Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Stuff!

Update: The Travel Tin is in the fragrance "Lucky In Love"

And Evelyn spotted the Scentsy Buddy that Emile sent...uh oh... :)

Okay, so you know that I don't ordinarily post twice in one day, but when I got the news that I was allowed to give away free things...well...I couldn't resist. I was NOT anticipating to blog about this, but I've been wanting to do a giveaway for you lovelies for a while now, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it!

Several of my Facebook friends know about this already, but let me fill the rest of you in! I love Scentsy brand fragrances, and a friend of mine from California is shipping a box to my house with all 80 fragrance samples and a few of their newer products so I can check them out before I place my next order! In return, I agreed to let some of my friends enjoy this special delivery with me to thank her for going through all the trouble! (I would have been placing an order soon, anyway, so this is AWESOME that I get to smell before I buy!) So this Saturday anyone and everyone is welcome to stop by my house between 10:00am-3:00pm to dig through the box with me. Fun!


Now for the good stuff! Anyone who places an order, big or small, will be eligible to win a FREE Scentsy travel tin* perfect for fragrance on the go. And by small order, I mean you could pick out a $3.00 Scent Circle (for your car or closet) and be eligible, haha. Love Scenty's prices!


And because I'm sooo nice I'm going to throw in one FREE bar of wax in YOUR CHOICE of fragrance, too! So you can potentially win a Scentsy Travel Tin AND a Scentsy Bar ($10 value) for placing any size order. All names will be put into a random name generator online, and the winner will be chosen this Sunday night. I'm willing to ship the prize to anyone in the U.S, so even if you don't live near me you can get in on this goodness!

How can you order? Well, you can come to my house this Saturday between 10:00am-3:00pm (I will send you my address privately) OR you can follow this link:

All online orders will be processed right away and shipped to you right away! If you order online, please let me know that you've ordered so that I can enter your name into the drawing. Thanks for letting me solicit you guys for a few minutes, haha. Good luck!


Check out some of my favorite Scentsy products!

One of these little guys will be at my house on Saturday! A "lovey" that smells good? Yes, please. Lenny the Lamb would be soooo cute in the girls' Easter basket.

This is my favorite warmer...I've got my eye on it....

The Milano
But there are so many choices I keep flip flopping!

I'm very curious about this:

Scentsy fragrance foam. Hmm.....

*I am uncertain which fragrance the Travel Tin will be in until tomorrow afternoon when the box arrives on my doorstep! I'll update when I know!


Meagan said...

LOVE Scentsy stuff!! Now I might have to come over & make an order! :)

I have that warmer in red & I love it!!

Adrien said...

I couldn't decide if I liked that one or the red better. Hmmm... :D

Melissa Cheek said...

I absolutely love the buddies they are so cute and I have a feeling I will have to buy one of those at some point for the baby's room also the hand sanitizer looks quite neat, they are coming out with a lot of cool stuff!

Cassie said...

ok so straight up, the fragrance foam is just weird. i have some of it on my desk at work. they say to use it as like an anti-bacterial just without the anti-bacterial-ly smell. anyways, so it squirts in your hand as foam (ha, obviosuly) but it's NOTHING like anti-bacterial stuff. it's just weird. and it makes my hands smell like "cucumber lime" for like 2 second.

but the travel tin. amazing. i open mine up in my office in the morning and smells amazing. and i've had it for a good couple months now!

Adrien said...

Good to know! I'll definitely skip on the foam, then!


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