Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My February Darlings

So, we're a day late with the monthly stats. Drama, drama. Well, it's all over now. Check it:

She's a beaut! And we got this even better oven for small dollah, no hollah! It's as if it neeever happened. :)

So, on the last day of every month I've decided to bookmark our lives with a little recap of the girls' newest happenings. It's a way for me to remember things I may not have otherwise about my precious babies. Without further ado...

Evelyn Lily
Age: 20 months

Favorite Words and Phrases: 
Kinny (Candy)
Daddy's home! Daddy's home!
Happy Birthday to you.
I want some mowah, pease. :)
Baby's up! (When Grace wakes up from a nap.)

Favorite Activities:
Dressing up!
Shoving puzzle peices into a little purse
Attempting to say every single word anyone says, and then doing a happy dance when everyone laughs!
Playing with the potty seat...but only actually going potty on the floor.

Grace Violet
Age: 4 months

Her soft yellow block...but just the yellow one. Girl knows what she wants!
Watching every single move her big sister makes, and laughing out loud at her.
She still loooves tummy time.
Grace has found a brand new perspective on life from the view of her exersaucer!

Grace can scoot around in circles when placed on the floor. What a big girl!
She's still sleeping through the night.
Just like her sister before her, she's rapidly outgrowing all of her clothes. Grace barely fits into size 3-6 months. My four month old will soon be donning 6-12 month clothing!
We've moved up a diaper size, too. Grace is now only ONE size behind Evelyn! (We have big babies, but eventually they even out, haha.)

~*~My Girls~*~

I am so proud of the relationship that my babies are already starting to form. When Gracie finds her way to the buttons on her exersaucer and presses them to make sounds, Evelyn exclaims, "Good job, Gacey! Good job, baby!" Melts my heart every single time. Of course, there are also the notsogood moments. Like when Grace is on her tummy on the floor and Evelyn says, "Horsey, horsey!" I learned pretty quickly to step in and save Gracie from a crushing fate.

The month of February was an eventful one for us. In just eight days time we went from Evelyn's first snowy day fun experience to taking our first family walk of the season. We had fun at the Valentine's Spa and baked sugar cookies. Evelyn did an awesome job! Evie and daddy went on their first daddy/daughter date and mommy was able to share a special morning with her girls relaxing on our new magic carpet. Evelyn has now discovered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and she cannot get enough! Grace is growing by leaps and bounds, and now has enough control over her movements to reach out and grab toys (and handfuls of mommy's hair!) We're getting so much closer to being able to play all together.

The older Grace gets the less she looks like her big sister. Both of these little sisters have completely opposite personalities. Evelyn - loud and spunky. Loves attention from anyone and everyone. Grace - a total mommy's girl. Mostly happy in the arms of her mama. (She even cries at her own reflection!) And even though they are very much their own people, it is obvious that these two are enamored with each other. (Yesss! I hope they ALWAYS stay good friends.)

*Sigh* I love these girls sooo much!

And now we're ready to embrace the month of March. I think there may be some little leprechauns running around the house today. Hehe. Stay tuned!


Cassie said...

I was just thinking, wow Grace is changing so much!! They will be bffs before you know it! I love how Evie is Grace's little cheerleader. Too cute!!

Sarah said...

Ahhhh, I love them too :)


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