isn't that what all parents do in order to go on a date.. i thought that was normal. lol

Pettijohn said...

I would take the personal chef for a year.

Have morning sickness my whole pregnancy.

Live paycheck to paycheck.

Give up my dishwasher, seeing as how I do not use the one I have anyway. Darn hard water.


I would give up touch.

Bring the kids on dates. You end up talking about them anyway when your on the date so in the end should have brought them along.

Andrea Ingles said...

I would totally do the house work to have a personal chef, live paycheck to paycheck, give up the dishwasher, have an only child, i think i would rather be 8 foot, give up touch, and bring the kids with us!

I didn't answer the second one because I'm pretty sure I experienced I was sick for almost 5 months of my pregnancy and had a completely natural birth. Ladies, be careful what you choose! lol

Cassie said...

Wow Meagan, that it TOTALLY Keegan. Too cute!!

This is great!!
I'll take the personal chef. My husband does all the yard work, I think I can handle the house work.
Deliver natural
Live paycheck to paycheck. No way could I be that far away from everyone.
I think I could handle the two.
Ha, idk probably 3 foot. 8 foot kinda scares me. But hey, you would never lose your kids cuz you can see everything!
I would give up the touch. Some things to touch freaks me out anyways.
And bring on the kids to date night.

Stefanie said...

Oh this is fun! I would do all the cooking, I would love to have someone do all my cleaning for a year!
I had morning sickness so much with Lucy it wouldn't phase me much to go through that again.
My Epidural was fantastic- it made petocin bearable
Live paycheck to paycheck surrounded by love!
I would totally give up my dishwasher, honestly, I don't even use it anyway!
I would have quad's there's no way I would want Lucy to be an only child!
3 foot tall- I'm already short losing a couple feet wouldn't be that bad!
I would give up taste, I wouldn't ever want to forget what it feels like to hold my husbands hand or brush my daughters hair.
And I would bring my daughter on every date!

Adrien said...

Hooray, I just KNEW it had to be you, Meagan!

I'm shocked at how many of you would have quads - I actually think that's awesome!

I agree with you, Stefanie. I said I'd give up taste, because I couldn't imagine never feeling a hug or a kiss from my girls or Eric! I figure, maybe if I couldn't taste anything I'd stop eating so much junk!

Emily said...

I would do:
Maid service (we don't eat out very much as it is)
No drugs (I HATE throwing up!)
Paycheck to paycheck (This was hard because the military moves us away, but puts us well off... but then we have the option to come home.)
No dishwasher (Washing clothes would be hard!)
Have quads (I've always wanted a lot of kids.)
Be 3 foot tall (Being 8 foot tall would probably hurt your neck and back.)
Lose my sense of taste (How could you do anything without touch?)
And, bring my children on dates (This is just better than no dates!!)


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