Monday, March 28, 2011

Discombobulated Weekend

Well, this it totally old news to most of you...

...but for those of you who aren't from around here, look at what threw up all over our city this weekend. From sandals and sun to snow. Don't you just love the American Midwest? Some people are claiming the end of the world. While I'm totally cool with that myself, I'm gonna go with the fact that it's March, and you just never ever know what you're going to get this time of the year.

I was sitting in the dentist chair getting a crown put on my tooth, when one of the hygienists came running in and pulled up the blinds. "Are you seeing this??" (I love my dentists office, haha.) So I ended up driving home in the Spring Blizzard of 2011. I already couldn't see very far in front of me when it started, and by the time I was walking through the front door of my home the flakes were HUGE and coming down really fast. But now it's mostly melted, and for that I say hallelujah!

It did sort of throw off our plans, though. Instead of spending an evening out dining and shopping with the family, we stayed toasty warm inside with a "Back to the Future" marathon. :) It wasn't so bad. I was happy as a clam to just stay in my PJ's and veg out for the night. However, I'm putting in a personal request to God to please make the weathermen eat their words and bring back higher temps this week. Oh please, oh please, oh please....

So while nothing was accomplished that I was actually hoping for this weekend (except for Amanda's baby shower...we can't wait to meet princess Lilly!) we did manage to capture some of our indoor fun on video. Haha.

First of all, check out our totally rad hippo tent:

We've had it for a while now, but Evelyn has just recently taken to sneaking into this pink pop-up hideout whenever she's doing something naughty. (As if mommy and daddy can't see right through the mesh top.) We never know what we'll catch her doing inside. Well...take a look at what she got a hold of Saturday night. I just love the way she keeps looking at her daddy and grinning...little stinker. :)

Hehehe...someday I'll miss that kind of stuff. So that's it! I'm sorry we're not more interesting today, but it was a pretty low-key kind of weekend. I think I'll spend this morning perusing other people's more exciting lives. :) I just love the blogosphere! Have a happy Monday. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow snow, lovely picture.
Some say it's all for signs of the end of the world,do you believe that?

Here we have had nice spring weather, shame that I had to work.

I have some pictures of my house posted on my blog, if you're curious LOL.

And today I had my first driving lesson, Yes I am 31 ​​years and I have no license LOL.

I wish you a wonderful week

Adrien said...

Haha, I think that just about anything could make people believe that the end is near. :) But I know one thing: we're closer today than we were yesterday! We believe that Christ is coming back someday...we just don't know when. Our family is prepared either way. :)

Pettijohn said...

That is two cute!

Cassie said...

Too funny. The first thing I thought was oh.em.gee - checkbook!! Ha. Future banker?!!?

Sarah said...

What a ham!!! She is too stinkin cute :)


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