Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Uh oh! I fell asleep last night without blogging. I hate when that happens. In other news, Happy Spring!

We took this picture on April 11th last year. It's just around the corner!

We had such a busy weekend, and I didn't get a single picture of any of it. Although I know that there are pictures floating around somewhere. Like the ones of me standing in the middle of the town square at night in the pouring rain, or climbing into the back of some strange dude's truck ...or the one with my two hands on a COP CAR and a police officer in the background. Of course this goody two shoes wasn't actually in trouble, but I will do just about anything to win a scavenger hunt.  Unfortunately, I suffered public humiliation (over and over again) and my team didn't even win. My hubby's team did, though, the little stinkers. :)

We had a glorious first day of Spring yesterday here in our sleepy town. Ours began with a very noisy morning in church. My sweet baby Grace has officially found her voice, and she wanted to use it! "Dadadadada...." She's a jabber box now, just like her big sister. Watch out, world!

Grace's favorite new place to jabber - her jumperoo!

We had a delicious lunch after services. A FULL brunch buffet with salad and dessert bar...and drinks included....for ten bucks! In Red Bud. Gianfrancos, people. I don't know if that's how you spell it, but if you're from our neck of the woods you know what I'm talking about. I hear the prices are a little steep at dinner time, but their Sunday lunch buffet is TOTALLY worth checking out! Chocolate truffles and cheesecake? Yes, please. And they have sweet tea...hallelujah! Not many sit down places around here have pre-sweetened tea which I think is practically punishable by law. Alright, that's enough food talk.

We celebrated at one very cute three year old's Strawberry Shortcake birthday party in the afternoon. Happy Birthday, Madeline! And okay, I'll plug in a little more food talk, cause that strawberry shortcake was delicious!

And after eating lots of food all afternoon, we decided to walk it off with our traditional warm-weather six mile walk. We busted out our new side-by-side double jogging stroller and can I just say... awwwesome. It's going to be a great Spring!

Random picture of Evelyn in her favorite hideout - our closet. Where daddy's shoes make for comfy seating and the dress code is underwear and Gracie's bibs.

Even though we had lots of great family time and we made some funny memories with good friends, there was also quite a lot of sadness this weekend. Two members of our extended family in Christ lost their lives - one, very tragically in a fishing accident. We are praying for both the Sigman and Young families as they grieve the loss of these beloved family members. My great uncle Rolland also passed away this weekend. It just seems like when it rains, it pours, ya know? We are certainly hugging our babies a little tighter as we praise God for our health and safety today.

But with news of great loss also came news of new life. Congratulations to our friends Chris and Kiara Moorman, who announced in church yesterday that they are expecting their very first baby. :D The baby explosion continues! Seriously, our church nursery is going to be bursting at the seams soon. We've basically been running a relay race ever since Evelyn was born...the young ladies in our congregation just keep passing the baton along, haha. Who's next??

I have several blog posts in mind for this week, so I hope you'll stay tuned! Right now, I have to feed my kids breakfast and try to recover my home from a crazy weekend. :)

And here's to Spring! We've been waiting for you, old friend!


Sarah said...

The Office has Sweet Tea :)
Just sayin...

What double stroller did you end up getting?? I'm debating on a couple, but just don't know!

Cassie said...

I agree with Sarah, share the side by side double stroller you got. I'm sure you ended up with an awesome deal, because hello, you are Adrien, and that's what you do. lol. Come on girl!! You know there are a ton of soon-to-be Mommys of two out here!

Sorry for you loss. Your family is in our prayers. And yes, any sad news like that does make you hug your babies just a little bit tighter.

Adrien said...

I was going to ask you about that, Sarah! Duly noted! :)

Our stroller is actually my blog post for tomorrow, haha. I need to track down pictures of it, and I don't remember the name off of the top of my head. I can tell you that it's a jogging stroller and we site to stored it from Walmart!

Cassie said...

ooohhh - can't wait! lol. yay!

Sarah said...'re going to make me wait until tomorrow??

Haha. Otay!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for you loss


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