Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Stuff!

Update: The Travel Tin is in the fragrance "Lucky In Love"

And Evelyn spotted the Scentsy Buddy that Emile sent...uh oh... :)

Okay, so you know that I don't ordinarily post twice in one day, but when I got the news that I was allowed to give away free things...well...I couldn't resist. I was NOT anticipating to blog about this, but I've been wanting to do a giveaway for you lovelies for a while now, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Several of my Facebook friends know about this already, but let me fill the rest of you in! I love Scentsy brand fragrances, and a friend of mine from California is shipping a box to my house with all 80 fragrance samples and a few of their newer products so I can check them out before I place my next order! In return, I agreed to let some of my friends enjoy this special delivery with me to thank her for going through all the trouble! (I would have been placing an order soon, anyway, so this is AWESOME that I get to smell before I buy!) So this Saturday anyone and everyone is welcome to stop by my house between 10:00am-3:00pm to dig through the box with me. Fun!


Now for the good stuff! Anyone who places an order, big or small, will be eligible to win a FREE Scentsy travel tin* perfect for fragrance on the go. And by small order, I mean you could pick out a $3.00 Scent Circle (for your car or closet) and be eligible, haha. Love Scenty's prices!


And because I'm sooo nice I'm going to throw in one FREE bar of wax in YOUR CHOICE of fragrance, too! So you can potentially win a Scentsy Travel Tin AND a Scentsy Bar ($10 value) for placing any size order. All names will be put into a random name generator online, and the winner will be chosen this Sunday night. I'm willing to ship the prize to anyone in the U.S, so even if you don't live near me you can get in on this goodness!

How can you order? Well, you can come to my house this Saturday between 10:00am-3:00pm (I will send you my address privately) OR you can follow this link:

All online orders will be processed right away and shipped to you right away! If you order online, please let me know that you've ordered so that I can enter your name into the drawing. Thanks for letting me solicit you guys for a few minutes, haha. Good luck!


Check out some of my favorite Scentsy products!

One of these little guys will be at my house on Saturday! A "lovey" that smells good? Yes, please. Lenny the Lamb would be soooo cute in the girls' Easter basket.

This is my favorite warmer...I've got my eye on it....

The Milano
But there are so many choices I keep flip flopping!

I'm very curious about this:

Scentsy fragrance foam. Hmm.....

*I am uncertain which fragrance the Travel Tin will be in until tomorrow afternoon when the box arrives on my doorstep! I'll update when I know!


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Ask most people about my dad, and they'll tell you he's usually the resident goofball. :) In fact, there's a bit of a running joke that he was born one day too early, if you know what I mean. And If you know my father well enough, then most assuredly he will find something about you to pick on. And then you'll neeever here the end of it. Haha. But I know a secret about him that not everyone may know.

While he may tell silly jokes and razz you about your big feet or how stinky your diapers were as a baby...okay, maybe that's just me :)... he always sticks up for the underdog and is fiercely loyal. Once you're in his circle, you're in. And he is especially concerned that everyone who comes into his house is comfortable and well fed.

I won't tell my dad's entire life story, because it's his to tell, but I can tell you that it wasn't always easy and he definitely knows what it's like to go to bed on an empty stomach. I remember growing up, any time one of my siblings had a friend over while my mom was cooking dinner, he made it a point to ask if they wanted to stay to eat. This might sound like a normal thing for a parent to do, but his persistent manner always may me think that my dad didn't want any kid to experience some of the things that he had to growing up. Oh yes, I noticed these things, dad. :)

My father is also a kid at heart. I'm fairly certain that he's making up for lost time, because my parent's basement looks like an arcade straight out of the 80's!

These pictures are a few years old and very dark, but this gives you some idea of what my parent's basement looks like. My dad loves to restore old arcade games and pinball machines. It is not uncommon at all for me to hear about a new pinball part he found on ebay. :)

Daddy dearest also has a knack for restoring and putting together pool tables. He once ran a billiard hall where I spent lots of time playing Pac-man and drinking RC Cola. :) And he even had his own business, "Roger Feldt Pool Table Repair." This was YEARS ago, like when I was in kindergarten, and people STILL call him up and ask him to put together tables for them now and then. So of course, I always grew up with a pool table in our basement, and my dad would teach me all of his tricks! At one time I'm pretty sure he hoped I would get into college on a billiard scholarship. Sorry, dad...I turned out to be an English nerd, haha. It's been a while since I racked em up with my pops...I think we need to fix that.

I feel like I'm doing a lot of back peddling, but there are just so many layers to my father that I always forget about. Like the fact that he worked on a horse farm and had serious aspirations of becoming a jockey. After several years of grooming horses, my dad could make the tightest braids of anyone I knew. Unfortunately, he preferred to give ME the feathered look more often than not. Bahaha...I used to frown in the mirror every day before school after dad got a hold of me with a hairbrush. I hear he's still good with a comb and a can of hairspray. *Wink, wink.*

Giving me away!

It's kind of crazy to think about how YOUNG my parents still are. Let's just say, by the time my dad was 25 (my age now), I was in the first grade already! That's nuts! And because they were young parents, they are now young grandparents.

I'm not gonna lie, my sensitive little Gracie has not yet become accustomed to my dad's silly voices and funny faces. She pouts nearly every time her grandpa tries to make her laugh, haha. But oh my gosh, Evelyn thinks he's hilarious. And it makes sense that she would be papa's girl, because Evie cannot deny the fact that she favors her grandpa in many ways. From her crazy personality, to the nose on her face, she is definitely a rascally member of the Feldt clan.

Grandpa holding Grace for the first time. :)

Tonight we're joining my family for dinner and dessert in honor of my dear old (young) dad. I need to think of a good list of things to razz him with to get back at him for all those years! Hehe, just kidding.

Here's a big fat Happy Birthday to my dad! May he have many more!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts from a Tuesday Widow

One of the biggest annoyances in my life is having cluttered counter tops. I just can't stand it. If my counters are cluttered my head feels cluttered and it drives me insane. This last week has pushed me to the brink of insanity:

So what did I do on my husbandless Tuesday? I climbed atop Mount Pilesofjunk and tore that sucker down. is good again.

The girls and I spent one long day at home together yesterday, finally going over to my parent's house for a movie night after dinner. I love that we have such a great place to go when we're daddyless, but I don't know what I'd do without Eric every single night. I hope I never have to find that out. Eric is super cool. Eric - you're cool, dude. (And soooo cute...eeee!)

You know, when you date someone for several years before you marry them, you sorta feel like there are very few things you don't know about that person before you walk down the aisle. But then life experience throws you curve balls and you realize that you are always learning something new. I often think about the things that I realized or learned about Eric after we were married. And while some things leave me scratching my head, most of them just make me adore him all the more. :)

A few things I learned from my husband AFTER we were married.

I have learned the best, most efficient way for clipping my toenails. :D Eric is better groomed than I am, which is slightly bizarre, but appreciated. And I wish I could explain to you the exact procedure used for this wonderful technique, but that would be equally bizarre. So the Eric Robert way of toenail clipping will forever remain a family secret.

I have learned every single thing anyone would ever need to know about politics, finances, and keeping up with current events. I married a nerd...and I secretly love it.

I have learned that, despite my very best efforts, I can never get Eric to play hooky from work. The man is a rock.

I have learned that I can get what I want by baking brownies. Those fudgey squares are like currency around here. (I have four boxes stashed in the pantry...hehehe.)

I have learned that it IS possible for a man to: leave the toilet seat down, argue without yelling, and not care AT ALL about sports. I have also learned that it is NOT possible for a man to find anything that isn't right in front of him. Haha, sorry honey. You know it's true.

I have learned that anything can be accomplished by setting a goal and sticking to it.

I have learned that sometimes it's the man who wants more children and who would be willing to try to infinity to get a baby boy someday. [Sorry, dear. You know the rules. :)]

I have learned that Eric is more grossed out by certain bodily functions than I am. Or maybe all men try to make their theatrical debut while changing a dirty diaper...I wouldn't know. I've only been married once. :)

I have learned that Eric retches at the idea of being a polygamist. That's really good to know post-marriage. Haha. (How about those Sister Wives, eh?)

And of course, I have learned that only Eric could have given me these two beautiful little girls....

Crusty noses and all. :)

When I think about how different my life would be without Eric, it seriously scares me and makes me sooo sad. So I try not to think about it. :) But I guess that's what happens when we spend any amount of time apart. Whether he's gone for one evening or for several days on a business trip, our house feels really empty without him here. Your girls love you, daddy!


From mountains of junk to mounds of mush! You never know what you'll get around here on Wednesdays! I hope everyone is surviving this week...two more days! Everybody's workin for the weekend...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My name is Adrien, and I'm an Obsessive Party Planner...

I keep forgetting about the month of May. 

For some reason in my head June comes after April, which temporarily sends me into a panic attack over Evelyn's birthday party. For a brief second yesterday I thought that I would have about two weeks after Easter to throw together Evelyn's second birthday celebration, sending my stomach lurching into a tailspin. But then I remembered there's that whole little three-lettered month separating April and June, buffering my plans for filling Easter baskets and turning my house into an underwater world.... 

~Evie's Lagoon~

We're going to be diving under the sea come June 11, just one day before Evelyn actually turns two. The ideas have been stirring like a whirlpool in my brain, and I can't wait to dive right in! Okay, that's enough with the water references. But oh my goodness, it has been F-U-N planning so far, and I just couldn't keep everything a secret any longer. 

The color scheme. Evelyn woke up from her nap today as I was taking this picture. Her eyes widened and she said, "Booty-ful!" I think that means we're good to go.

I always thought that I would have an underwater birthday for one of my sons. Well...haha...that might take just a little while. With all of the blue I never thought of doing an ocean themed party for a little princess. And I know I've mentioned it before, but I've been itching for a new color scheme around here! Pink is super cute, and it's my favorite color, but there's a whole other side of the color wheel waiting to be explored, and I don't want to wait several years to explore it.

So we're going to girlify this boyish theme. I'm dreaming of aqua and mermaids and seashells and jewels. The girls will wear flowers in their hair while the boys don pirate hats. (I'm ordering an extra hat for Ev, cause it's hard telling which she'd like best.) There will most certainly be a bubble machine. And I have the craziest idea for creating a canopy in our house to make it feel as though we're on the ocean floor. Eeee...I can't wait!

Lagoon [luh-goon] a body of water cut off from the open sea by coral reefs or sand bars. 
Sigh. Like our own mini-ocean on Country Club Drive. 

Our menu will be seafood that's actually mostly easy food with ocean names. Like SANDwiches and SHELLS and cheese. :) But of course there will be things like tuna salad and shrimp to help us feel legit. Anything and everything that's blue will be fair game for the food table. jello...whatever else I can think of. And the ocean water drinks will definitely be flowing!

We're cupcake people, and I'm thinking of turning the cupcake tower into a sandcastle with sea creature-topped cupcakes. The ideas...they keep coming...can't...turn them... off.... Seriously, someone go into business with me. I could make us some major bank thinking of ideas all day long. Haha. (Note to self: Brown sugar would make great "sand" and would be easier than crushing up graham crackers. Great - mentally filing.)

I'm annoyingly into details, so I even found a font that will be all over everything. 

If you're planning any kind of event or making a flyer or whatever, visit They have just about every font possible for any theme! 

Etsy is a great place to track down adorable party decor, especially things like signs and cupcake toppers. But with my Cricut machine I can pretty much do all of that stuff myself. That's money in my pocket, thankyouverymuch.  

This party could easily be adapted for little boys with sharks and pirates and sunken ships, so hopefully those of you with boys can get some ideas too, as I bombard all of you with party planning between now and June 11. :) And as soon as Evie's party is over, I get to start planning a HUGE 1st birthday party bash for Grace. (Her theme has been chosen for months, haha.) 

Check out some of my under the sea inspiration parties!

Have you ever been to an under the sea party? Have any ideas to share? Let me know!

I am entering a contest to win a super cool party in a box!! And it's conveniently in a beach theme. Whaddya know? Haha. Please check out:


Karen has some super cute party ideas, and she can even make a party for YOU!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Discombobulated Weekend

Well, this it totally old news to most of you...

...but for those of you who aren't from around here, look at what threw up all over our city this weekend. From sandals and sun to snow. Don't you just love the American Midwest? Some people are claiming the end of the world. While I'm totally cool with that myself, I'm gonna go with the fact that it's March, and you just never ever know what you're going to get this time of the year.

I was sitting in the dentist chair getting a crown put on my tooth, when one of the hygienists came running in and pulled up the blinds. "Are you seeing this??" (I love my dentists office, haha.) So I ended up driving home in the Spring Blizzard of 2011. I already couldn't see very far in front of me when it started, and by the time I was walking through the front door of my home the flakes were HUGE and coming down really fast. But now it's mostly melted, and for that I say hallelujah!

It did sort of throw off our plans, though. Instead of spending an evening out dining and shopping with the family, we stayed toasty warm inside with a "Back to the Future" marathon. :) It wasn't so bad. I was happy as a clam to just stay in my PJ's and veg out for the night. However, I'm putting in a personal request to God to please make the weathermen eat their words and bring back higher temps this week. Oh please, oh please, oh please....

So while nothing was accomplished that I was actually hoping for this weekend (except for Amanda's baby shower...we can't wait to meet princess Lilly!) we did manage to capture some of our indoor fun on video. Haha.

First of all, check out our totally rad hippo tent:

We've had it for a while now, but Evelyn has just recently taken to sneaking into this pink pop-up hideout whenever she's doing something naughty. (As if mommy and daddy can't see right through the mesh top.) We never know what we'll catch her doing inside. Well...take a look at what she got a hold of Saturday night. I just love the way she keeps looking at her daddy and grinning...little stinker. :)

Hehehe...someday I'll miss that kind of stuff. So that's it! I'm sorry we're not more interesting today, but it was a pretty low-key kind of weekend. I think I'll spend this morning perusing other people's more exciting lives. :) I just love the blogosphere! Have a happy Monday. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Confession Friday 3-25!

Eatin' oranges.

There's nothing especially funny about these pictures...I just thought they were cute!

I confess that the more words Evelyn learns, the greater her ability to freak me out. Like on Tuesday night when we were waiting for Eric to get home from school. Evelyn kept eerily looking towards our back door, hiding behind me, and saying, "I hear a noise! I hear a noise! The door. The door. I hear a noise!" There was no noise, and I told her so, but seriously? Not cool!

^^ I confess that at one time I thought parents weren't afraid of the boogie man. No one ever told me that grown-ups sometimes pretend to be brave!

I confess that I'm going to be kinda sad when all of my blogging buddies aren't pregnant anymore. YES, I want to see your babies, but your pregnancy posts are hilarious sometimes!

I confess that, in an effort to embrace the outdoors all week, my home has turned into a war zone. Please do not show up over here unexpectedly. I thank you in advance.

I confess that I can't seem to give one of my daughters a compliment without turning around and complimenting the other. Perhaps I think they will develop a complex. "You're beautiful! And so are you! You're such a good sister! And you're a good sister, too! I love you...and I love you, too!" It's a little maddening, to tell you the truth.

I confess that the Roberts are now jellybean connoisseurs. Eric came home one night with every single brand of jellybean known to man. (Not joking.) And I can tell you that Starburst jellybeans still reign supreme!

I confess that in my excitement to give both of my girls a bath TOGETHER for the first time this week, I forgot to grab any sort of towel (or anything else that I needed) to have in arms reach. I couldn't take my hands off of Gracie. I didn't want to leave Evelyn by herself. Let's just say there was lots of mad dashing with slippery babies held up Lion King style going on.

I confess that I am positively itching to get started on Evie's 2nd birthday party decorations! And I'm still waffling on how many people to invite this time. Friends and family? Or just family? I don't know! Maybe just a few friends who have kids Evie's age? It shouldn't be this hard!

I confess that I am a last-minute gift getter. I'm annoyed by myself. It's not that I don't know what I want to get, I just wait too long to get it! (As I type this...I have two gifts that I need to buy... for Sunday. Whoops!)

I confess that I'm going on week two of not being able to breath through my nose, and I think I've blown my brains out. Explains a few things....

I confess that there is nothing cuter than listening to your kid talk back to morning cartoons. :)

I confess that I'd much rather be watching those cartoons with my baby than sitting behind a computer. So I'm outta here!

Have a great weekend! Here's hoping the weather is prettier from your windows than it is from mine!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good Day Sunshine...

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I'm in love, and it's a sunny day

The wind is howling past our windows and bringing with it the promise of plummeting temperatures and lots of rain. Boo! Spring gave a mighty push this week, but I'm pretty sure Winter got ticked off and came back for round...what is this now... three? four? I knew from the beginning of the week that our gorgeous days were going to be numbered (cause the weatherman told me so), so every single chance we got we raced outside to drink in some sunshine. It was simply lovely while it lasted.

There are three childhood staples that photograph beautifully outside, and I'm determined to capture all three before Spring ends. The first is the classic ice cream cone, and you get bonus points for sprinkles. The second is the rainbow whirly lollipop; sticky and colorful and about as close to perfection as an inanimate object can possibly get. And the third thing is nice big bundle of helium balloons. I forgot one. Popsicles. Who doesn't love a good popsicle? Alright, now I'm thinking of about a trillion things to photograph, but I'm just going to have to file those thoughts away for now, because this week we tackled ice cream....

And it didn't go exactly as expected....

Evelyn didn't know what in the world to do with ice cream in cone form. And trust me, my kid loves ice cream. But before our strawberry cone with sprinkles got ditched on the ground, I did manage to get a few shots of cherubic fingers and one solitary sticky drip.

Worth it.

Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine

We take a walk, the sun is shining down
Burns my feet as they touch the ground

We loaded up in the stroller every day that we could and high-tailed it to wherever we felt like it...which usually ended up in a trip to grandma and grandpa's house. Praise the Lord our new stroller parts came in yesterday so we can get the side-by-side out as soon as it warms back up again! I'm just really glad we had anything here with wheels to get us where we needed to go, cause cars don't count when it's warm outside. Let's ride, baby....

I stand corrected. Cars don't count unless they happen to be cozy coupes. In that case, burn some rubber.

"Wanna ride?"
Anywhere with you, darling!

Bahahaha...they look like two old geezers. "Hurry it up, grandma!"

Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine

I love naked baby piggies!

And big girl piggies, too. :)

I knew that when nature was reenacting the opening scene from The Wizard of Oz yesterday that we probably had just one day left to enjoy our sudden burst of warm weather. So even though we were almost blown away, we decided to go to the public school playground and get in as much outdoor playtime as possible. 

I learned something yesterday. All of my dreams of spending afternoons at the park with my girls this summer are going to be much more difficult to manage than I ever imagined. Wanna see how far away I actually was from Evelyn when I shot these pics?

Not joking. Our camera has a super zoom lens. I could NOT keep up with her and manage an infant at the same time. This is going to be interesting....

Then we lie beneath a shady tree
I love her, and she's loving me
She feels good, she knows she lookin fine
I'm so proud to know that she is mine

I learned something else. My kid is beyond curious about school. Check it out:

I don't think I could homeschool her if I wanted to...

...and I don't wanna.

See Gracie? Poor thing was in the stroller almost the entire time. This mama has got to find her rhythm before the real warm weather gets here. Either I need a good baby carrier, or Evie needs a leash. Maybe I should invest in both, haha.

Nope, she's not picking her nose, haha...just rooting for her thumb. I've got a little thumb-sucker...and it's super cute.

Yes, yes, yes, it was a very good week, indeed. So sad to see it go. But I think this little tease was just what we needed to get us through until that cold weather is knocked out for good. I'm seeing lots of Spring crafts and colors in our future to brighten our spirits, while Mr. Golden Sun hides this weekend. :)

 Good day sunshine
Good day sunshine
   Good day sunshine....


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