Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Updates from the Robert House

Ugh, ugh, ugh. I have a really annoying head cold/sinus thing going on, which makes doing anything other than just taking care of my babies very, very difficult. (And what makes it even more difficult is knowing that the weather is turning GORGEOUS and we can't go outside to enjoy it. Ugh, ugh, ugh, again.)

I wanted to share just one picture from our dadless Tuesday last night. :) Since I'm not running a fever or anything, I figured if I was going to feel a little icky anyway, I might as well feel icky surrounded by family. We had dinner with my parents again (surprise, surprise) and my mom made a new dessert on a whim. It was some kind of s'mores thing, and it was goood! She layered graham crackers on the bottom of a baking pan. On top of that she poured brownie batter and baked it according the instructions on the brownie box. Then for the last five minutes she put mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips on top. Mmmm....

Okay, so this is obviously more than one picture. I got a little carried away with my phone. :)

Evelyn approved!

But lest you think all I eat is sweet stuff, let me reassure you that we all had one very small piece of that scrumptious s'mores casserole (it was rich!) Now I'm pumping my body with water, oranges, and tylenol. I'm pretty sure whatever I have is something that has to run it's course, so I'm avoiding sweet drinks and junk food in an attempt to give my immune system a boost. In fact, after I'm done pounding out this post, I'm going to take a truckload of vitamins. Nursing Grace has the potential to keep me sick for much longer than usual. All of my good vitamins go to my baby! And I REFUSE to miss out on all this beautiful weather. (The weatherman says Winter isn't over just yet. Blech!)

Oh, yuck. Evelyn just gave one of those deep-from-the-chest coughs from the other room. Greaaaat. I don't think any of us got great sleep last night (well, Grace did...she always does!) because Evelyn was thrashing around like she just jumped off the side of the Titanic. Seriously. She has a stuffy nose, which I understand is very annoying, but I think she was being a bit theatrical, haha. I was sympathetic for the first three hours or so, but after the tenth time getting kneed in the back I was over it. (Oh yes, didn't you know? Evie is STILL in our bed 99% of the time. Nice.)

So while I wish I had something meaningful or insightful or exciting to share with you all today, I do not. We're literally just surviving over here, but I couldn't leave you hanging two days in a row. (So you get to enjoy my rambling, haha.) I do have some plans for this afternoon, though. :) Here's hoping we all feel well enough to carry them out! And, oh my gosh, I can feel my heart beating in my calf. My body is so weird these days.

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway there, guys!


Sara said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! and by the way, Kate's still in our bed too... it's a hard cycle to break! Also, the s'mores dessert looks delicious! There's a good chance I'll be making one by this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh the dessert looks delicious, and the children are enjoying it!

I hope you feel better soon! Jimmy is better again, he is only having a cold now.

Love Mirella

Cassie said...

Boo on the sickness. Ugh, it just needs to get outa town!! Get better soon.

Stella has been waking up in the middle of the night lately and I try to just give her her binky and she will go back to bed. But only like 5% of the time. The rest of the time I have to get up with her, cuddle with her int eh hair and within 5 minutes she is sleeping. My husband says WHAT are you going to do when the other baby is hear, and I think of you every time. I think, we will make it. Someway, somehow! lol.

Cassie said...

wow sorry for the 85 typos. lol. whoops.


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