Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top of the Mornin' to Ya!

Happy March! (One day late.) We decided to embrace our Irish heritage today.

Eventually, my girls are going to catch on and high-tail it when mom busts out a pair of scissors and a stack of construction paper. But for now, these two are young and sweet and will merrily play along. I'm gobbling it up while I still have time!

They're always after me lucky charms!

At least when my babies look back through old photos, they will take comfort in the fact that they were not alone. (Poor Gracie is always so confused. Haha.)

So here we are at another Wednesday, which means yesterday was our dreaded no-daddy Tuesday. (Which means mommy would do anything to pass the time!) When Eric first mentioned that he was going to go back to school I was terrified of what that meant for we young ladies at home. My husband is seriously one of the busiest people I know already. I couldn't even fathom adding one more responsibility to the list of things that pull him away from us. Eric, if you're reading this, I'm going to tie a string around your big toe so I can reel you home whenever I please. Just so you know.

But because we have awesome family, Tuesdays have not been as bad as I thought they would be. Boy are we blessed to have our parents so close! We found ourselves at my mom and dad's again on this particular day. My mama knows how to entice me with her home cooking!

One of the first things she said upon arrival yesterday: "I'm making home-made butter rolls." Oh, really? Yes, really. Mmm-mmm! And those butter rolls turned into MONSTER rolls while they were baking. We were laughing just a little bit when these suckers were pulled from the oven.

And yes, I whipped out my phone to take pictures of our food. :) Oh, the food! There was honey baked ham and mashed potatoes, macaroni and corn on the cob and monster rolls. Dollop on some butter and we were good to go.

 Evelyn LOVES corn on the cob. 

Ya know, there are just some things you miss when you move away from home. Mom's home cooking is definitely up there on that list of things! I'm happy to accept any excuse to ditch our simple dinners in exchange for a Feldt family meal. Terrible Tuesdays? Pfff. Not so terrible. :) Although...this picture would be much more lovely if Eric were in it, too.

Just when I thought I was about to bust at the seams, my mother chimed in with, "Don't forget about the pie!" Oh, yes...the pie! I almost forgot.

Because what would a stick-to-your-ribs type of meal be without dessert? Chocolate meringue and peach. I'm quite possibly a pie-aholic. Evelyn definitely approved.

Now that is magically delicious! 

I should add in here that after we were home safe and sound from an evening with the papa's (Evelyn calls both grandma and grandpa papa...hehe) I saw messages from my mother-in-law about taking a walk with the girls that afternoon. Obviously the message was received a little late, but I smiled knowing that no matter what our day would have brought, it would have been wonderful. Wonderful because we are so not in this thing alone.

There is a sense of pride that comes with striking it out on your own and not depending on mom and dad anymore. It gets even crazier when you realize that you're a mom or dad yourself! But our little family couldn't function without our parents. We would make it, but we'd cross the finish line with a limp every single time. Just when we think we've reached our limits, our parents seem to jump in and lighten the load. They feed us. They watch our babies. They drive for miles to pick up new engines and ovens when life literally blows up in our face. :)

And with such great examples, it's no wonder that Eric and I absolutely adore being parents. Well of course, it's pretty easy to love that job when you've got kids like these....

Kids that let you put paper beards on them and take their picture. And plaster them on the internet. Okay future Evie and Grace, this is me apologizing to you for this one. Remember who did your laundry all those years. We're even. :)

I am so ready to begin this March with all of you! (I hear we may be getting snow in our area this weekend.) In like a lion, eh? But one daylight savings and the official beginning of Spring later will *hopefully* take us out like some gussied up bow wearing Mary following little lambs. 

And now I think I'm gonna buy a kite and tell myself to fly it. It's March, baby!


Joyce said...

You sure are sneaky, I was oblivious to your picture taking, I am always glad to get our family together, I miss having Eric with us to, but with him in class, it gives dad and I a chance to have you and the girls all to ourselves, and thats okay by me:) Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Being a parent is a joy. You & Eric with your family brings joy to your parents & Joan & I. Isn't it amazing how God's creations work?

Love Ya
Greg & Joan

Sara said...

I'm so glad your Tuesdays have been going well! By the way, your mom's cooking looks amazing and the girls' hats and beards are adorable!

Meagan said...

Umm...can I pretend that Ryan isn't home on Tuesday's and join you guys for supper some time?!?! It made me hungry just looking at it all...and then you mentioned peach pie and I was completely jealous!! LOL

That first picture of Grace cracks me up...her facial expression is priceless!

Heather Rahn said...

I'm alone on Tuesdays too!!! That definitely looks better than the frozen pizza and People magazine that made up my exciting night last night!!

Babysteps23 said...

Those hats/beards are adorable! I'm surprised they kept them on so long, if I put something like that on Ethan it would have been shredded to pieces in a matter of seconds. lol. You are very blessed to have your parents so close to you, a great support system makes a world of difference!

Pettijohn said...

I love this post! Gracie just looks at you like, seriously mom what are you doing? That food! That was enough to make a pregnant girl want to kill for some food like that.


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