Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I had an impossible baby last night, and I'm not feeling so hot this morning. So I'm taking an internet hiatus! Sorry, Eric. I know you wanted something to read this morning, but I just can't do it, haha. 

Click around and you might see a change or two. See ya back here tomorrow. :)


Babysteps23 said...

Awww your family story is sooo cute!!! Hope you guys are feeling better soon.

Sarah said...

Take it easy Mama :)

Jeroen and Mirella Schulte said...

Ah maybe Eric can read the comments LOL.

I've changed my blog, I did so much that everything changed and I couldn't get the old one back SORRY.
I hope you will visit me on my new blog.

I will go to bed now, it's almost night here.
Get well soon.

Big hug Mirella

Jeroen and Mirella Schulte said...

Oh by the way love your new header


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