Thursday, March 10, 2011

Roger Dodger

Happy Birthday, little brother!

Roger Lee Feldt Jr. is 20 years old today!

My little brother was born on March 10, 1991, some time at night (cause I know my mom was watching 60 Minutes when her water broke!), weighed something-something pounds and ounces, and was about yay long. Haha. So the details are a bit muddy in my mind, but hey, I was five and a half years old!

My siblings and I are waaay spaced out. I actually do remember being an only child for quite some time, which led me to have quite a few imaginary friends to fill the gap. (Hey, Ambala, are you still alive? Yes, my best imaginary friend's name was Ambala. I made it up.) I distinctly recall when my mom told me I was going to be a big sister. I wish there was some grand story surrounding it, but I'm pretty sure it went something like this:

"Adrien, you're going to have a little brother or sister!"

Adrien sits playing with her toys, barely looking up to hear the news. She doesn't say much, but sends a telepathic message to her best friend. "Hey, Ambala, what's new?"

The End.

So I was underwhelmed. What can I say? Little did I know that life as I knew it was suddenly about to change. Big time. :)

There are two things about Roger's infancy that I'll never forget. One was hearing my mother scream from the delivery room waaay down the hall (no drugs, haha) and the other was when she brought him to my kindergarten class a few weeks later. My sweet teacher looked at me and said, "Look at her, she's just glowing." *Sigh.* I was glowing.

Roger was probably the most rascally kid on the face of the planet. And I mean that with the deepest of love and affection. :) As a baby, Roger would hang upside down from the outside of his crib like Spiderman, scaring the crap out of one and all. As a toddler, he would scale shelves to reach the top of the refrigerator where he would spot the honey jar and pour it all over his head, coating his entire body in sweet stuff. And I'll never forget the one-sided games of hide and seek he would play, terrifying my mother so badly that she would nearly call the cops. Just when my mom was one minute away from a nervous breakdown there would be a little, "hehehe" sound from a cabinet, and lo and behold there was Roger. The little stinker. :)

I never had a Barbie for more than a day. Roger mutilated Barbies. And all of his favorite toys? They were my toys first. He stole them and claimed them. And he's lucky his big sister was soo nice and loving ALL the time that I didn't even mind. :) Roger liked the Power Rangers and would call out for help whenever he was in trouble. No joke: One time my mom was coming after him, so he pressed a button on his totally awesome, totally 90's Power Ranger watch, and yelled, "Go, go, Power Rangers!!" He was two. If Evelyn did that I would bust. a. gut....which I'm pretty sure is what my mom ended up doing. :)

And of course, my little brother was ALWAYS getting hurt. He has a face full of scars to prove it. (I put one of them there...sooo sorry, bro!) No matter how much he bugged me, I'll never forget the pure terror of seeing him get hurt and run home with his face covered in blood (multiple times.) I was there when he was attacked by the dog. I watched him as he ran into the back of a car on his tiny little bike with training wheels. (His head was turned the wrong way and when I told him to "Watch out!" he turned around and WHAM. A fender right between the eyes.) There were many many trips to the emergency room. And lots of stitches.

Somehow Roger survived his childhood, and now he's in the Army. I can't even believe that! Well, yes I can. He always liked to shoot stuff. Like the time he shot an arrow right through our Art teacher's garage door. Bahahaha.... (I'm still trying to figure out who thought it was a good idea to give ROGER a bow-and-arrow!)

There are so many sweet memories of me and my little brother. We were the only two siblings until I was 10. That's a lot of Christmases and Easters and birthdays...for a kid, at least. And even though we don't even live under the same roof anymore, I still have the same "don't you dare mess with my little brother" instinct that I'm pretty sure will never leave this big sister. Roger, if you ever bloody your face again, I'll be the first to run home and tell mom and dad. :)

So here's a big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little brother! We'll be seeing you tonight, Roger! My *still-a-little-rascally* brother has requested tacos and carrot cake to honor the occasion. Well, alright! Whatever you say, Jr. Hehe.


Jeroen and mirella said...

Happy birthday for your little brother!

Can I ask you how young you are?


Joyce said...

The bow and arrow was ALL dads idea, believe me when I say I tried to talk him out of it, and Roger did not have it long before dad took it away...he never did get it back, lol And if you would have had it your way, if Roger would have been a girl his name would be Love you:)


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