Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My name is Adrien, and I'm an Obsessive Party Planner...

I keep forgetting about the month of May. 

For some reason in my head June comes after April, which temporarily sends me into a panic attack over Evelyn's birthday party. For a brief second yesterday I thought that I would have about two weeks after Easter to throw together Evelyn's second birthday celebration, sending my stomach lurching into a tailspin. But then I remembered there's that whole little three-lettered month separating April and June, buffering my plans for filling Easter baskets and turning my house into an underwater world.... 

~Evie's Lagoon~

We're going to be diving under the sea come June 11, just one day before Evelyn actually turns two. The ideas have been stirring like a whirlpool in my brain, and I can't wait to dive right in! Okay, that's enough with the water references. But oh my goodness, it has been F-U-N planning so far, and I just couldn't keep everything a secret any longer. 

The color scheme. Evelyn woke up from her nap today as I was taking this picture. Her eyes widened and she said, "Booty-ful!" I think that means we're good to go.

I always thought that I would have an underwater birthday for one of my sons. Well...haha...that might take just a little while. With all of the blue I never thought of doing an ocean themed party for a little princess. And I know I've mentioned it before, but I've been itching for a new color scheme around here! Pink is super cute, and it's my favorite color, but there's a whole other side of the color wheel waiting to be explored, and I don't want to wait several years to explore it.

So we're going to girlify this boyish theme. I'm dreaming of aqua and mermaids and seashells and jewels. The girls will wear flowers in their hair while the boys don pirate hats. (I'm ordering an extra hat for Ev, cause it's hard telling which she'd like best.) There will most certainly be a bubble machine. And I have the craziest idea for creating a canopy in our house to make it feel as though we're on the ocean floor. Eeee...I can't wait!

Lagoon [luh-goon] a body of water cut off from the open sea by coral reefs or sand bars. 
Sigh. Like our own mini-ocean on Country Club Drive. 

Our menu will be seafood that's actually mostly easy food with ocean names. Like SANDwiches and SHELLS and cheese. :) But of course there will be things like tuna salad and shrimp to help us feel legit. Anything and everything that's blue will be fair game for the food table. Blueberries...blue jello...whatever else I can think of. And the ocean water drinks will definitely be flowing!

We're cupcake people, and I'm thinking of turning the cupcake tower into a sandcastle with sea creature-topped cupcakes. The ideas...they keep coming...can't...turn them... off.... Seriously, someone go into business with me. I could make us some major bank thinking of ideas all day long. Haha. (Note to self: Brown sugar would make great "sand" and would be easier than crushing up graham crackers. Great - mentally filing.)

I'm annoyingly into details, so I even found a font that will be all over everything. 

If you're planning any kind of event or making a flyer or whatever, visit www.fontspace.com They have just about every font possible for any theme! 

Etsy is a great place to track down adorable party decor, especially things like signs and cupcake toppers. But with my Cricut machine I can pretty much do all of that stuff myself. That's money in my pocket, thankyouverymuch.  

This party could easily be adapted for little boys with sharks and pirates and sunken ships, so hopefully those of you with boys can get some ideas too, as I bombard all of you with party planning between now and June 11. :) And as soon as Evie's party is over, I get to start planning a HUGE 1st birthday party bash for Grace. (Her theme has been chosen for months, haha.) 

Check out some of my under the sea inspiration parties!

Have you ever been to an under the sea party? Have any ideas to share? Let me know!

I am entering a contest to win a super cool party in a box!! And it's conveniently in a beach theme. Whaddya know? Haha. Please check out:


Karen has some super cute party ideas, and she can even make a party for YOU!


Meagan said...

Love it!! I think I'm going to hire you for Keegans next birthday...although I've been told that it will be a thomas party!! Oh...and a tip for the graham crackers, put them in a food processor & they will get super fine like sand!!

Cassie said...

My sisters are amazing party planners too! They both want to go into business with it. So if you are ever really thinking about it, I know two ridicously creative gals!!

Sarah said...

I will soooo go into business with you. I'm in charge of planning two weddings as we speak. It would be the best job in the world!! Especially if we could spend other people's money. I love the theme. And now I really want blue jello....

I can't believe you let the GREAT secret out. I love Etsy. But I don't share it with anyone. I want the whole website to myself muahahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks beautiful, I think it will be a great party!

Adrien said...

Woohoo, loving all these business ideas, haha. (Two weddings, Sarah?? Holy moly!) No one ever asks me to so much as help with a shower, so I'm pretty much dying over here for things to plan. If anyone ever seriously needs someone to brainstorm with, I'm your gal! :)


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