Friday, March 25, 2011

Confession Friday 3-25!

Eatin' oranges.

There's nothing especially funny about these pictures...I just thought they were cute!

I confess that the more words Evelyn learns, the greater her ability to freak me out. Like on Tuesday night when we were waiting for Eric to get home from school. Evelyn kept eerily looking towards our back door, hiding behind me, and saying, "I hear a noise! I hear a noise! The door. The door. I hear a noise!" There was no noise, and I told her so, but seriously? Not cool!

^^ I confess that at one time I thought parents weren't afraid of the boogie man. No one ever told me that grown-ups sometimes pretend to be brave!

I confess that I'm going to be kinda sad when all of my blogging buddies aren't pregnant anymore. YES, I want to see your babies, but your pregnancy posts are hilarious sometimes!

I confess that, in an effort to embrace the outdoors all week, my home has turned into a war zone. Please do not show up over here unexpectedly. I thank you in advance.

I confess that I can't seem to give one of my daughters a compliment without turning around and complimenting the other. Perhaps I think they will develop a complex. "You're beautiful! And so are you! You're such a good sister! And you're a good sister, too! I love you...and I love you, too!" It's a little maddening, to tell you the truth.

I confess that the Roberts are now jellybean connoisseurs. Eric came home one night with every single brand of jellybean known to man. (Not joking.) And I can tell you that Starburst jellybeans still reign supreme!

I confess that in my excitement to give both of my girls a bath TOGETHER for the first time this week, I forgot to grab any sort of towel (or anything else that I needed) to have in arms reach. I couldn't take my hands off of Gracie. I didn't want to leave Evelyn by herself. Let's just say there was lots of mad dashing with slippery babies held up Lion King style going on.

I confess that I am positively itching to get started on Evie's 2nd birthday party decorations! And I'm still waffling on how many people to invite this time. Friends and family? Or just family? I don't know! Maybe just a few friends who have kids Evie's age? It shouldn't be this hard!

I confess that I am a last-minute gift getter. I'm annoyed by myself. It's not that I don't know what I want to get, I just wait too long to get it! (As I type this...I have two gifts that I need to buy... for Sunday. Whoops!)

I confess that I'm going on week two of not being able to breath through my nose, and I think I've blown my brains out. Explains a few things....

I confess that there is nothing cuter than listening to your kid talk back to morning cartoons. :)

I confess that I'd much rather be watching those cartoons with my baby than sitting behind a computer. So I'm outta here!

Have a great weekend! Here's hoping the weather is prettier from your windows than it is from mine!


Pettijohn said...

Those cheeks are so cute! Makes you just want to pinch them. Lol.

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that I wanted to snatch those oranges off those plates...they look delicious!!

Anonymous said...

How cute, love the pictures

I wish you a wonderful weekend

Adrien said...

Hehe, we've been ADDICTED to oranges lately! :)

Sarah said...

I confess that I have been doing the same thing with buying Logan things. I feel like if I buy him something (that he has to have) I have to buy Luke something too!!

I confess that I had to literally throw away all the candy in our house because Luke wants it ALL the time & I don't have the willpower to just tell him no. Problem is solved!

I worry about the same thing with birthdays?! They get a little out of control. I would just do the people that see her on a regular basis. Those are the people who count anyways!!

Cassie said...

Starbursts Jellybeans rock my world. The best, hands down!


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