Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Notes From Study Hall

Like many people across our great nation, Spring makes me want to clean and organize and purge and start fresh again. And while I realize that it's not officially Spring yet, I've been trying to get our lives together for weeks now. It's always funny the things you find when you're not really looking. (Things that tend to slow down progress when you're supposed to be throwing junk away.) And this week, I rediscovered an old notebook from high school. Dun, dun, duuunnn....

Even though I am two years older than Eric (shh, don't tell) for one semester in high school we shared a class, and that class was Study Hall. And if you were quiet, like good little boys and girls, you could move your books and sit across from someone that you fancied. I fancied Eric. (Though, after reading through this teenage time-capsul, I'm not sure how we survived those awkward years, haha.)

So obviously, not a lot of studying was accomplished in Study Hall. Instead, we passed notes back and forth and made plans for the weekend and (apparently) chewed a lot of gum, which found it's way into said notebook several times. Eww.

I have to say, I was cracking myself up as I flipped through the pages this evening. Soo many memories that would have been left in the dust if it weren't for this little treasure. In between the many doodles, gum sticking pages together, and the incomprehensible handwriting, there were a few snippets of conversation that made me giggle. I knew that I had to share some of these with you guys. :)

Most of this is totally random, with little to no context whatsoever. (Your guess is as good as mine!) But when I did remember something that needed a little explanation, I put my "present self" in red text. I was able to tell by the handwriting who said what, so hopefully you can follow along. And seriously, we must've had Study Hall right before lunch. Haha, I think you'll figure out why....


Eric: I'm growing out my sideburns and restyling my hair and embarking on life as an Elvis impersonator.


Adrien: What happens when a person changes their last name? Do you have to get a new S.S. card and stuff?
Eric: I don't know, because I don't have to worry about it. :-P
Adrien: Your just mean!!
Eric:        ^ You want to be an English teacher?
Adrien: YOU'RE a jerk.
Eric: I've got three words for you:
1. Who's
2. Your
3. Daddy

And he still corrects my bad grammar. :)

I have no clue WHAT we were doing.

Me: (To Eric) Give it!...Please...Don't rip the fuzzies!...Please stop!


Eric: It kind of smells like cat poop.
Adrien: I don't smell anything.
Eric: I don't anymore, but I did for a second.


Eric: Bubbles pop during atmospherical changes...I'm freaking hungry.

A Palestinian terrorist, huh? Thanks, dear. :)


I used to work at Pizza Hut,  and apparently I was schooling Eric on proper pizza assembly.

Me: The crust of a Big NY'er is the same as hand-tossed.
They stretch a large hand-tossed.
Well, there's a difference in how the hand-tossed and pan (pizza) is made. It's the same crust.
With sweet sauce.
And who said we were going there??



"When we get our own house, I want a stove with a grill."
One day you'll get that grill, past-Adrien. But for future reference, stay away from bottom broilers.


Adrien: Which is worse? Regretting something you did or regretting something you didn't do?
Eric: Let's drive to Imo's with your top down. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Adrien: ??

Eric: I want to listen to my Blues Brother's cd, eat a hot dog, and drive my truck.

Hahaha...that was my man! Be jealous, ladies.


I could read through this stuff all day long! Is it considered exploitation if a future-self reveals private conversations of a past-self? Because, in all fairness, I had no idea that several years later I would find it funny to flash "me" on the internet, haha. I'm a little afraid of what my future future- self might divulge to the world. I better be careful about what I put on paper. 

Oh, wait. I blog. Never mind. :) I can embarrass myself in the here and now with no problems whatsoever. Guess that settles that conundrum!

So if you know you have old papers or notebooks stored away somewhere, I encourage you to dig them out (regardless of whether or not you actually plan on cleaning anything) and take a peek. There is nothing more entertaining than reliving past thoughts! And if you get a wild hair to share some of those thoughts with the world...why... let me know, cause I want to read them!

Happy Tuesday! I'm leaving you with some random doodles. I didn't scan them, because it's late and I'm lazy.

Long story which involves me thinking Eric was professing his love for me, when really he was telling his dog "I love you."

Our friends Adrian and Monica joined in for this one. Oh, wait...you need a closer look....

  I'm fairly certain this one was left by Adrian. I don't claim it! Oh...high school days....


Pettijohn said...

Lol now that is entertainment. Vince corrects me on my spelling all the time. Drives me nuts. Ill have to get out some of the old notes Vince and I used to write when we were dating now and take a walk down memory lane.

Heather Rahn said...

I have a whole tupperware container and plastic bag at home of notes from high school. They will NEVER be thrown away.

Jeroen and mirella said...

LOL how great is this, I have thrown everything but not my agenda's from school.

Nice memory blog you wrote.

Hugs from Holland


Meagan said...

So what happened to the plan to live as an Elvis impersonator?!?! LOL I LOVE reading old stuff like that!!

Adrien said...

Christine - your hubby's name came up in the notebook! Vince and Eric used to work together, and apparently one night I was mad at Eric on the phone and the next day Eric wrote in the notebook, "Well, I had to tell Vince why I was gone for 20 minutes!" Haha.

Eric never did pursue his Elvis dreams, but he DID grow out his sideburns. :)

Sarah said...

I literallly LOL with Eric's comment 'Who's Your Daddy' and it drives me crazy when people say that. Ok. and the broiler. I almost died!!

You two are by far the cutest high school sweethearts I know!!


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