Friday, March 11, 2011

Confession Friday 3-11

Evelyn was making funny noises, so we looked over. Sorry honey, your head is never gonna fit. :)

Such a goofball!

I confess that I began tanning this week. I gave in! I still had two tans left from before Grace and I just HAD to use them. I confess that I said a prayer before getting into the beds each time that miraculously I would get a tan without the UV rays touching me. Yeeeah.... :)

I confess that I've had it up to HERE with gossip this week. Especially gossip that is purely meant to defame someone's character. It's a huge problem with women, and while I'm aware that I'm guilty of it myself, this week I have seen it on a whole new level. Entire blogs bashing people that I look up to. (I was physically ill when I saw this.) Women calling each other names on message boards. Seriously? Grow up.

I confess that my floors got so sticky this week before I finally gave in and mopped them that my shoe was literally ripped off of my foot  and left behind in a sticky puddle when I walked through the kitchen.

I confess that I often get compliments on my chocolate chip cookies. I buy pre-made mixes and doughs. I say nothing. :)

Evelyn walked into the living room with a comb and slicked back hair. Aww, how cute. Wait a second. Where did she get the water??

Why, from the toilet of course!
I present to you: toilet head.

I confess that I'm giggling, because judging from those last two pictures, someone was running around the house pants-less. :)

I confess that I am overjoyed that I made it throughout my entire college career without a tattoo. I think they're cute (sometimes) on other people, but I know me, and I know it would be driving me nuts already. High-five past self!

I confess that I have seven holes in my ears (not including the naturally occurring ones) but I only ever wear my first piercings. I'm asked quite often if I'm going to get my baby girls' ears pierced. The short answer

I confess that I have my entire summer planned, but I can't even figure out what to do next week.

Caught Evie peeking at the chocolate chip cookies. :)

I love her new "cheese" smile. :)

I confess that I dress my baby girl in mostly boy pajamas, haha. Thanks, John John!

I confess that Evelyn discovered Eric's old action figures from "The Simpsons" cartoon, and she calls Homer "daddy." This is hilarious.

I confess that I woke up this morning to a HUGE reality check. My problems are so small....

*The Robert family sends our thoughts and prayers to all of those in Japan and Hawaii affected by the tsunami. Absolutely devastating.... * 

Have a great weekend, everyone! And let's remember to keep those in harms way lifted up in prayer. 


Meagan said...

OMG...Evelyn is hilarious!!! I have a feeling you are going to have your hands full with her when she is older! :)

I confess that I'm letting my MIL take Keegan for the day because she doesn't have to work & asked if she could "kidnap" him....I'm hoping to get more cleaning done when he's gone, but we will see if that actually happens!

Heather Rahn said...

Hahaha...I am busting a gut at Toilet Head.

I confess that I am feeling a bit old today because I am starting to eat fiber cereal and breakfast bars. Where's my walker?!

Sarah said...

I confess that EVEN THOUGH I don't think my floor has ever gotten that bad, I still think you are SUPER MOM and you inspire me everyday :)

Sara said...

I confess that I let my floors go way too long without mopping too, but when I know company is coming I run around and spot clean with windex multi surface and a dust rag.

I confess that I lost it when I read these words: toilet head!

Adrien said...

Aww, Sarah...we all know that's far from true, but you make me smile. :)

My floors have been awful since the fire. EVERYTHING shows up, because it's like invisible ash clings to every teeny tiny drip or spill. (I'm blaming Evie for the sticky puddles! Lemonade + tipped over sippy cup = big mess!)

Meagan - Evelyn is ALREADY a handful, that's for sure! :D

Cassie said...

WOAH girl, what kinda blogs/forums you reading? Sounds like some immature people. You don't need that in your life. You are so much better than that! Keep you head up.

Your daughter is hilarious. I laughed and laughed. Too funny.

I confess i said no binkie after one, yeah 13 months and one week later, i still have a binkie baby......

Joyce said...

Evelyn looks like the caterpillar on Alice in Wonderland with her head in the saucer LOL I love her :) I confess I sometimes can't believe I am a grandma. But am so blessed to be and wouldn't change it for anything!!


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