Monday, March 14, 2011

Ruffles and Ribbons and Lace, Oh My!

Oh, we had one very interesting weekend, let me tell ya. My poor Evelyn, who has never had more than mere sinus/allergy issues when it comes to being sick, spent the last three days in and out of an achy fever. It was kind of bizarre actually. One minute she would be absolutely miserable lying on the couch and dozing in and out of sleep...the next minute, she'd be bouncing off the walls as usual.

We spent the entire weekend inside until we finally ventured out Sunday evening to grab some dinner. Evie was totally fine and normal, and then suddenly it hit her again. We packed it up when she put her chubby dimpled hands over her eyes and gave a pitiful little moan. *Sigh* We're still not sure what's going on, but we hope she's back in tip top shape soon!

Before the crazy fever spells started on Friday afternoon, we had a little photo shoot in the morning. :)

We pushed back the kitchen table, busted out our favorite new quilt, and got dolled up in some vintage dresses. (Vintage is generally accepted as anything over 25 years old...just a little trivia for ya!) This was not all done on a whim, actually, but by request. For you see, these were not just any dresses. Oh, no. These were mommy's dresses. And before that, they were mommies cousins' dresses. And it was high time that another generation of little beauties get to wear these darling ensembles of ruffles and lace. Are they outdated? Yes. But are they too cute for words? Oh, yes; yes, indeed.

So mom, this one's for you! I promised you I would, and now I'm making good on that promise.

First up, a little proof that I did indeed wear one of the dresses! (I swear I wore them both in two consecutive years, but I don't seem to have photographical evidence to prove it. Shucks!)

Yes, it's very pixelated when blown up so big, but that's me on the end! (Oh my gosh, I'm loving all the ruffle socks and mary janes. Sweeter than whirly pops!)

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified to take these delicate lacy gems and wrangle two wiggly girls into them. I couldn't imagine what I would do if these treasured dresses which had survived years in a closet somewhere were ripped apart by MY kids. But I sucked in a deep breath and took the plunge. 

Evelyn honestly wasn't digging the whole, "stay on the blanket" thing until I whipped out a brand spankin new umbrella for her to swing around. I think I earned a few cool mom points for that one.

Forgive the poor picture quality on these, that sun was BRIGHT! And...I'm pretty sure one little Miss put her fingerprints on the camera lens....

I'm dying....

There's nothing quite like a good diaper butt.

I'd like to call these next few pictures: Montage of a slap in the eye. (The pictures themselves aren't that great, but I couldn't NOT share these with you!)

I love how Grace's expression barely changes at all. :)

We did manage to get a couple of decent shots out of the pair of them. Here's one I like:

Seriously, Grace, are you trying to get back at your sister for the whole gift bag thing? She looks mighty determined, doesn't she? Haha.

Love this:

And this:

I actually considered (for one brief second) making these their Easter dresses this year, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. (Even though they fit PERFECTLY. What are the odds that I would have two daughters that could wear two of my old Easter dresses in the same year?) It's not that they're slightly yellowed around the collars or that they are definitely old school or anything like that. But once again, I tremor in fear at the thought of red kool-aid and baby puke ruining priceless family memorabilia. 

So we got our pictures, and I very quickly exchanged ruffles and frills for sleepers and play clothes. Our yellow and purple pretties are back in the closet with no rips, tears, or stains. Whew! And by the end of the weekend I managed to track down two frilly-enough dresses for the girls' Easter dresses, anyway!

The Children's Place was having a sale this weekend, and I snagged this dress for $14.03 after coupon online. Under budget -  woot!

I realize some people think it's cheesy, but my girls will be matching this year, because they're still babies. And really, how long am I going to get this sick satisfaction out of my system before they find their voices and yell at me for dressing them the same? Better get it in while I can!

It absolutely kills me to know that, had Evie not been sick, we may have been able to sneak outside for just a few minutes to get some great shots of our cutie-patootie ruffled bottom girls. Oh, well! Spring is less than a WEEK away! We can do it, we can do it, we can do it....

And now, I get to head to the dentist to get a lovely crown put on my tooth this afternoon. Not exactly the type of crown I'd prefer to be wearing, but it must be done. Fun, fun! I hope everyone has a not too terrible fabulous Monday!


Joyce said...

Awww, to cute, thank you for the photo shoot, and I am sure if Aunt Susie and Great Grandma Feldt were still alive they would be thrilled to see the next generation in those darling dresses. Love you all:) And I laughed so hard at the slap in the eye...sisterly love lol

Cassie said...

shhhh - don't tell anyone, but if we have another girl, i'm gona try my best for them to match as MUCH as possible. hehe. only a few more days until we know! yay!


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