Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thoughts from a Tuesday Widow

One of the biggest annoyances in my life is having cluttered counter tops. I just can't stand it. If my counters are cluttered my head feels cluttered and it drives me insane. This last week has pushed me to the brink of insanity:

So what did I do on my husbandless Tuesday? I climbed atop Mount Pilesofjunk and tore that sucker down. is good again.

The girls and I spent one long day at home together yesterday, finally going over to my parent's house for a movie night after dinner. I love that we have such a great place to go when we're daddyless, but I don't know what I'd do without Eric every single night. I hope I never have to find that out. Eric is super cool. Eric - you're cool, dude. (And soooo cute...eeee!)

You know, when you date someone for several years before you marry them, you sorta feel like there are very few things you don't know about that person before you walk down the aisle. But then life experience throws you curve balls and you realize that you are always learning something new. I often think about the things that I realized or learned about Eric after we were married. And while some things leave me scratching my head, most of them just make me adore him all the more. :)

A few things I learned from my husband AFTER we were married.

I have learned the best, most efficient way for clipping my toenails. :D Eric is better groomed than I am, which is slightly bizarre, but appreciated. And I wish I could explain to you the exact procedure used for this wonderful technique, but that would be equally bizarre. So the Eric Robert way of toenail clipping will forever remain a family secret.

I have learned every single thing anyone would ever need to know about politics, finances, and keeping up with current events. I married a nerd...and I secretly love it.

I have learned that, despite my very best efforts, I can never get Eric to play hooky from work. The man is a rock.

I have learned that I can get what I want by baking brownies. Those fudgey squares are like currency around here. (I have four boxes stashed in the pantry...hehehe.)

I have learned that it IS possible for a man to: leave the toilet seat down, argue without yelling, and not care AT ALL about sports. I have also learned that it is NOT possible for a man to find anything that isn't right in front of him. Haha, sorry honey. You know it's true.

I have learned that anything can be accomplished by setting a goal and sticking to it.

I have learned that sometimes it's the man who wants more children and who would be willing to try to infinity to get a baby boy someday. [Sorry, dear. You know the rules. :)]

I have learned that Eric is more grossed out by certain bodily functions than I am. Or maybe all men try to make their theatrical debut while changing a dirty diaper...I wouldn't know. I've only been married once. :)

I have learned that Eric retches at the idea of being a polygamist. That's really good to know post-marriage. Haha. (How about those Sister Wives, eh?)

And of course, I have learned that only Eric could have given me these two beautiful little girls....

Crusty noses and all. :)

When I think about how different my life would be without Eric, it seriously scares me and makes me sooo sad. So I try not to think about it. :) But I guess that's what happens when we spend any amount of time apart. Whether he's gone for one evening or for several days on a business trip, our house feels really empty without him here. Your girls love you, daddy!


From mountains of junk to mounds of mush! You never know what you'll get around here on Wednesdays! I hope everyone is surviving this week...two more days! Everybody's workin for the weekend...


Babysteps23 said...

Oh my goodness I know exactly how you feel. Every fall I am a "football widow" and it stinks! Gotta give the guys credit for being such hard workers but wives and babies sure do miss their husband/daddies when they are away.

Sarah said...

You two are sooo caaaute!!

I have always had the "I dont' need you..I choose to have you around" attitude. Courtesy of my independent mother. But jeeze louise...pregnancy makes me want to be glued to Trav's hip.

Last night he said he had to run up town to get something from work. I threw a fit like a big baby. He swore he'd be back in 10 minutes. It felt like an eternity. It is a good feeling when he's home :)

Cassie said...

Awww, very cute! Feelin' the love!!

Eric Robert said...

You're the best wife in the world; this made my day! But seriously, the toenail thing isn't that big of a deal :-).

Adrien said...

Seriously, it is. It changed my life. :D

And I thought of another thing I learned about you: *Ahem* Eric prefers long-toothed forks over short-toothed forks. When I'm setting the table or handing out silverware, I always give him the longer one. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww very, very cute!


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