Friday, March 4, 2011

Confession Friday 3-4

I walked out of the bathroom yesterday morning and saw this:
That would be a gift bag looped around my baby's ears. Poor Gracie. She's always the victim of Evelyn's curiosity.
She sure is cute!

Okey dokey smokies. Let's get this wagon train a movin'!

I confess that I am not woman enough for four-inch heels. Sadly, the totally awesome pumps I bought last week are going back, cause my 5'2" frame just ain't cut out for them. (I've found a replacement pair that are PERFECT, but they cost a bit more.)

I confess that I totally princessed out on Eric yesterday when he said I'd have to wait to replace my shoes. I NEVER spend money and feel guilty when I do. But for some reason this one hit a nerve. I may have told him in the process that I hope he was having a MARVELOUS day. Bahaha....

P.S. He bought me the shoes without my knowing. What a guy!

I confess that I'm abandoning ship with the potty training. Eh, I'm not that worried about it. Evelyn has ONLY gone potty on the floor since her miraculous first time going in the actual potty seat. She does, however, love wearing big girl underwear, so...I confess that I let her run around the house wearing unders over her diapers. Haha.

I confess that I was mortified when I saw Evie's attempt at decorating this week. Sitting on her window sill was a proud display of random toys for all passersby to see. I have no idea how long they were there. Ghetto. Fabulous.

I confess that I now use Evelyn as Gracie's puke alarm. If I'm holding Grace and she spits up, in just seconds Evelyn will shout, "Baby pooked! Baby pooked!" Neither Eric nor I can keep a straight face when she makes this proclamation. "Yes honey, the baby 'pooked.'" :)

I confess that there is nothing funnier than a toddler sitting at the dinner table and prompting everyone to clink her sippy cup and say "Cheers!" At home, in restaurants...all from one day of playing tea party.

It got really quiet while I was folding laundry yesterday. So I turned around to see what Evelyn was up to....

What a goober head. :) Oh, and you do NOT want to know what she was doing in there. I stuck my head in to pull her out and about asphyxiated myself!

I confess that I'm currently neglecting housework in the name of Confession Friday. I wish it didn't bother me, but the clutter is starting to close in. Eeee...I don't know how much longer I can take it.

I confess that Eric got a few new dress shirts that actually fit him correctly, and I secretly think he's smokin' hot. Okay, so it's not a secret anymore. I'm not sure that it ever was a secret. But...okay, I'm gonna stop now.

I confess that I had to throw away a rubber duck today that had some gunk inside from left-in bath water, and I seriously apologized as I tossed him in the trash. :( It felt like I was putting a pet to sleep or something. Poor ducky...we loved you, old pal. *Moment of silence for the quack-quack.*

I confess that housework wins! I've GOTTA get those dishes done! :)

~*~ Happy Friday! Have a fun and safe weekend, friends. ~*~


Pettijohn said...

I confess that everytime I read about food and it sounds good I have to go and buy some or make it cause the craving will not go away. Pig I know!

Adrien said...

Haha, that's not being a pig! That's called pregnancy! :)

Meagan said...

I confess that as soon as I pry myself away from the computer I'm taking a nap!! Laundry, housework, submitting applications can wait until another day!!

Cassie said...

Your babies are just darling. Evie in the dryer. Too funny. And what she does to Grace, oh I laughed out loud! Loved it!
I have no confessions, sorry, I just think your babies are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

In the dryer. Nice. Pathetic mom.

Adrien said...

Pathetic troll. ;)


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