Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy Church, Batman!

There's a giganto-normous building being erected in our teeny town, and whether you live here or are just passing through you cannot miss it. It's actually a church, but I refer to it as the Majestic Maze McMansion for Jesus. For real, you can get lost in there if you don't know your way around!

I forgot to take a picture of the outside! Here's the teeny tiny model, haha.

And while the majority of you reading this today have probably driven past the McMansion a time or two, I'm going to guess that a good number of you have never ever been inside. (And if you're one of my out-of-state or international friends, I know you haven't!) So since I had to drive out there today anyway to deliver some bread to a few hungry builders, I thought I'd snap a few pictures to share with all of the curious among us. :) Because I'll be the first to admit that I'm a sucker for a good building or remodel project, and I think I'd want to know what's been happening behind the scenes these past couple of years.

The first thing you need to know about this multi-million dollar facility is that it has been built with entirely FREE labor. That's right; free. Hundreds of volunteers from all over the country have given up personal vacation time every Spring, Summer, and Fall to help in any way they can. I think that' These volunteers have slept in our church member's homes, in motor homes, and even on air mattresses in our current church building. They have eaten with us, worshipped with us, and have become lifelong friends. And in return, groups from our church periodically go to help other churches with their building projects as well. Of course, our own church members work alongside these volunteers and have given hundreds of hours of their own time throughout the entire year to keep this project moving along.  *Sigh*  I love Jesus.  Okay, moving on.

I'll never forget when I first saw the model for the building, because I definitely had a Zoolander "church for ants" moment. :) But then to see it to scale is just nuts! All the materials for this project have been purchased locally, which I also think is awesome, because as you're about to see, that's a heckuva lotta materials!

Phase one of the building project was called the "multi-purpose building," and it's just that. It's a huge space which is fit for everything from basketball games to receptions. Inside of this wing of the building is also the kitchen, the youth room, and some bathrooms.

See those window up there straight ahead? We're heading up there next!

Head upstairs and around the corner, and you'll be in the youth room. I couldn't even get the whole room in my camera lens - it's huge!

Hello, down there! Here's a view from the windows up above.

I love the lonely couch sitting up here. It's so...youth room, haha. 
(But doesn't that give you some idea of the SCALE of this space?) 

Here's a peek inside the kitchen area so far:

I am proud to announce that the multi-purpose building has been approved for occupancy, so any time we wanted to we could make the move to the new building. Woot!

Through the turning hallways you'll see lots of classrooms and nursery space. There are offices and nooks just for sitting with a cup of coffee. And here's where someone unfamiliar with the layout could seriously get lost! Observe....

Which way shall we go??

There's one way, here's another:


I took a couple of pictures of some of the rooms...but there are TONS.

All of these hallway pictures lead to another place!

A nook in the hallway:

I cannot even begin to explain the sanctuary, and these photos aren't going to help. It's MASSIVE, and currently very dark, so these pictures can't do it justice at all. Let's just say...a lot of behinds could fill this area up, so we're going to need your behind to join us sometime. Yes? Great!

There's a huge stage up front, lots of floor space, and even a second level which could house even more seating. I hear there's going to be a cry room in the back (Hallelujah!) for all of us mamas who have to run out with fussy babies. Or you know, babies that just want to shout back at the preacher. Which is cute at first, but can be distracting when all they really want to say is "dadadadada...." :) Sooo glad our church is pro-babies, haha.

This is looking at the back of the sanctuary:

Standing on the balcony:

The stage from the balcony. It's haa-uuge. (That's huge for those who cannot translate Adrien-speak.) I'm envisioning out of this world children's musicals. Yes? Anyone?

The clearest shot I could get in the dark space:

Check out the foyer. It hurts ma' neck.

Here's what it looks like coming into the foyer from one of the hallways.

The ceiling is very high! Obviously, I didn't even get the top in this picture.

To the left: Offices. Wait, I could be wrong about that. (See??) To the right: Well...if you keep walking and walking you'll eventually get to the multipurpose room, haha. But along the way you'll see nooks and bathrooms. From both directions you will find entrances into the sanctuary.

I didn't even come close to taking pictures of the whole building. There are lots of random rooms that would all just look the same in a photograph. should know that anyone is welcome to stop by any time there are people at the site working to walk around and see it for yourself. I'm not kidding. We encourage it.

And of course, eventually the building will be finished. You should definitely check it out then! And the day that we're into the building may be sooner rather than later. After a wave of several volunteer groups come through this summer, we're hoping to hold our first Vacation Bible School in the new building in mid-July. (I'm super excited about this, because I'm assisting the director this year! Woohoo, bring your littles to VBS!!)

So there you have it. A blog post inspired from feeding people some lunch. But while I did my small part to help fill some hungry bellies, let's not forget the purpose of all the hard work which has gone into this building. Christ's sacrifice is the ONLY thing that can satiate a hungry soul. He is the bread of life! :)

All of that fits into this?? Remarkable. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Cassie said...

Wow - I have always wondered what it looked like on the inside. You guys are going to have an awesome place. God is good!

Adrien said...

Cassie, I walked by your dad at church on Sunday and I almost stopped to chat about you, but then I would've had to explain the whole blog thing and well...I was chasing a baby, haha.

Cassie said...

Ha, my Dad actually reads my blog. He just started. He says all the time, yeah I saw that on your blog. lol. It's funny.

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks amazing


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